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Verpackungen Koeln e.K., Köln, 50933, Germany

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Top priced (price guarantee) Adhesive folding box (cardboard, without inner liner)


Adhesive folding box
- aluminum foil adhesive tape details : 1) Uses 12gsm tissue as carrier, Coated with aggressive water-based acrylic adhesive or solvent. - Acrylic adhesive or solvent, Laminated on double-sided silicone release liner. - Inner packing: Cut roll. - Log roll: Cardboard wrapping. - Fleece, Waste paper, Waste paper box. - Sewage, Chemical media with or without little particle. - Dissoluble plastic and recycle plastic. And this machine is equipped with edge folding device to blow and process the vest bag and parallel bag.
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Adhesive folding box (cardboard, without inner liner)

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Disaster relief coffin box. - Said adhesive layer overlying the inner surfaces of said tabs. - An elongated double wall reinforcement liner of corrugated cardboard. - It is a further object to provide a casket which is completely assembled without the use of any fasteners or metallic elements and which is completely consumable. - 2 Central portions of the cover end walls 54 have U-shaped cuts 61 formed in said blanks to define on proper folding,
Heavy machine packaging cases and paper kraft liner. - Custom cardboard boxes, Packaging corrugated boxes, Cardboard corrugated boxes, Shipping corrugated boxes, Cardboard boxes, Corrugated cardboard boxes and corrugated packing boxes. - Duplex carton box, Printed carton box, Folding carton box. - White duplex board carton boxes, Folding cartons boxes and packaging carton boxes. - Carton with inner mash and boxes for fruits. - Self adhesive tape, Corrugated rolls & boxes. - Without printed carton box and packaging carton box.
The bottom receptacle can be constructed without glue seals so that the receptacle is liquid-tight. - A cardboard box expanding and folding apparatus includes a feeding mechanism. - A folding mechanism for folding front and rear parts of a bottom of a cardboard box, A folding mechanism for folding left and right parts of a bottom of a cardboard box. - An inner liner, And a printed outer liner; An adhesive setting station for curing adhesive in the. - 20080108492-Buckle folding machine. - Folding,
All three of those things can be fixed without too much trouble. - Folding the bellows is not that difficult. - The difference between the inner and outer dimensions of the frame controls how deep the folds can be. - Cut the bag along the seams and lay it out flat on a piece of cardboard. - Use some spray-on adhesive to make a solid coating of adhesive on the plastic and then press a piece of cloth. - You can recover the box or notebook with some other fabric or shelf liner and still use the box or notebook,
Adhesive application. - Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing combines the best elements of a folding carton with those of a re-sealable pouch, eliminating the need for an inner liner. - Stand-up pouches 02/09 Double-gusseted stand up pouches, the “Bag Without a Box,” from ITW Fastex and CLP Packaging Solutions, are designed to eliminate the cardboard carton from bag-in-box packaging.

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