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Heusch GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen, 52066, Germany

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bitexma GmbH, Herbertingen, 88518, Germany

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L. R. Schmitt Nachfolger Sondermaschinenbaugesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg, 63741, Germany

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Cutting machines (textiles, unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Cutting machines (textiles, unclassified) on the B2B-Portal

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We are offering laser cutting engraving machine Application: Garment industry: Suit for cutting, pierced and pieces all kinds of textile fabrics such as cotton, silk, polyester, wool, color DIMBOA, non woven fabrics etc. Leather pieces, punching. - We require textile laser cutting machine. - I am planning to purchase the follwoing machines: Tiles cutting machines. - Offering Metal Laser Cutting Machine: Our company is one of the leading global Laser solution provider. - Looking for textiles printing machines.
Paso Del Norte Products Offered: Manufacturer of all kinds of fabric cutting equipments. - Advance Technologies Products Offered: Manufacturer of fabric cutting machines and webbing cutting machines. Contact Details: No. - Products Offered: Providing pattern, cutting and sewing services to the apparel industry. - Viable Systems, Inc. Products Offered: Providing CAD software services for the design of jacquard woven fabrics, embroidery digitizing software, and laser cutting and engraving machines for textiles.
Usages: This machine is mainly used to cut the mono or multi layer cow skin, sheep skin, plastics, leatheroid, textiles, etc. - Categories: textile dyeing machinestrip cutting machine Buy, sell textile products, yarns, fibers and used machines from various compani. - Used for cutting, milling, drilling, plotters, creasing, die cut, etc Machines widely used forGasket cuttingFabric CuttingTextile cuttingRubber CuttingPVC Board cuttingAcrylic sheet cuttingFoam Baord cuttingDie cuttingSticker cuttinglabel cuttingpla.
Automatic Roll Cutting Machines. - Detailed Product Description Features:1 Suitable for cutting vertical and diagonal strips with different widths of leather, plastic cement, 2 Suitable for industries like suitcases and bags, garment, shoes, headgear, swimwear and home textiles Specifications:1 Width:1, 700mm, Supplier: Junxin Machine Co.
Laser Cutting & Engraving in Fashion & Textiles Fashion & Textiles-Laser cutting technology is widely used in fashion & textiles, uses include cutting appliqués for embroidery, pattern cutting and engraving patterns into fabrics. - The Flat Bed Laser cutting machines are used for cutting patterns into Leather shoes and bags. Appliqué The embroidery industry have used laser cutters for many years for appliqué. Cut pieces of fabric can be incorporated into embroidery to reduce the amount of stitches in a design.
3 The Machines Adopted High Quality Zinc-Iron-Alloy Honeycomb Working. - Application Suitable For Cutting Roll-Stock Materials Such As Adhesive Tapes, Textiles, Foam, Rubber, Foil, Gaskets, Vinyl, Non-Woven, Glass Cloth, Silicone, PTFE, PSA, Plastics, DPC, Cork, Felt, Graphite, Protection Film, Protection Tape, Medical And Food Grade Applications Etc Feature 1 Main Driving Part: Taiwan AC. - Purpose: Used For Cutting Fabrics, Always Matched With Quilting Machines.
Spices Chemicals Garments Steel Human hair Stainless steel Bangalore Rice Valves Furniture Construction Handicrafts Machinery Chemical Tea Led Brass Food Delhi Leather Pump Agriculture Real estate Transformer Plastic Toys Valve Granite T-shirt Cosmetics Chennai Jewellery Sarees Electronics Fabrics Bitumen Water treatment plant Shirts Solar Rubber Exporters Garment Silk textiles Mumbai Salt Plywood Hyderabad Battery Saree Industrial supplies. - Ultrasonic Label/Textile Cutting And Sealing Machines:

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