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mediplex healthcare Ltd. & Co. KG, Berlin, 12439, Germany

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Defibrillator, AED, AED training, AED training, Philips Heartstart, Lifepak CR Plus, Philips FRX, Measuring device (pace maker, ICD)


And quality-of-life related to physical component quality-of-life scores was evaluated using SF-36 version 2 The HADS was used as a recog-nized and effective tool for measuring anxiety and depression in P 0 001. - Sixteen 32% pace-having the device Q18 Forty-six 100% of the ICD maker patients considered a support group desirable patients felt well or very well informed about their compared with 25 54% ICD patients.
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Measuring device (pace maker, ICD)

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Forces less than 200 gram will not be felt by the patients26 ICD devices may falsely detect the MR RF noise as ventricular tachyarrhythmia and subsequently deliver antitachycardia pacing, cardioversion or defibrillation therapies. - In an in vitro study26 in a dog model using the clinical scanning protocols this issue was addressed and image distortion was analyzed by measuring the area where there was a void in the MR image. - Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in patients with cardiac pace makers.

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