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Spezialmaschinenbau Kurre GmbH, Saterland-Ramsloh, 26683, Germany

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Its design enables the processing of many cable types ranging from standard cable to multi-conductor and flat ribbon cable. Heavy Duty Cutting System The fine tuned combination of force and technology for cutting and stripping enables high-performance and efficient cable processing. - Automatic Inline Cable Processing There are various accessories available for the MegaStrip 9600 automatic cutting and stripping machine.
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Automatic machine for cable processing (accessories)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Automatic machine for cable processing (accessories) on the B2B-Portal

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Automatic Inline Processing The OC 3950 can be integrated with a hot stamp marker or inkjet printer, automatic coiling machine, or wire stacker. - In combination with the Schleuniger PreFeeder 2500 prefeeding machine 1 and the JacketStrip 8300 2 jacket slitting machine, the OC 3950 3, turns into a fully automatic processing system. - Take the product tour for additional information such as wire & cable samples and technical specifications. - ACCESSORIES.
Cutting machines for processing wire and cable of all types or other materials such as tubing and profiles. - Wire and cable processing accessories such as prefeeding machines, coiling machines and wire stacking machines. - Stand-alone wire twisting machines to twist two or more single wires and cables. - Semi-automatic and automatic machines for cutting and stripping of Glass Optical Fiber GOF with or without Kevlar. - Manual component processing machines from CUTBEND. Click here to go directly to their website.
S comprehensive range of automatic machines provides professional and rational solutions for cable machining and processing. - Crimpfix 2 5 1 9020070000 Crimpfix universal 1 9028500000 Crimpfix universal K 1 9027320000 Information Accessories Information Wire end ferrules see on the following pages Wire end ferrules see on the following pages I.
Heavy Duty Connectors. Junction Boxes, Enclosures. Cable Accessories. - PLC Specific Field Interface Module. Panel Accessories Module. CNC Specific Interface Solutions. - Industrial Communication Gateways. Master Simulators for Fieldbus. - Ethernet Switches & Routers. Fiber Optic Accessories. - Engineering Software & Tools Software. Cable Processing Tools. - Home Cable processing Tools Automatic Machines. Automatic Machines. This option will not work correctly. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames.
Cutting Tools Weidmüller fulfils all the criteria for professional cable processing with its wide product range. - Crimping Tools After stripping, appropriate contacts or ferrules can be crimped to the cable end. - Automatic Machines With its comprehensive range of automatic machines, Weidmüller offers professional and logical solutions for rational cable machining and processing. - Accessories Weidmüller provides a comprehensive range of accessories. - Cable Systems Ltd 2007 All rights reserved.
Aeropspace industries. Automatic Cutting Machines for Cables. - Cutters, And Accessories for sveral types of materials. - Marine. Cutters-cutter machine/Cables. - Wire processing machinery-wire processing Machines Automobile, Aerospace. - Automotive cable systems cable controls wire rope. - Brake cable manufacturing cutting machines cables PLC-controlled cable cutting machine to cut to length wires, Cables, Round cables, Tubes. Cable Cutting Machine-Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cable and wire machinery, Wire Cutting machines.

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