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Firma Domrich GmbH & CoKG, Garbsen, 30827, Germany

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Agitated vessel
Agitated Laboratory Reactors. - Powerful, economical mixers for contamination-free, packless mixing and stirring applications. - The new mixers can be retrofitted easily to existing vessels. - PPI, Milton Roy Dyna/Mag magnetic mixers are noncontaminating agitation devices. - Shaft and bearings can be removed and reinstalled without the use of tools. - The mixer is also available with HastelloyTM C276 or other high-alloy process-wetted parts. - Exact rotational speed of agitator shaft can be monitored.
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Agitated vessel (without agitator/stirring device, parts)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Agitated vessel (without agitator/stirring device, parts) on the B2B-Portal

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Immersion Parts Washers-152 companies Immersion parts washers clean components by submersing them in an agitated cleaning solution contained in a wash tank. - Scour tanks or vessels. - Stirring or homogenizing operations within containers of 30 to 30 000 Litres. - The NBE Agitator Discharge Hopper is engineered and constructed to assure consistent flow of hard-to-handle materials without bridging or ratholing. - And dried in this portable lab scale Nutsche filter device with special manually turned agitator.
Homo mixer as the name suggests is Agitator, Homogeniser Mixer. - This Paste Can Be Agitated Either Manually Or With The Help Of A Anchor Type Agitator Which Will Constantly Stir The Paste So That There Will No Lumps Formation And Proper Mixing Is Achieved. - Manufactured in simple stirring type vessel at slow speed. - Contact parts are of S. - Contact parts are corrosion resistant No-tube-no-fill device Blow off device to cut "Rat tail" of highly viscous products. - Vessels under vacuum/without vacuums.
The movable assembly receives a vessel containing a materials to be agitated. - The present invention relates generally to devices useful for agitating or stirring substances contained within a vessel. - Such expressions do not describe the behavior of a captive fluid being agitated by the present agitator. - Available from SMI Small Parts Inc. - Other arrangements can be devised in accordance with these principles by those of ordinary skill in the art without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.
Magnetic Stirring Vessel. - Capacity:0 5 HP to 15 Hp Standard and GMP Model with SS 304 or SS 316 contact parts. - They also feature a highly efficient drive specifically engineered for turbine agitator service. - These mixers are highly efficient for super fast mixing of powders, granules with or without addition of liquids and pastes of low viscosities. - The material and the media are then agitated by the shaft with cross arms, rotating at high speed. - It consist of mechanical device which is placed in a tank.
Parts & Acc's. - In bead milling, a large number of minute glass or ceramic beads are vigorously agitated by shaking or stirring. - Therefore, special high energy electromechanical agitators have been developed. Bead agitation by these devices is either by shaking or stirring. - Equipped with efficient cooling jackets, larger sample volumes can be processed without overheating. - Square shaped homogenization vessels give better results than round vessels and it is also beneficial to hold the immersed tip off center.
Drum dumpers designed for emptying metal or fiber drums from floor level into processing vessels in about 15 sec. - And safety devices. - Twin-screw agitators. - And advanced-design drive without rotating parts. - Disc-based unit includes automatic gravimetric calibration and provide synchronized no mechanical stirring feed rates as low as 0 004 g/sec. - Flex-Feed polyurethane flexible feed hopper is externally agitated ag·i·tate.

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