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CDS Care-Discount Sanit├Ątshandel GmbH, Leutenberg, 07338, Germany

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Whilst in hospital your stoma care nurse will assess your appliance needs, measure your colostomy and make sure that the bag fits snugly around the stoma to avoid leakage and sore skin. - These include girdles, support belts, deodorisers, wipes, skin protective wipes, lotions and creams, adhesive removers, stoma paste, rings, disposal bags, underwear, swimwear etc. - Dont use harsh solvents, soaps or disinfectants. - A temporary colostomy is not exempt from prescription charges. - 6 Disposal of used pouches/bags.
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Adhesive stoma pouche or bag (colostomy)

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An ostomy pouching system' also colloquially called a colostomy bag. - Urinary and the creation of a stoma. - And a collection pouch that is attached mechanically or with an adhesive in an airtight seal. - The pouching system allows the stoma to drain into a sealed collection pouch. - Two-piece designs allow the changing and use of multiple pouches while retaining the wafer/baseplate for several days.
Bags, pouches, appliances. - Colostomy Bags For those colostomates who don't irrigate, the choice in bags is the same as for ileostomies above. - Most times you will probably only need to wear what's called a "stoma plug" over your stoma or if you prefer, a small bag as for ileostomates but it need not be drainable-it will have a closed end. - Skin Adhesive Removers-These are designed to help you remove the excess adhesive from your skin whilst changing your appliance.
The stool leaves the colon through the stoma and drains into a flat, changeable, watertight bag or pouch. - Transverse colostomy: This colostomy has a stoma that is located in the upper abdomen towards the middle or right side. - Pouch: There are a variety of sizes and styles of colostomy pouches. - The adhesive skin barrier is the part of the pouch system that is placed around the stoma and attached to skin. - Pre-cut or cut-to-fit pouches: Some pouches have pre-cut holes so you do not have to cut the opening yourself.
After an ostomy procedure like a colostomy, it can be a major adjustment to get used to having to wear a colostomy bag and perform other daily colostomy care procedures. - Colostomy Pouches. - The bag is attached to your stoma, or small opening created by the surgery. In order to attach it, several medical products are available that have non-irritating skin adhesives to firmly hold the bag in place to prevent leakage and odor. - There are two types of pouches, disposable and reusable.
The pouch, stoma, and skin surrounding the stoma require care and maintenance by the patient or caregiver. - There are a variety of pouches available for use with a colostomy. - A colostomy pouch is normally emptied one or more times daily. - Colostomy pouches may be either open ended or closed. - Adhesive remover wipes are available to help in the removal of the wafer. The bag is then discarded in an appropriate waste container. - After the application of the barrier, the bag should be applied if it is a two-piece system.
Currently, we carry a complete range of product lines to satisfy all ostomy requirements:1 Ostomy Supplies: One/two-piece systems;Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy pouches. 2 Ostomy Accessories: Ostomy belts, Clamps, Skin barriers, Powder, Paste, Deodorant, Stoma adhesive. 3 Incotinence Products: Urine Bags, Adult Diaper, Incontinence Pants/Underwear, etc. - Notice 2008 Medical-industry Limited and/or its subsidiaries and licensors.

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