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AMIS Maschinen Vertriebs GmbH, Zuzenhausen, 74939, Germany

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Comminution machine
A comminution device having replaceable blade assemblies which are used, preferably, as stators. - Title:Comminution machine with pulverizing blade assembly. - Abstract:A comminution device having replaceable blade assemblies which are used, preferably, as stators. - The blade assemblies are comprised of a plug member that may have threads on part of its outer periphery in order to be threadedly connected to a stationary housing or rotatable member of a machine.
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Comminution machine (assembly, unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Comminution machine (assembly, unclassified) on the B2B-Portal

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Tags: Rotor assembly for a waste processing ma. Smith, Leward N. Smith, Application number 09 234-209, Solid Material Comminution Or Disintegra. - 5 A rotor assembly as set forth in claim 2 wherein said cutting tool has a carbide member for cutting waste material. - The present invention relates generally to waste processing machines and, more particularly, to a rotor assembly for a waste processing machine. - It is, therefore, one object of the present invention to provide a rotor assembly for a waste processing machine.
China Assembly Production Line Catalog And Assembly Production Line Manufacturer Directory. - Beijing Hongyuan Machinery. - PPR Cold And Hot Water Pipe Production Line Introduction Of PPR Cold And Hot Water Pipe Production Line: PPR Cold And Hot Water Pipe Production Line Is Controlled By PLC Program And Equipped With Perfect Man-Machine Interface. - This Assembly Can Produce Grain Feed 10, 000-2, 0000 Ton Annually, Composed Of The Workstage Like Comminution, Mixing, Zhangqiu Xiuhui Fada Machin. - Weihai Candle Machine Co.
20070194160-Comminution machine: A comminution machine for waste includes a rotor that carries blade elements and cooperates with counter-blades, which are fixed to the housing. The rotor is driven by a synchronous motor that is excited by a controllable frequency converter. - 20070187534-Adjustable grinder: Disclosed is a grinder which includes a grinder assembly retained in a housing. - 20070187537-Repairing crusher rolls: A roll crusher assembly for use in the mining industry is disclosed.
Thereafter, the outward flow of discharge air 56 carries the fine particles through screen assembly 20 and deposits the same in container 14 Upon completion of the comminution cycle, electrical power is shut off from motor 24 and the user merely lifts housing 12 away from container 14 thus providing complete access to the finely reduced product. - Towable "V" rake agricultural machine.
This assembly can produce grain feed 10, 000-2, 0000 ton annually , composed of the workstage like comminution, mixing, hardening and tempering, granulation, cooling and drying, grading , ect., with consecutive and reasonable process routing, every standalone machine are of high performance , the performance. - This assembly can produce grain feed 10, 000-2, 0000 ton annually, composed of the workstage like comminution, mixing, hardening and tempering, granulation, cooling and drying, grading, ect.
The invention relates to a crushing machine with rotor. - Such crushing machines or comminution machines are known in various constructions and for various materials. - Consideration during the assembly of the machine and the mounting of the recited parts. - Invention detachable and/or nondetachable assembly means or, respectively, assembly types such as, for example, screws, bolts, tensioning pins, rivets, welding, soldering, shrinking, gluing, or the like, and in fact by itself or in combination.

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