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Application specific motor - All Countries

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Privod, LLC, Lysva, 618441, Russia

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ZAO Tehnostyle, Moskva, 127103, Russia

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URALINCOM, Ekaterinenburg, 620135, Russia

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Liedtke Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Hameln, 31789, Germany

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Application specific motor

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This application is used to provide an overall approach to assessing the relative merits of application-specific brushless dc and switched-reluctance motor drives. - The impetus for moving away from the brushed dc motor results from the wear associated with the brushes, the lower overall power density, and the EMI problems that can be associated with commutator arcing. - Relative to both motor and inverter cost considerations, the SRM appears to have an advantage over the BLDC motor in this application.
ZiLOG has launched a new version of its 8-bit Z8 Encore! Microcontrollers aimed at a wide variety of motor control applications. The integrated A/D converter with its Time Stamp feature is coupled to the 3-Phase PWM output module, allowing f. - 151 Zilog, Inc. S thrust into the growing motor control market is its Z8 Encore. - Today s motor control applications bring a set of challenges and demands ideal for versatile and full-featured application-specific 8-bit MCUs, said ZiLOG ZiLOG chairman and CEO James Thorburn.
STMicroelectronics offers a wide product portfolio for automotive DC motor-driver applications. The VN(5)77xK and the VNHx(A)SP30 families are based on VIPower technology. - ST Home Application Specific for Automotive Standard Functions Motor drivers. - STMicroelectronics offers a wide product portfolio for DC motor-driver applications. The VN577xK and the VNHxASP30 families are based on VIPower vertical intelligent power technology, and are intended as a complementary offer to the devoted door-zone chipset.
What Is a Brushless Motor. - In such motors, current and torque, voltage and rpm are linearly related. - The BLDC motor brake is a 24vdc system. These BLDC motor brakes are perfect for any holding applications. - This assistance is offered to help the customer in choosing Anaheim Automation products for a specific application. - In all cases, determination of fitness of the custom BLDC motor in a specific system design, is solely the customers' responsibility.
However, illustrates application specific methods of selection of the appropriate power module rating advanced multi-chip inverter power and definition of operational limits remain in modules as a function of motor speed and the hands of the system designer. - Introduction In general, designers need to be able to 55% of the total worldwide produced energy evaluate specific conditions in their is used to run motors, of which, only a small application: percentage is inverter-driven, while the vast?
Applications Mobile/Network Mobile Phone IC. - Motor Drivers for Specific Applications: DC Brushless Motor Driver Series for Cooling Fans. - Motor Drivers H-bridge Drivers for Brush Motors. Reversible Motor Drivers for Brush Motors. Stepping Motor Drivers. Motor Drivers for Brushless DC Cooling Fans. System Motor Drivers for CD/DVD Players. System Motor Driver Series for CD/DVD Drive & Recorder. - Motor Driver IC Series for Printers. Motor Driver IC Series for MDs. Motor Driver IC Series for Tape Record Systems.
Quality Components: Probably the best method of insuring low audible noise in motors is to specify quality components. - Like many other considerations in DC motor applications, each has its advantages and disadvantages and must be evaluated within the context of the application. - Although each application has its own specific requirements to be addressed, it is usually advisable to operate a DC motor with precious metal brushes and commutator continuously at no more than 1/3 of its rated stall torque.

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