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Diamabt Metallplastic GmbH, Mönchengladbach, 41238, Germany

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Dichtol capillary metal impregnation and sealing without pressure, without vacuum, easy to apply on the spot, plastic metal cold welding, moglice mouldable sliding layer, DWH Justierbelag, MM1018 stock installation, ultra-metal, multi-metal, and many othe


Metallurgical auxiliary equipment
Auxiliary Equipment Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems. - Metallurgical Waste Heat The design of the Foster Wheeler Waste Heat Boiler WHB is unique, designed to cool the hot process gases from the non-ferrous pyrometallurgical furnaces, or similar processes. Heat is recovered for power generation for drying, heating, and other purposes. - We have sold over 100 WHB units around the world for the non-ferrous metallurgical industry.
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Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (other)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Metallurgical auxiliary equipment (other) on the B2B-Portal www.bridge2b.net

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Product of Our Company: Series of cold, hot rolling mill, continuous/semi-continuous rolling production line of wire, production of stainless steel wire, strip;Two rollers, four rollers cold or hot rolling mill unit;Alteration of rolling workshop;Metallurgical auxiliary equipment and accessories. Export Country of The Bearing Rolling Equipment: India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ecuador, Iran, Pakistan, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and areas. - Also rolling Other varieties ¡¯ profiles.
METALLURGICAL. - Other 6 3 2 4 Oil and gas combustion boilers 6 3 2 5 Industrial recovery boilers Nuclear technology 6 3 2 6 Industrial waste combustion boilers 6 6 1 Components of nuclear equipment 6 6 2 Equipment for auxiliary nuclear plants 6 3 2 7 Industrial biomass-fired boilers 6 3 2 7 1 Industrial wood residue combustion boilers 6 6 99 Nuclear technology?
Although theequipment industry provides busic mechanical equipment needed in metallurgical production units as well as auxiliary equipment forof related materials-handling processes, various other industries provide equipment for the intensification of metallurgical processes, compressors, oxygen-generating facilities, and refractories.
1 3 metallurgical auxiliary machinery and equipment FOB Business Forum. - *J2a, V VFOB Business Forum3 Metallurgical equipment for electrical, electronic measuring and control equipment, instrumentation and data processing techniques business forum, trade forum, business opportunity, Business China, Business India, Brazil business/IgS'E. - 4 Metallurgical raw materials ore, coke and other supporting materials9c6f#E'U5g7?
When supplying hardware and software we can use equipment manufactured by us as well as any other equipment offered by the Customer. - Or when constructing petrochemical and metallurgical productions it is possible to provide a unified data processing system. - It is aimed for collecting and processing data from primary and auxiliary flow meters. - However programmable logical controllers by some other manufacturers can be used as control units.
Auxiliary Support Equipment VacuMet® Dust Removal System 16-3100-160 VacuMet Dust Removal System is designed for removal of particulate matter produced by dry grinding. - Copper and other metals. - Call Toll-Free 1-800-BUEHLER 1-800-283-4537 Effective 2008 Auxiliary Support Equipment ElectroMet® Etcher 70-1710 ElectroMet® Etcher is designed to prepare metallurgical and petrographic materials for microstructural analysis. - Polishing compounds and other contaminants,

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