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OOO "Faradej", Sankt-Peterburg, 00000, Russia

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Air dehumidification equipment
Dehumidification. - Service & spare parts. - HVAC Systems manufactures air treatment systems, supports these facilities while they are in service, guides planners in project engineering to obtain optimal climate control and air routing, and tests its products in its own laboratories and measurement centres under realistic conditions. GEA technicians check the performance capability of the equipment, simulate and verify the air flow at the installation site, and measure the sound power level in addition to much more.
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Air dehumidification equipment (climate control, parts)

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The Climate Control Specialists. - There is no control over absolute humidity level in the garage-only of the air entering the garage. - It is also obvious that only the air within the bubble is controlled-everything else within the garage area is unprotected-tools, stored parts etc. - There are two main types of dehumidification equipment on the market-each use a different method to extract moisture from the air.
Equipment performance. - Control Individual-room applications. - Service & spare parts. - A compact, mixed-air unit with heat pump for dehumidification. - This not only means that a tropical, greenhouse climate rapidly develops it also causes water to condense on the walls and windows of such buildings. - GEA swimming pool dehumifidiers remove moisture as well as heat from the air and return the recovered heat energy to the room air, and to the water in the pool.
Contractors have traditionally focused on selling humidity control systems to customers based on their location and climate. This approach continues to be the norm in many regions where homeowners have long struggled with too dry/too humid air. - The traditional approach to selling humidity control equipment based solely on a customer s climate is now shifting. - Typically, dehumidifiers are sold in wetter parts of the country. - The popularity of dehumidification equipment is very interdependent upon the climate.
Ventilation, Climate control. - Waste disposal and recycling, Steam and compressed air requirements. - Custom design of optimum climate control system to best meet the Client's local conditions. Supply of any and all supporting equipment such as. - Air conditioning and dehumidification systems. - Ancillary equipment such as boilers, Compressors. - Commissioning and testing of all equipment at factory site. Comprehensive training of client's personnel in all phases of capsule production. - Parts List Manual.
Specific product categories include: Wash down air handlers, descicant dehumidification units, penthouse refrigeration units, standard commercial direct. - Product Offerings: Process Control Equipment, Climate Control Technologies, Power Technologies, Energy-Efficient Electric Motors, and a. - Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Sales, Installation, Service and Parts. - Products: Air conditioner parts;air filters;blowers & fans;climate control systems;controls: environmental;Free Quote.
Related Products AIR CONDITIONING & PURIFYING EQUIPMENT AIR CONDITIONERS: Industrial AIR CONDITIONERS AIR CONDITIONING: Custom AIR CONDITIONER PARTS AIR CONDITIONING: Industrial AIR CONDITIONER UNITS HEATING SUPPLIES FANS AIR CONDITIONING. - Wash down air handlers, Descicant dehumidification units. - And climate control products. - Climate control. - Air conditioner parts; Air conditioner rental. - Air conditioning equipment Air conditioners. - Air AIR HANDLING SYSTEMS AIR CONDITIONERS: Mobile AIR CONDITIONING UNITS:

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