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MHV-Trading UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Marl, 45768, Germany

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Material and equipment containing pcb
Eurotech's acknowledged technical skills enable the company to tackle and solve a wide range of activities involving the safe management and disposal, by high temperature incineration, of PCB liquids and PCB contaminated materials. - We also remove capacitors and transformers containing PCBs. For effective disposal of transformers and large capacitors it is necessary to reduce the overall size of the equipment.
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Material and equipment containing pcb (disposal)

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8 5 Personal Protective Equipment. - NSW Electrical PMP 02 Requirements for Handling & Disposal of Material containing PCB 1 Introduction 1 1 Summary of Definitions Current NSW legislation regards materials containing quantities of PCB of 50 mg/kg or more to constitute a health and environmental risk and so defines them as a controlled substance. - 3 Records of Work A database listing all equipment identified as containing PCB at levels of 2 mg/kg or more, must be maintained.
The present publication aims to provide practical assistance to those responsible for PCB-containing transformers and capacitors, as countries work towards safe management and eventual disposal of this equipment. - Guidelines for Identification of PCBs and Materials Containing PCBs First Issue August 1999!
B All PCB containing equipment which is not in use should be stored in sealed containers. - D Further importation of PCB containing material and equipment should be banned effective October 30, 1993 e The JPSCo should consider providing a service to other smaller holders of PCBs with respect to collection, storage and preparation for disposal on terms to be agreed on by the JPSCo and the parties involved;and with the approval of the NRCA.
This paper addresses identification of PCB-containing electrical equipment, alternatives to PCB dielectrics, storage, and disposal. - 4 Fluorescent Light Ballast Fluorescent light ballasts Typical fluorescent light ballasts Fig. 4 manufactured before May 31, 1979, contain a small capacitor buried in the tar or asphalt potting material filling the ballast that functions as an insulator. - Personal protective equipment and cleanup materials may be contaminated with PCBs and require proper disposal.
Contact Officer Manager, OHS and Worker. - 2 Scope This procedure applies to all UNSW facilities and operations where equipment containing PCB material is used or stored. - With a major spill there may be an inhalation risk and in such cases local exhaust ventilation may need to be employed 4 2 Disposal of PCB Waste The table below outlines the procedure to be followed depending on the material containing the PCB. - S EPA Licenced Waste Removal Contractor who will responsible for safe disposal.
Our services include the remediation and abatement of all types of hazardous materials including asbestos, mould, lead, PCBs, mercury, arsenic and guano. - Asbestos We offer comprehensive solutions for your asbestos removal and asbestos abatement project needs including removal, abatement and disposal of all forms of asbestos containing materials including transite, tile, roof, insulation, mastic, siding, etc. - We provide flooring removal services using the latest ride-on flooring removal and shot blasting equipment.

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