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Air dehumidification equipment (climate control) - All Countries

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ABC Klimatechnik Ing. Büro Over, Köln, 50829, Germany

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Dehumidifiers for pools, Whirpoolräume, storage, filing rooms Air dehumidification equipment (climate control)


ZILA-Elektronik GmbH, Zella-Mehlis, 98544, Germany

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Compact fans, air out Entfeuchtungssteuerung by fan or an electric motor driven window operator


Trotec GmbH & Co. KG, Heinsberg, 52525, Germany

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TROTEC - the professional supplier of mobile and stationary Entfeuchtungslösungen. Our range of portable dehumidifiers, building dryers, industrial and Adsorbtionstrockner.


Weser Kälte - Klima GmbH, Vlotho, 32602, Germany

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Air conditioning and refrigeration systems Air dehumidification equipment (climate control)


Air dehumidification equipment (climate control)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Air dehumidification equipment (climate control) on the B2B-Portal

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Dehumidification airconditioning air conditioning systems london portable air conditioners mitsubishi airconditioning mitsubishi air conditioning units air-conditioning in uk portable air conditioning unit portable airconditioning air conditioning parts airconditioning & refridgeration. - Climate Control Ltd is entrusted with the care of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment installations in a very wide range of commercial, industrial, domestic air conditioning and sensitive governmetal locations.
We provide an independent service to design & install air conditioning and climate control systems tailored to your specific requirements. - Effect on indoor equipment. - Climate Control that 'Fits You Like a Glove' Rapid Air Conditioning deliver an independent service to design & install climate control systems tailored to your specific requirements. - Installed Climate Control-The Complete Air Conditioning, Cooling, Heating and Dehumidification Solution.
Equipment. - Climate Control-portable air conditioners. - Portable air conditioning unit complete with heater. - The unit has thermostatic control. - This is an Air to Air Machine and will run 24/7 unattended. - 127mm Diameter Digital temperature control, Cooling down to 18degC 1 8 litre per hour dehumidification Remote Control. - Based in Derby Tidyco Climate Control Division specialise in the installation, Service and repair of all types of industrial and commercial heating and cooling systems including air conditioning,
The key is to select the most efficient climate control technologies to eliminate wasted expense impacting operating Munters, The Humidity Expert costs. - Temperature and dewpoint conditions to For example, 55°F saturated air 64 determine what dehumidification equipment gr/lb entering will leave at 97°F and will meet the needs of the hospital.
Effect on indoor equipment. - Dehumidification Subsystem. - What is Climate Control HVAC systems Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning maintain a steady preset temperature, humidity and air quality which is controlled by the occupants of the building. - A well designed climate control system delivers heating, cooling, humidity control & ventilation to wherever in the building it is required.
Air conditioning equipment. - Distributor and wholesaler of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, controls and componebts offering nationwide next working day delivery. - Munters Rental With a network of depots throughout the UK, Munters can deliver state of the art dehumidification equipment for short-term or long-term climate control to any location within 24 hours of the booking. - LG to open Saudi plant 2-Mar-2007 LG Electronics is to open a new air conditioning plant in Saudi Arabia.
Contents 4 The perfect climate 24 Precision climate control for telecommunications 6 Energy efficient 28 Intelligent air-conditioning control concepts 8 Precision climate control for 30 STULZ service and IT, medical technology and quality clean rooms 10 Circulating air 18 Water More Rooms & Data Centres 3. - 5 % air dehumidification 40. - This is why outside air to be put to optimum use water is increasingly being used to cool technical equipment in in the relevant weather conditions.

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