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Antrieb, Moskva, 117546, Russia

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Cutting machine tool
The earliest lathe with direct mechanical control of the cutting tool was a screw-cutting lathe dating to about 1483 1 This lathe "produced screw threads out of wood and employed a true compound slide rest". - Before long, the machines could automatically change the specific cutting and shaping tools that were being used. - From the simplest to the most complex, most machine tools are capable of at least partial self-replication, and produce machine parts as their primary function.
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Cutting machine tool (parts)

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Wholesale cutting blade, buy cutting blade directly: Proffional T. C. T. - Zhejiang Kralle Tools Co. Ltd. - Sawblade for cutting wood, form 75mm~ 235mm should be used on portable circular saw machines or power tools. Industrual sawblade for cross and universal use, use on table saw machine and auto-machine, more smooth cutting. - Sawblade For Cutting Wood1 cutting blade2 wood cutting machine parts3 wood tools4 laser cutting, cnc control. - Sell Iron Cutting Blade without ca.
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