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AG Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch, Frankenthal, 67227, Germany

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Condensing turbine
After the steam exits the outlet of the condensing turbine, the steam's pressure is so low, it is no longer available for providing power for industrial applications. - In cases of low demand for process steam the steam surplus is run through the condensing tail to generate more power. - A 1 MW condensing turbine plant needs about 0 1 m3/s of cooling water. - Heat from the condensing steam is normally rejected from the condenser to a body of water, such as a river or cooling tower.
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Condensing turbine

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The steam is finally exhausted from the turbine at vacuum to the surface condenser where the latent heat of exhaust steam is transferred to the cooling water. The condensed steam is then returned back to the boiler as feed water. - These type of turbines find application where steam is utilized only for power generation. - This provision is applicable when the bleed medium pressure steam volume demand is low and pressure variations can be tolerated. These condensing turbine are of bleed cum condensing type.
Line Up Condensing Turbine Rated output 38, 000kW. Main steam pressure 2 9MPag. Main steam temperature 390°C. Exhaust pressure 5 07kPa abs. - Rated output 100, 000kW. Main steam pressure 8 6MPag. Main steam temperature 510°C. Exhaust pressure 8 00kPa abs. Automatic-double-extraction Condensing Turbine Rated output 300, 000kW. Main steam pressure 10 0MPag. Main steam temperature 538°C. Extraction pressure 1 18/0 59MPag. Exhaust pressure 6 00kPa abs. Figures above are typical data, subject to the design and optimization.
Turbine, Condensing and noncondensing turbines, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, Steam turbines are often divided into two types: condensing and noncondensing. In devices of the first type, steam is condensed at below atmospheric pressure so as to gain the maximum amount of energy from it. - Noncondensing turbines are therefore an economical means of generating power cogeneration when substantial amounts of heating or process steam are already needed. - Citations MLA Style turbine. - Lionel's no. 671 steam turbine.
Effect of operating conditions on steam turbines A condensing turbine system is shown in figure 1 Turbine exhaust operating below atmosphere, is condensed in a shell and tube exchanger called surface condenser.
Our clients can avail from us wide range of precision engineered steam turbines such as single stage steam turbine, multi stage steam turbine, straight condensing steam turbine, back-pressure single stage steam turbine, back-pressure multi-stage steam turbine, multistage straight condensing steam turbine and low inlet pressure multistage straight condensing turbine.

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