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COGELME, Tortona, 15057, Italy

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Glass crushing, glass bottles grinding machine, Glass Crusher
Glass Crusher, Glass crushing machine


Haihong Accurate Machinery Co., Ltd, Foshan, 528300, China

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glass processing machine, glass carving machine, glass drilling machine, glass straight-line edging machine, glass straight round-edge grinder, glass straight-line beveling machine, glass straight-line doulbe edging machine, glass straight-line doulbe round


Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (accessories, additional equipment)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Machine f. glass a. ceramic industry (accessories, additional equipment) on the B2B-Portal

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Mining, metallurgical, foundering, ceramic and glass engineering. - Machines and equipment for the ceramic and glass industries Materials and components for mechanical engineering. - Glass and technical ceramic products, carbon components. - Machinery and accessories for the chemical industry. - Welding machines and additional materials Power engineering and heavy-current electrical engineering. - Machines and equipment for the electrical engineering industry?
Water Transfer Printing, Water Transfer Printing Machine. - Dongguan Woli Auto Equipment Fty. - Walnut and marble and geometrical design to decorate on many kinds of products like car interior accessories. - Glass, Ceramic. - It creates new color and new appearance on the printed product and enhances its additional value. - Industry. - We not only supply machines, But also design and make the automatic machines and independent machines according to your demand.
Dicing saws, For Industry. - And other sawing equipment. In additional to their industrial and R & D application. - UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools offers complete range of diamond saws, Equipment and accessories for cutting sawing advanced materials. - Ceramics, Glass. - Failure Analysis, As well as Industry. - A wide range of material sample holding fixtures/chucks are Available for this machine are easily interchangeable. - This machine was developed to provide accurate cutting of large diameter glass,
Glass and Ceramic Manufacturing >. - This 6-digit NAICS industry 327111 is under the hierarchy of Pottery, Ceramics, and Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing Industry 32711, Clay Product and Refractory Manufacturing Industry Group 3271, Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing Subsector 327, and the Manufacturing Sector 31-33 Its SIC equivalent code is:3261-Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and China and Earthenware Fittings and Bathroom Accessories. - Other Machine & Equipment. - Appendix C-Additional Links.
Machinery and Machining Tools. - Plant Furnishings and Accessories. - See more related product stories: SiC Ceramic helps extend semiconductor equipment life. - Glass-Ceramic Material is machinable with carbide tools. Ceramic Putty is rated to 3, 000F. Glass-Ceramic withstands temperatures to 700F. - This results in additional cost savings. - Glass Beads target electronics industry. SiC Ceramic helps extend semiconductor equipment life. - Aluminum Oxide is suited for disc drive industry.
Glass equipment; Glass fabricating. - Carolina Glassmasters is a glass fabricator located in the beautiful city of Mount Airy, NC and have been in the glass industry for over 20 years. - Accessories. - Crystex Composites is the manufacturer and distributor of Mykroy/Mycalex glass/mica ceramic. - Handling equipment and special process equipment to laminating and insulating, We offer a machine for every requirement. - Additional coatings. - Manufactures glass or glass ceramic tableware;
LYG DONGKUN INDUSTRY & TRADE CO. We are a manufacturing and trading company in industrial fie. - Wednesday the 22nd of September, 2010 LYG DONGKUN INDUSTRY & TRADE CO. - Steel balls, Glass balls, Copper balls, Ceramic balls. - Kinds of them for slewing of the machine instruction. - Electrical supply and accessories; Electrical control and components; Electrical equipment and accessories. - Additional Products & Services-This company is not currently listed under any Products or Services-Click here to update this entry.

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