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Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, 70469, Germany

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Air cooler
This type of evaporative cooler, photographed in Rocky Ford in Otero County in Colorado, is used in the drier parts of the American West to provide economical cooling. - An evaporative cooler also swamp cooler, desert cooler, and wet air cooler is a device that cools air through the simple evaporation of water. - In the United States, the use of the term swamp cooler may be due to the odor of algae produced by early units. - Some evaporative coolers may also serve as humidifiers in the heating season.
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Air cooler

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Evaporative coolers are a cheap and efficient way of cooling down large areas where conventional air conditioning would not be feasible. Evaporative coolers work on a very basic principle of blowing cool moist air into a well ventilated area. The machine is simply filled with water and a pump draws the water to the top of the machine, which then runs down specially designed pads. At the same time a fan blows the moisture through the pads releasing moisture into the atmosphere.
1 Air coolers are used in thermally insulated casings to form refrigerators and are also used in buildings to cool rooms. In buildings they are only required when the building itself is not constructed so that it is able to dissipate enough heat. - An absorption air cooler. - Coolers outfitted with extras as heating, and dehumidifying are called Air conditioners. It has been suggested that Air_conditioner#Evaporative_coolers be merged into this article or section. - Edit References ^ "Air cooler definition".
Call Aircon Direct on 0844 412 4540 for all your air conditioning needs. - Evaporative Air Coolers are a great way of cooling a room without the expense of buying a traditional Air Conditioner. They are much quieter perfect for bedrooms or studies, consume less power and don't require a hose to vent so are ideal for rooms which don't have external windows. - This type of cooler uses less than a third of the power of a portable air conditioner and can be over 75% cheaper to buy. - Looking for an air conditioner?
What size of evaporative cooler do I need. - Waycool portable evaporative air coolers are designed for comfort cooling in open or well ventilated areas. - Coolcube portable evaporative coolers don t require permanent installation or a window exhaust. Just plug into a standard 13A electrical socket and fill with ordinary tap water for up to 8 hours of continuous cooling. Maximum coverage approx. - Sizing commercial evaporative coolers is much easier than it is for a conventional refrigerated air conditioning system.
Air Coolers in the UK including Evaporative Air Coolers - No venting required. - Air Powered Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaners. Accessories For All Numatic Vacuum Cleaners. Vacuum Cleaner Bags In Bulk. 110 volt Transformers. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Spray Extraction Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners. Automatic Spray Extraction Machines with Brushes. - 110 Volt Air Movers and Fans. - 359 00 + vat. Halfway between a fan and an air conditioner. Ideal for cooling individuals within a room or rooms with no outside walls.
Air Cooler comparison online offered by Compare India. Air Cooler Features - Blower Control Speed, Cooling Area, Water Tank Capacity, Water level indicator, Water level checker, Castors. - This 22-liter air cooler has a 3-speed blower control and can cool a 200 sq. - Ft room. It also has a water level indicator and night lamp. It comes with rotating grill for even air distribution aided by 5 blade propeller fan. It has other utility features like ice chamber and fragrance chamber.

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