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Funkelektronik Krauss, Remshalden, 73625, Germany

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Find local contractors to Repair or Service Antenna. ServiceMagic will connect you with prescreened and customer-rated contractors in your area. - Read more about Cable Wiring. How to Work with Roofing Pros It's often easy to give advice to homeowners on how to work with pros who are already working inside your house. However, when certain contractors are working outside. Read more about Roofers. Antenna Repair Project:Top 20 Cities by Request.
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Antenna (repair)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Antenna (repair) on the B2B-Portal

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How to Repair Antenna Cables The XM antenna cable is very small but it can be fixed. Here are the tools you will need: Small 600 degree soldering iron and solder. Liquid flux for soldering the braid. Small sizes of heat shrink tubing. Small heat gun. - The body will need to be crimped. The crimping tool needs different dies for the tip and the body. The crimpers can be expensive, considering it will be a one time tool for most. I would offer pictres, but I have not done any repairs myself.
Fallon Services can help you with all your TV reception issues. Whether you need a new Antenna, Amplifier or simply some new Outlets. - TV Antenna and TV Reception Fallon Services employ licenced and fully trained TV and antenna technicians who can satisfy all of your TV reception and antenna requirements in the Brisbane area. - TV Antenna repairs. We provide solutions for private homes, real estate agents, body corporates, hotels, motels, clubs, apartment blocks, jails, high rise buildings and government departments.
Other Repairs:Antenna Repair. - All Electrical Appliances Repaired At Your House/Venue.
G3IBI-Antenna rotators, spares & repairs. - We carry a small stock of new and reconditioned parts for both rotators and control boxes for the following makes: CDE, HYGAIN, YAESU, KENPRO and STOLLE. This site is being developed and we will be adding a full spares list to this site shortly so please check back here soon. In the meantime we've added a list of the most requested spares items that we usually keep in stock. We also offer a repair service for CDE HYGAIN KENPRO and YAESU rotator units.
In addition to our waveguide refurbishing, we also repair antennas as well. We aslo test and calibrate your system to make sure it is in tip-top condition. Contact us with your brand, model number. 2327 16th Avenue North. St. - In addition to our waveguide refurbishing, we also repair antennas as well. - Contact us with your brand, model number and any additional information to see if we can repair your antenna to the original factory specifications. Back. 2010 Space Machine and Engineering Corp, All Rights Reserved.
From 1992 on, the antenna was a Hirschmann 6000EL. - One day, I noticed that my antenna no longer extended when I turned on the radio."Hmmm, Must be the mast. - Commonly, this tail breaks. The repair is simple. - Carefully note the orientation of the gear teeth as the old antenna comes out. - However, when I removed my mast, the entire tail seemed to be intact. Uh Oh. That meant I would have to remove the antenna mechanism from the car and see if it could be repaired. Surprisingly, the whole job turned out to be rather simple.

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