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Grafit-USSO, Cheljabinsk, 454084, Russia

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For the rigid composite material made from carbon fiber, see Carbon fiber reinforced plastic. This article may contain excessive or improper use of ed material. Please review the use of non-free media according to policy and guidelines and correct any violations. The talk page may have details. - The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports.
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Message:Carbon has been known since ancient times, as soot, charcoal and coal. - It was recognized to be a chemical element, as we understand the term, as soon as the modern understanding of the term evolved 1780-1810 They were not known as the same element until Humphrey Davy who was rather wealthy and could afford to destroy diamonds showed, first, that heating a diamond in the presence of oxygen produced only carbon dioxide, and then that heating a diamond in the absence of air caused it to change into graphite.
Martin Kamen, the chemist who used the 60-Inch Cyclotron in the days of the Radiation Laboratory to create carbon-14 and change biochemistry research forever, has been named one of two winners of this year's Enrico Fermi Award. The 82-year old Kamen is joined by 83-year-old physicist Ugo Fano, who won for his pioneering contributions to the theory of atomic and radiation physics. - Lawrence at the Rad Lab. Kamen was interested in studying plant photosynthesis and the related problem of carbon dioxide assimilation.
Forms Carbon is found free in nature in three allotropic forms: graphite, diamond, and fullerines. - Naturally occurring graphites are reported to contain as much as 30% of the rhombohedral beta form, whereas synthetic materials contain only the alpha form. The hexagonal alpha type can be converted to the beta by mechanical treatment, and the beta form reverts to the alpha on heating it above 1000oC. In 1969 a new allotropic form of carbon was produced during the sublimation of pyrolytic graphite at low pressures.
Atomic number 6;atomic weight 12 011;sublimation point above 3, 500°C;boiling point 4, 827°C;specific gravity of amorphous carbon 1 8 to 2 1, of diamond 3 15 to 3 53, of graphite 1 9 to 2 3;valence 2, 3, 4 A sheet of carbon paper.
Uses of Carbon. - Carbon is the 6th most abundant element found in the universe, and it has a variety of purposes and uses in our everyday lives. - There are 3 allotropes of carbon that are found naturally-graphite, diamonds and amorphous. - In its elemental form, carbon may have very limited uses. But this element has the ability to manifest itself into a very useful substance for a number of things once it combines with another element.
Many other components of the car are also made from carbon fibre, from the suspension to the gearbox and even the brakes, where carbon fibre has taken over from more traditional materials such as steel, again because it is light weight and that the latest carbon fibre brakes can produce phenomenal stopping power. The manufacture of components is very laborious, involving many stages such as autoclaving, vacuuming and curing and even the smallest components may require 100's of man hours to construct.

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