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Küche & Co. Halle, Halle, 06110, Germany

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Fitted kitchen furniture kitchen appliances Cooker, oven (household, manual, unclassified)


galata (Lago Print GmbH), Rielasingen, 78239, Germany

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Duration baking sheets, vegetable dishes, bread slices, Bratschutzfilter, trays


Cooker, oven (household, manual, unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Cooker, oven (household, manual, unclassified) on the B2B-Portal

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Home » Household Appliances » Large Kitchen Appliances » Cookers, ovens and hobs » Ovens. - * 45cm reduced height compact oven * 6 Functions * Manual steam cooking * Meat cooking * Fish cooking * Vegetable cooking * Re heating and or sterlising function * Defrost * Digital electronic programmer with multi display * Electronic timer with end of cooking alarm * Double glazed removable door * Cooling fan * 24 hour delay timer * Water reservoir 1 4 litre * Electronic thermostatic controls *.
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5 to 60 Minutes Cook Timer 1 to 12 Hour Start Timer Preset 158°F Up to 482°F temperature setting 12 Quart High Temp Glass Bowl Bottom Stand FREE 1 High and 1 Low Rack Including Rack Removing Tongs Circulates heated air over surfaces evenly USA Standard Household 110 VAC-1300 Watts UL Listed 1 Year Warranty FREE Shipping to the 48 States. - Manual Turbo Head for Model 2000 Turbo Oven Cooker 72 95.
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