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R+W Antriebselemente GmbH, Klingenberg, 63825, Germany

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compact, backlash-free, claw couplings, elastomer, elastomer wreath, elastomer couplings


Claw coupling
Available in many versions and with different intermediate rings. The TSCHAN S coupling is a torsionally flexible, shock-proof claw coupling. It compansates angular, radial and axial shaft misalignment within specified tolarances. - The Nor-Mex coupling is even avilable in more versions and combinations for ex. - Coupling with flanged hub, detachable claw rings and intermediate ring. Easily combined with Brake disc or Brake drum. Also available with long hubs, then called SDDL-5 Elastic claw coupling Nor-Mex type E.
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Claw coupling (elastic)

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10 Table 6 Tightening torques MA of the claw ring threaded joint: Size 82 97 112 128 148 168 194 214 240 265 295 330 370 415 480 575 DIN 912-8 8 M6 M6 M8 M8 M10 M10 M10 DIN 912-10 9 M12 M12 M14 M14 M16 M16 M16 M20 M20 MA Nm 10 10 25 25 49 49 49 125 125 200 200 310 310 310 610 610 bawn002-gbr-1 Nor-Mex® G-16-10 Maintenance The elastic coupling Nor-Mex ®-G has in operation a low-maintenance.
R Flexible Coupling Nor-MexÒ GHBS BAWN015-GBR-2 Installation and Operating Instructions 1 Function The Nor-MexÒ Coupling Type GHBS is an torsionally The coupling can be used for either direction of rotation flexible and shock-proof claw coupling with removable and may be installed in any position. - Tion 7 2 Design 1 Hexagon head socket bolt 2 Lock washer 3 Claw ring 4 Flange hub 5 Elastic transitional ring 6 Claw ring 7 Brake disc 8 Flange hub 9 Hexagon head socket bolt Note:Claw ring Pos.
Elastic claw coupling. Elastic claw coupling Nor-Mex type E. Normex, the yielding coupling of the Tschan product range, is flexible in all directions and therefore able to compensate the angular, radial and axial displacements occurring between motor and machine shafts. HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR=LOCAL_ADDR=192 168 31 201. REMOTE_ADDR=88 71 45 207. REMOTE_HOST=88 71 45 207. HTTP_USER_AGENT=Mozilla Firefox. Session UserID=Login. Create Account  . Login to your account. Login. Password. Remember me. Forgot password?
BRUN + BÜHLER AG ANTRIEBSTECHNIK. Kupplungen, Getriebe, Motoren, Bremsen, Spannelemente, Pumpenträger, Kühlpumpenträger, Wärmetauscher, Alubehälter. Freihofstrasse 20, CH-8700 Küsnacht-Zürich, Telefon + 41/0 44/910 ' 69 ' 41, Fax + 41/0 44/910 ' 61 ' 08. . Home. Contact. Portrait. Service. Products. Couplings. - With brakedisc. Elastic coupling. With bumper + bolt. Rigid flange. - Non conic. Claw coupling. Conic. Hydraulic coupling. Torque limiter coupling. - With flange. Elastic claw coupling. - Multiple-plate clutch. Spiral coupling.
Lind Jacobsen & Co. A/S - Raja-Lovejoy Rahmer jansen elastic couplings, flexible couplings, couplings. - The product programme consists of elastic couplings, claw couplings, pump brackets and oil tanks for hydraulic plants. - We keep most types in stock and some of them in final drilling state. Couplings from Raja-Lovejoy® Co. - Up to 7, 500 Nm for max. Boring flange coupling in GGG from 95-3, 600 Nm. - Type Spidex NBL is supplied as backlash-free coupling. Flexible coupling with hub in steel and nylon enclosure.
The E1 elastic coupling combines the qualities of indirect coupling K with those of elastic couplings-by replacing the rigid “K” claw with the E1 elastic pin. - This coupling, too, was abandoned because failed to provide safety in operation and was expensive. - Tightening is done with a bolt, via a disk. The Skl 12 coupling system is used to mount rails onto sleepers made of wood or concrete, for lines construction, rebuilding works, repairs or maintenance of existing track.

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