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Serox GmbH, Worms, 67547, Germany

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Centrifugal agitator
Due to the improved centrifugal separation system, the use of very small grinding media is possible in the laboratory agitator bead mills of Micro-and MiniSeries, as well as the universally applicable LabStar. - Offering the highest degree of efficiency and dependability, the PSM-7 Submersible Lab Mill is specifically engineered to allow mixing and grinding of fine dispersion simultaneously in a single tank.
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Centrifugal agitator (lab)

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Manufacturers of vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, fan pumps, agitators, pressure screens, dampers, wedge wire screens also mechanical spares & components as per buyers drawing or sdample. - Bio-lab Instruments Mfg. - Manufacturers of sealless & glandless magnetic drives, sealless magnetic drive couplings, sealless magnetic drive pumps, sealless magnetic drive bottom mixers, sealless magnetic agitator drives for lab application, sealless magnetic agitator drive for process application, magnetic tramp traps and filters.
Grovhac Mixers & Pumps-A better value Grovhac designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial mixers & agitators, from lab mount & hand held agitators, portable c-clamp drum & barrel mixers, 2 NPT bung entering & cover mount agitators, and large batch top-entry mixers. - Centrifugal pumps for chemical processing are offered in sealless magnetic drive, ANSI dimensional, or mechanical sealed pump configurations for horizontal, vertical, or multi-stage pump applications in tough, corrosive environments.
Abstract: NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology introduces a new upgraded line of Mini and MicroSeries agitator bead mills for wet grinding of small batches. - NETZSCH Introduces Upgraded Lab-sized Agitator Bead Mills Exton, PA Posted on February 24th, 2010The new design is more compact, and ancillary equipment is now mounted on the mill. - The Mini and MicroSeries also feature an improved centrifugal separation system that employs grinding media from 0 05 to 1 5 mm in size, the smallest in the industry.
Wet grinding and dispersing with laboratory agitator bead mills of the MiniSeries General Information The compact, universally applicable laboratory circulation mills of the MiniSeries impress with easy handling and the use of small quantities from 0 25 to 0 5 l for product sizes down to the nanometer range. - For the universally applicable agitator bead mill MiniFer all grinding chamber parts are of stainless steel. - Zeta®-grinding system with improved centrifugal separation. - PSM 7 Lab Unit.
Lab - Solution Testing Center. - Hydro-Thermal engineers customize the in-house facility to simulate actual production conditions, perform tests, conduct equipment or process training and provide comprehensive testing documentation. Let us be your test lab before you change your process. - » Goulds centrifugal pump stainless steel, 220VAC, single phase, NPT fittings. - » Chemineer mixer stainless steel shaft, multiple agitator blades, 1/4 HP.
Casserole. Catch flask. Cell Counter, Cell counting. Cell holder. Cellulose Analyzer. Centrifugal agitator. - Friability Tester pharm. Cosmetics. Fume hood cabinet. Funnel. Furnace. Furniture Lab. - Polarimeter. Precision balance. Prefilter. Pressure bottle. Pressure Logger. Propeller agitator. - Salt Fog/Salinity test chamber. Sample beaker, container, ampoul. Sample divider. Sample jar. Sample taking appliance. Sandals, lab. - TOC Total Organic Carbon analyzer. Tube furnace. Tubing pump. Turbidimeter. Turbine mixer. Ultra-centrifugal mill.

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