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KAIMANN GmbH, Hövelhof, 33161, Germany

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Container refrigeration
Container Refrigeration specialises in the Hire, Sales, Service and Modification of shipping containers both Refrigerated & General Purpose Drys for onshore and offshore use. - With more than 21 years experience in the industry Container Refrigeration can ensure that you are using the right equipment and that it is maintained and repaired to the highest quality.
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Container f. refrigeration (unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Container f. refrigeration (unclassified) on the B2B-Portal

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Container Specifications Available in two sizes 20ft or 40ft 2 5m x 2 5m x 5 5m or 11m our refrigerated containers require a 440V 32A power supply and must be positioned in a space clear of overhead cables and obstructions for delivery with a lorry crane. - Please note: Insurance of the refrigeration container and contents for the hire period is the responsibility of the hirer.
We rent, lease and sell portable cold storage solutions including cold storage containers, cold stores, blast freezers, mobile bars, meat rail portable cold storage and pharmaceutical refrigeration to the UK and beyond. - Welcome to CRS Portable Cold Storage Solutions We rent, lease and sell portable cold storage solutions including cold storage refrigerated containers, cold stores-containers, blast freezers, mobile bars, meat rail portable cold storage and pharmaceutical refrigeration to the UK and beyond.
Refrigeration containers. The best thing about refrigerated containers is that they can be used to store all kinds of products and can be delivered easy and efficiently our containers are mostly new so no need to worry about the quality because it is the best available our customers like them to. For an individual quotation please use our ENQUIRY FORM or click for answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.• Relatively inexpensive.• Cheap alternative to large off-site cold stores.• Control of product.
Services include 24 hour callout, temperature monitoring, repair & pti CRS Refrigeration provide a range of container refrigeration services out of the ports of Dublin, Belfast, Waterford & Cork. Services include temperature monitoring, pti & 24 hour callout. - Our professsionally trained & experienced refrigeration service engineers provide a service that is real value for money. As an authorised dealer for some of the major manufacturers such as Carrier Transicold, Mitsubishi & Thermoking, we carrier out P.
1 source for Shipping Containers All size of CSC plated containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers and more. - Almost all ex shipping refrigerated containers are 3 phase 32 amp electric supply, these powerful units can have a temperature range of-35 degrees centigrade to +45 degrees can if required supply replacement refrigeration units that have quite and extensive temperature range but are not as powerful, but for a light commercial or domestic application they are ideal.
Containers Pentalver Shipping United Kingdom UK Pentalver have over 20 years experience in procurement and sales, and are now the single largest importer of new build containers into the UK. - Containers-A wide selection are available including 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft general purpose, along with flat racks, open tops and insulated units, refrigerated containers. - Our own refrigeration engineers are able to offer advice on container suitability. - Container storage container storage facilities are available in Southampton.

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