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MEDICON eG, Tuttlingen, 78532, Germany

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The HF program includes instruments for coagulation of larger areas as well as small selective areas. - We can supply everything a surgeon needs for HF surgery. - Monopolar Forceps. This list is by no means detailed or exhaustive, so if there is something in particular that you would like to find out about, then please contact us by either completing the information request below or phoning or emailing us directly.
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Monopolar forceps (HF surgery)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Monopolar forceps (HF surgery) on the B2B-Portal

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Bipolar forceps. Monopolar forceps. - Blades & Scalpels. Download:Monopolar forceps. - COMEPA is the french distributor of the company BISSINGER. This german company is specialized in bipolar & monopolar forceps manufacturing for HF surgery. The very wide product range offers a solution to surgeons requirements: straight, curved left or right, bayonet, length, point type. Integrating high quality components, BISSINGER forceps are very reliable. All the products are CE marked, according to european standards.
11 Accessories for argon gas units 35 12 Monopolar forceps 36-37. - 9029 15 Numerical index 44-45? H electro surgery endoscopy General technical features Technology Electronic generator HF current technology by. - 1 Setting the HF power By push-buttons, with micro/macro setting and visual control on displays. - 90302-21 Tube for gas input with quick-action coupling 11 Pressure reducer for argon gas cylinder tk? 90302-13 Argon gas cylinder, 5 L empty tk? 90302-12 H 35 electro surgery endoscopy Monopolar forceps 180?
Search results for "Bipolar Forceps Monopolar Forceps HF Cables Gyneco". 1 products found. New Products With Pictures All Products. - Electrosurgery, Bipolar Forceps, Monopolar Forceps, ESU Pencils and Accessories, Laparoscopic Instruments, Gynecology, General Surgery, Ophthalmic, Ne. Similar. - 0. Compare. Contact All Bipolar Forceps Monopolar Forceps HF Cables Gyneco Suppliers.
Defined coagulation area? Low thermal spread Conventional Forceps BipoJetĀ® Forceps 3 Bipolar instruments for open surgery. - MORE INSTRUMENT 5 Bipolar instruments for open surgery Without BipoJet: Example of daily OR routine with three instruments dissecting scissors, dissecting forceps monopolar HF electrode. - In addition, the sin-gle bipolar output on the HF device is distributed across the dou-ble bipolar HF connections of the Nelson BiBox, making two bipo-lar connections available with the Nelson BiBox e.
Dimeda Instrumente-Laparoskopic Surgery. Company products contact imprint. Company. Introduction. - Nasopharyngolaryngoscope. Endoscopes-Optics. Electronic Units. Neuro Surgery. - Osteosynthesis. Cranio Maxillo Facial. Plastic Surgery. - Suction and Irrigation Systems. Modular Suction-Irrigation System. Monopolar HF-Electrodes. Monopolar Cables. - Bipolar Forceps 5 mm, rigid, with cleaning port. - Modular Bipolar Coagulation Forceps, 5 mm. Bipolar Silicon Cables. Instruments-rotatable detachable. 5 mm Grasping and Dissecting Forceps.
18 Monopolar HF-Electrodes. - General Surgery. - Grasping forceps, atraumatic, Grasping forceps, bipolar length of jaws:16 mm, atraumatic, flat, with ratchet, length of jaws:19 mm, multi-purpose grasping forceps with ratchet, for all laparoscopic applications multi-purpose fenestrated grasping forceps for all laparoscopic A03440A Sealing cap, applications 10 pcs.

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