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Werth Messtechnik GmbH, Gießen, 35394, Germany

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Measuring machine
As an independent trader we are able to offer the best measuring machine that suits your application. - CMMs are available either as simple manual measuring machines or more sophisticated CNC Computer Numerical Control types. - Which is best for you is dependent upon your application, please either give us a call or send an enquiry via email for advice. Why buy a CMM from Midland Metrology Ltd? As an independent trader we have built up a vast range of experience from the supply of used measuring machines.
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Measuring machine (unclassified)

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The Microstar series of coordinate measuring machines are traditional moving bridge types constructed with intrinsic mechanical accuracy that guarantees precision derived from the structure without software error mapping. - The Axium is a 4-axis automatic shaft measuring machine suited for crankshaft inspection in production on the factory floor. - Horizontal arm units, capable of measuring large envelopes at acceptable accuracies are used mainly for large auto body parts, large weldments, etc.
ITP Group design, manufacture and install all aspects of your coordinate measuring machine in-house-whether it be a client specific design or one of our many industry standard CMMs. That way you'll always know that you're receiving the machine that's right for your business. - Pre-owned CMMs can also be increased in measuring capacity where applicable. - ITP Group have the in-house facilities to develop retrofit packages for your existing coordinate measuring machine-regardless of the original CMM manufacturer.
Looking for the latest co-ordinate measuring machine-related news. - Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine An Engineeringtalk guide Start with the news release Motion control products for demanding applications from Inmoco, which we summarised at the time by saying "Inmoco's new Elmo Gold Line range of motion products is ideal for motion control applications in the semiconductor production, robotics, medical, avionics, laboratory automation and printing sectors.
Side opening, Heavy duty, multi-purpose measuring machine which accepts materials up to 76mm 3 0in diameter. - The shaft that supports the measuring wheel revolves in a double ball race which is mounted in the pivot arm. - 2610 Measuring machine-SIDE ENTRY MACHINEWheel type-Select & add code to 2610-1 for polyurethane covered wheel. 2 for plain aluminium wheel. 3 for knurled aluminium wheel. Counter/encoder type-Select & add code to 2610-X? 32 for mechanical display. Unit of measurement-Select & add code to 2610-X32?
Trumeter measuring machines for cable measurement. Register Log In. Returning Customers. Click here to log in. Home. Products. My Account. Support. Knowledge. News. Contact. - Tecni-Cable have sourced some of the the best cable & material measuring machines from Trumeter, a world leader in measurement technology for measurement of cable, rope & other flat materials. Please contact us if you do not see the item that you require. - Suitable for all Trumeter machines fitted with electronic encoders. Price:£185 40 – £210 15 Excl.

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