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WOLF-Signiertechnik, Siegen, 57072, Germany

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Paints for almost all surfaces.


Marking color
Markings on horses usually are distinctive white areas on an otherwise dark base coat color. - Markings are present at birth and do not change over the course of the horse's life. - Markings may appear to change slightly when a horse grows or sheds its winter coat, however the difference is simply a factor of hair coat length, the underlying design does not change. - However, even for horses with coat colors that are arranged in a manner unique to each individual horse, these patterns are not called "markings.
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Marking color

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Utility Marking Colors. Depth of Utilities. Call Back Waiver. - APWA Uniform Color Code. Each JULIE member is responsible to mark their own underground facilities with paint or flags within the two 2 working day period required by law excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The following APWA Uniform Color Code illustrates the colors each utility will use when staking, painting and or flagging the location of a buried utility facility. UTILITY/TYPE OF PRODUCT. IDENTIFICATION COLOR. Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum.
Color marking supplier catalog - himfr. - Found 5003 color marking products. - It adopts cantilever type mechanism, light and precise. Its lengthways-printing. Categories:color pencilscolor steel China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Dalian Co. - It adopts cantilever type mechanism, is light and precise. Its lengthways-printing position is controlled by electronic device and can be adjusted discretionarily. Moreover it uses advanced dry ink roller for printing which has several colors for cho.
This site is devoted to news about laser marking materials and their burgeoning applications. - Tuesday, February 17, 2009 New Metal Marking Colors from CerMark. - These are just some examples of what you can do with our new Metal Marking Products we will be launching. - Science has left the Laser Marking Materials group. - This blog was created by Marketing Communications Inc in association with CerMark laser marking systems as a forum for sharing laser marking information, industry news and trends.
Red/White-danger: fire protection equipment and obstructions. Black/White-boundaries: traffic and housekeeping areas.· Warning Stripe Tape rolls have a choice of 2" or 3" width and 108' length. Marking Color Floor Tape Applications. - · Specialty Marking Tape solid colors available as a special order: Blue-safety information, equipment location warnings. Green-location of safety equipment, first aid, emergency egress routes. Orange-unguarded machine hazards, dangerous machine parts.
Show oldest first Show newest first Use these links to change discussion display options. Pavement Marking Marking Marking Marking Marking Marking colors. - Pavement Markings. - Roadway, with the exception of white pavement edge and parking stall markings, shall be 'highway yellow'. - The 1935 MUTCD also defined some pavement markings. - The invention of lane markings is generally credited to an American physician, Dr. June McCarroll.
Color marking arrows - 2, 487 results from 185 stores, including Reflective Color Marking Arrows 3 ORANGE 50 Per Roll, Reflective Color Marking Arrows 2 RED 50 Per Roll, Reflective Color Marking Arrows 2 GREEN 50 Per Roll, Reflective Color Marking Arrows 3 YELLOW 50 Per Roll, Reflective Color Marking Arrows 2" RED 50 Per Roll, Visible Solid Color Marking Arrows, 2 ORANGE, and more. - *The marking tape is 'energized' by any light source-the longer exposure to light, the longer glow time.

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