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Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Kluge, Bad Dürrheim, 78073, Germany

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Capacitance meter
The amplitude of the kick is an indication of capacitance. - Edit Simple and non-bridge meters Many DVMs digital volt meters have a capacitance-measuring function. - DVMs can usually measure capacitances from nanofarads to a few hundred microfarads, but wider ranges are not unusual. - Low stray and parasitic capacitance can be measured if a low enough range is available. Leakage current is measured by applying a direct voltage and measuring the current in the normal way.
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Capacitance meter

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Similar models sell for $150 and more. This series of meters has just about every feature available including an auto off function to save your battery. - Capacitance Meter The CM9601a Digital Capacitance Meter uses a Dual-Slope Integration A/D Converter Measurement System. Our price of $29 95 is not a misprint, meters of equal quality sell for over $100 This built and tested meter, not a kit. Features: High Accuracy. 2-3 Second Measurement Rate Update. Low Battery Indicator. Zero Trim Pot. Alligator Clip Test Leads.
Products 159 Download 7600 Plus-Precision LCR Meter QuadTech, Inc. - The Model 810C Capacitance Meter is a compact capacitance meter, designed for accurate measurement of capacitive components. It features direct plug in test sockets and test lead jacks. - The meter also includes handy functions such as data hold, Min/Max/Average re. - Designed to meet the latest international safety standards, the meter? S dedicated chip and microprocessor allow programmable high/low limits or pre-programmed standard.
A Range of test equipment including power supplies, multimeters, inverters. Digital Capacitance Meter. Comes with test leads, battery and instruction leaflet. CM-200. - CM-200 Digital Capacitance Meter.£43 36. Plus Carriage & VAT. Henrys Electronics Ltd 404 Edgware Road, London, W2 1ED, United 7258 1831 Fax:020 7724 0322 VAT Number: GB 241 7629 61. Products may vary from illustration, subject to availability. If unavailable, will be contacted. Within 48 Hours, otherwise dispatch time 2-4 Working Days.
This compact handheld capacitance meter will quickly and accurately measure capacitive components. Equipped with two plug-in and test lead sockets and test lead jacks this sturdy meter also has a zero adjustment knob to zero test lead capacitance. Meter has a wide measuring range which covers 9 measuring sections from 0 1pF to 20, 000uF and the large easy-to-read backlit digital display shows your reading in just 2 to 3 seconds. Features and Specifications: Wide measurement range:0 1pF to 20, 000uF.
LCR meters for testing Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance of electronic components, LCR bridges and L. C. R. Test and measuring equipment. - A range of LCR meters to accurately measure the value of inductances, capacitances and resistances at various frequencies. - Modern LCR meter with back lit display and min/max recording mode. - High average accuracy 0 5% LCR meter for easy testing and analyzing electronic components. - Easy LCR meter.
Capacitance Meter and RC Time Constants. - Arduino Sketch RCTiming_capacitance_meter * Paul Badger 2008 * Demonstrates use of RC time constants to measure the value of a capacitor Theory A capcitor will charge, through a resistor, in one time constant, defined as T seconds where * TC=R * C TC=time constant period in seconds * R=resistance in ohms * C=capacitance in farads 1 microfarad ufd=0000001 farad=10^-6 farads The capacitor's voltage at one time constant is defined as 63 2% of the charging voltage.

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