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Deutsche van Rietschoten & Houwens GmbH, Hannover, 30179, Germany

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Mechanical brake
Designer, manufacturer and marketer of electronic and mechanical industrial power transmission products including gear motors, jaw coupling, variable speed drives, bushings and sheaves. - The SALDET Sales & Service line of AMBI-TECH electronic motor brakes are a low cost and efficient alternative to mechanical brakes. - Short-Stop™ A – Electronic Motor Brake, contactor. - Short-Stop™ D – Electronic Motor Brake, Solid State, 1 to 350HP. - Chipper-Stopper™ – Electronic Motor Brake for high inertia load applications.
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Mechanical brake

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To this day, the Avid BB5 MTB Mechanical Disc Brake continues to attract all types of riders who crave the simplicity and elegant function of the world's best cable-actuated brake. It's more powerful and is easier to set up than any mechanical disc ever. The BB5 offers Avid's Tri-Align Calliper Positioning System, tool-free pad replacement, a melt-forged body and one inboard pad adjustment knob. One try and you'll wonder if they are really entry-level brakes. Compatible with all Avid V-brake levers.
This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the Avid® mechanical brake systems. For information on the disc rotor mounting and service, see Rotor Mounting and Serivce. - The brake pads are housed in the caliper and are forced into the rotor. - Disc brakes can be effective in wet weather where mud, dirt and water are a concern in braking. - Brake pads for both mechanical and hydraulic systems are available in various compounds. Generally, a softer resin material will tend to squeal less.
Avid Ball Bearing 7 Mechanical Disc Brake 2009. - Avids 2009 ball bearing 7 mechanical disc brake.
Rubber Grips. Sports Bar Grips. Lock On Grips. V Brakes. Levers. Calipers. Disc Brakes. - Hydraulic Brakes. - Road Brake Pads. MTB/V Type. Gold. Hose Kits. Shimano Hoses. Magura Hoses. Avid Hoses. Hayes Hoses. - CMD-7 Mechanical Brake. CMD-8 Mechanical Brake. CMD-9 Mechanical Brake. Site Map. OEM. - Mechanical Brakes. Grips. After Market. Disc Pads. Brake Pads. Cables & Wires. Hoses.
Also find other Wholesale brakes, air brakes, automotive brakes, disc brakes, electric brakes, hydraulic brakes, pneumatic brakes, press brakes, trailer brakes. Global b2b industrial & engineering marketplace which connects buyers with worldwide suppliers in over 220 countries, quickly and cost effectively. - River City Plastic Inc. Leading manufacturers and fabricators of mechanical brakes, plastic brakes and brake parts. - Deals in all kinds of press brakes and mechanical presses. Address: Via Caduit Del Lavoro 1, Z.
Welcome to the premier industrial Mechanical Brakes resource. - Brakes are available in torque ranges of 1 lbs. To 50 lbs. - Http Profile: Custom manufacturer of mechanical safety brakes. - Http Profile: Distributor of a wide variety of brakes & clutches. The Rowland Co. - Types of brakes include precision, hysteresis, failsafe & industrial type open frame. Brakes are also suitable for constant tension, slip-type & agricultural.

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