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Rolko, Borgholzhausen, 33829, Germany

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Wheelchair tires


Section of economy wheelchairs. - This site is designed to offer a selection of parts that cannot be offered by any single store or any other web site. - Also in some cases ordering the correct parts might require specific information on sizes or dimensions. - We have started with a few very standard economical chrome style chairs. These chairs are based on proven designs and should last several years. Most replacement parts are very economical and are listed in our wheelchair parts section.
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Wheelchair (parts)

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Parts & Spares For Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters & Powerchairs. Freephone:0800 567 7222 Home Login View cart Checkout Contact us. Main Menu.*Refurbished Equipment*. All Weather Canopies. Bath lifts Bath lift Accessories. - Medium Mobility Scooters. Large Mobility Scooters. Parts & Spares Battery Chargers. - Gloves. Misc Wheelchair Accessories. - Welcome, You are currenty viewing our Parts & Spares category. Below you will find six sub-categories. Clicking on the pictures will open that subcatgory.
The durable Jay Protector for pressure reduction on a limited basis when sitting or moving outside the wheelchair. - Plastic side guards for Quickie wheelchairs. Comes complete with all mounting hardware. Fits Quickie 2, 2HP, Lx, Lxi, Rx, GP, GPV, GPS. Will not fit Quickie XTR/GT or All Court Wheelchairs. - Featured Links Wheelchair Parts Store. - Security and Privacy Quickie-Wheelchairs. Com uses the highest industry encryption standard to protect your purchases and personal information. 2010, Quickie-Wheelchairs.
This section takes a look at some key parts to your wheelchair. Each page tells you why the specific part is important and how to make sure you have the right part for your chair. - The proper caster size is selected by measuring your chair's ability to turn;versus its ability to go over bumps. Wall guards are a sometimes important, but often overlooked wheelchair accessory. - Once you have an idea, talk to your local wheelchair manufacturer about the best parts for your wheelchair and your lifestyle.
Schwalbe 22x1 3/8" Wheelchair Tyres Puncture. - Schwalbe 24x1 3/8" Wheelchair Tyres Puncture. - Kids Wheelchair Covers, blankets, special Needs, or. - Wheelchair Parts Find mobility & disability items Feed your passion on . - Compare prices and buy wheelchair parts at Shopping. Com UK.
The wheelchair needs to have all the correct parts to ensure that it runs smoothly and effectively. - The major or most important part that can be found on or in an electric wheelchair is the battery or in some cases a power pack. - If the wheelchair battery goes flat when you are underway it is not only inconvenient it can also be dangerous. - Having the correct wheels under you is another important part of your wheelchair. - It is a good idea to do a little research on the parts that are on your wheelchair.
Wheelchair parts and accessories are no longer those large, wooden contraptions that retired cowboys would be pushed around in. - Some of these wheelchair accessories are created just to cater to the hobbies or lifestyle of the users, things like fishing rod holder, wheelchair umbrella, Norco™ Push Kuffs, universal wheelchair beverage holder, cooling wheelchair cushion, wheelchair bag, and portable wheel chair ramp.

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