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WMmed - Jürgen Wensing Warenhandel, Reken, 48734, Germany

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Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems and bad breath. - Since before recorded history, a variety of oral hygiene measures have been used for teeth cleaning. - Edit Plaque Plaque is a yellow sticky film that forms on the teeth and gums. The bacteria in plaque release acid that attacks tooth enamel. - Edit Flossing The use of dental floss is an important element of oral hygiene, since it removes the plaque and the decaying food remaining stuck between the teeth.
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Oral hygiene stick

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MDEANI2008/018 Issued:18th March 2008 For: IMMEDIATE ACTION ACTION UPDATE INFORMATION Section Medical Device/Equipment:Oral hygiene swabs. - Problem: Foam heads of oral swabs may detach from the stick during use. - 2 PROBLEM: The MHRA is aware of a number of incidents where the foam heads of oral swabs from various manufacturers have detached from the sticks during use. - 4 ACTION: Check that the foam head is firmly attached to the stick before use in line with infection control procedures.
Oral Hygiene Looking after your teeth and gums - Regular brushing and flossing helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy, and helps to prevent tooth. - If you smoke, stopping smoking will improve oral hygiene. - Calculus, sometimes called tartar, is hardened calcified plaque. It sticks firmly to teeth. - The acids are kept next to the teeth by the sticky plaque and 'dissolve' the tooth enamel.
Oral Hygiene-Tooth and Gum Care "Achieving and maintaining oral health requires individual action, complemented by professional care. - There are many dental hygiene products available. - They are effective for mouths where receding gums have left spaces between teeth. The sticks should only be used where there is sufficient space to allow the free movement of the stick between the teeth.
Ness and the medicinal properties. A survey earlier Oral hygiene was assessed using the Greene and conducted in a Yoruba community in Ibadan, revealed a Vermillion Simplified Oral Hygiene Index 7 comprising high preference rating for two chewing sticks namely;Debris and Calculus components. - The readings from the maxillary teeth technique. Those using the two different chewing sticks were higher than those around the mandibular teeth for were given similar instructions based on the recommend-debris.
TASTY DENTAL STICK FOR ORAL HYGIENE-Plaque and Biofilm control-Tartar control-Prevents bad breath-Advanced design. - Plaque control: Clenz-a-dent RF2 sticks contain RF2, a unique patented active ingredient. - Uses: Dental hygiene in dogs. - Make sure the dog has access to fresh water. Clenz-a-dent RF2 Sticks can be used in a protocol with other Clenz-a-dent RF2 products to optimize oral health. Veterinarian recommendations should be observed. Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Carefully reseal the pouch after use.
Miswak Salvadora persica was used by the Babylonians some 7000 years ago;it was later used throughout the Greek and Roman empires, and also by ancient Egyptians and Muslims. It is used in different parts of Africa, Asia-especially the Middle East-and South America. Miswak sticks are used for oral hygiene, religious and social purposes. - It is used in place of the ordinary toothbrush and toothpaste. Actually the miswak stick requires NO toothpaste whatsoever. - Home Miswak stick. - 2010 Miswak Stick.

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