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Giuliana Stefano Giuliana Gewerbepartner, Frankfurt am Main, 65933, Germany

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Machined parts manufacturing 2D Milling 3D Milling CNC Milling CNC milling milling sheet metal parts contract manufacturing service provider milling bending bending work Mechanical production volume production parts machining 3D bending HCM


Metallbearbeitung Peter Übe, Magdeburg, 39116, Germany

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Milled, machined parts, CNC milling, industrial fittings, turning parts, turned parts, CNC lathe, CNC 4-axis machining center, CNC lathes, DLZ lathe, vertical and gear shaping machines, cylindrical grinding machines, Räsmaschinen Milling parts (iron)


VMR - OHG, Mönchweiler, 78087, Germany

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VMR GmbH - Your specialist for prototypes, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, tooling, vacuum casting, machining parts, machined parts, tooling, injection molding, contract manufacturing Milling parts (iron)


Nikolay Kolev, Sokolov, 356 01, Czech Republic

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Production according to drawings or samples Milling parts (iron)


F&J Zerspanungstechnik GbR, Neuhausen, 78579, Germany

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CNC Machining Milling parts (iron)


Milling parts (iron)

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Structure features:1 The rolls adopts the vanadium titanium metal alloy cold and hard iron casting and the surface is strong and tough to bear to whet;Inside the chamber process and make Gun noodles the temperature be even. - We can manufacture kinds of machine parts, with many center-machines, CNC, and milling machines for varied machining request, and for which as polishing, plating, heat treatment, assembly, testing also would be available.
Taiwan and China Cnc Milling Parts information resources . - We are Manufacturer of Cnc Milling Parts for Cnc Milling Parts. - Manufacturers of Precision Assembly, Precision Components, Precision Machined Parts, CNC Precision Machining, Precision turned parts, Precision Engineered Parts. - CNC Precision Machining Lathe Part, Turned Machining Parts. - Casting and forging, Aluminum Castings, Investment Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, Forging, Special Fasteners, Machining, Precision machining, Precision metal machining,
Cast Iron For Machine Parts CHENG FENG CASTING FACTORY CO. - CHEVALIER CNC Vertical FVL-12MC Chiah Chyun CNC CB-32M Focus CNC Turning Milling FNL-250SY Lico Multi Slide S LNT-36S Lico Multi Slide D LNT-36D MYDAY Oil Country 3A-42120B14 MYLAS CNC MY-TURN 42 Polygim Swiss Diamond 32 CSL Shye Towen CNC-STM42C3 Victor Taichung CNC Horizontal Vturn-A26 You Ji CNC Vertical 2 Ram You Ji Super Heavy VTL You Ji Machine Tools L & L Heavy Duty LL950X4000.
KENNAMETAL has released a high-insert-density cast and ductile iron face milling program capable of high metal removal rates. - One of the 30º lead angle finishing and semifinishing cutters is designed to provide reduced cutting pressure for lighter duty machines and thin wall parts. - KC915M is suited to milling cast irons at higher speeds. It offers a MTCVD multilayer coating for longer tool life. KYON 3500 ceramic inserts good productivity and tool life for cast iron milling due to its high-speed capability.
Iron Casting for Machine Parts Manufacturers from Your Search Iron Casting for Machine Parts manufacturers offer high quality Iron Casting for Machine Parts to meet all your Iron Casting for Machine Parts requirements. If you are looking for high quality Iron Casting for Machine Parts and reliable manufacturers, please click the links below to obtain detailed information, and send your inquiry about Iron Casting for Machine Parts right now. - Parts for Milling Machine.
Covering a wide range of milling application of cast iron CVD coated grade for milling of cast iron F5020/F5010 y Features F5020 is a grade for general purpose milling of cast iron with highly improves wear resistance and fracture resistance due to Mitsubishi's proprietary "Technology of controlling micro-structure". - AWhen attaching chips or spare parts, please use the attached wrench or spanner. AWhen using tools in revolution machining, please make a trial run to check run-out, vibration, abnormal sounds etc.
The company says its new M750 Hexacut high-insert-density cast and ductile iron face milling program offers better productivity than any other cast iron cutter it has produced. - One of the 30-degree lead angle finishing and semi finishing cutters is designed to provide reduced cutting pressure for machines and thin wall parts.

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