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Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., repair, uncl.) - All Countries

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        •  Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., repair, uncl.)  (1 Company)




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Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge foundry
The principal plant, the only one with rolling mill facilities, is Amurstal, in Komsomol'sk. - Dolomite is supplied by the Pctrovsk-Zabaykal'sk Metallurgical Plan. - Consist ofedium plalcight plateheetot-dip tinplateteel foundry, an iron foundry, orge and stamping shop. - Assuming both estimates to be correct, 0 tons could be accounted for in manufactured items and steel used in capital construction and repair. - The forge shop is equipped withon hammer andon hammers, forge shafts, and other parts for mining machinery.
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Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., repair, uncl.)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Metallurgical plant, rolling mill, forge a. foundry (compl., repair, uncl.) on the B2B-Portal

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Commissioning of automation systems and electric drives for a new welded pipe-making rolling mill. - Major repair of horizontal hardening furnace. - Metallurgical holding JSC, Revdinsky hardware-metallurgical plant. - Public unitary enterprise Foundry-rolling plant. - Reconstruction of electric drives of foil-rolling mill stands. - Elaboration of circuit diagrams and software for automated control system of pump-and-accumulator station, servicing a forge complex of “SKODA” company.
OTTO JUNKER GmbH Manufacturer of high-grade castings as well as equipment for the foundry and semi-finished product industries OTTO JUNKER GmbH's high-grade steel foundry produces high-alloy sand castings from iron, nickel and cobalt-based materials-as cast, pre-machined or finished-with gross weights ranging from a few kilograms to a maximum of 10, 000 kg. - Foundry and forging plants. - Form foundries and forge companies as well as. - Rolling mill Charging machines. - Repairs. - OTTO JUNKER Metallurgical Equipment.
MILLER & CO. - Mould production presses, Tools for core production and other foundry equipment. - Steel industry, Rolling mill furnaces. - MOGILEV METALLURGICAL WORKS JSC, BELARUS-one of the largest metallurgical plants in Belarus. - Forged pieces and other products before and after thermal treatment. - Repairs and design changes of patterns in accordance with technology of various foundries. - NEW ZEALAND-supplier of products and services to the foundry industry-foundry machinery,
Drawing plant, Cold rolling mill and hardening shop. Steel and Alloy Processing Ltd. - Manufacture of crankshafts, Tools including metal machining tools and forged cold. Superior Forge and Steel Corp. - Manufacturer of galvanized wire; Hot rolling lamina; Prestress stranded steel wire. - S. Foundry and Manufacturing C. - Production, Sale and transportation of steel mill products. - Manufacturing: Holding company with interests in the metallurgical sector. - Provider of shop and field welded repair, Replacement or refurbishment of.
Related Products INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS MACHINE SHOP, JOBBING & REPAIR PRESSES: Hydraulic PLATES: Truss. - Presses, Hydraulic & pneumatic, Mechanical & man; Balls: Paint mill. - Consulting service: Engineering; Laboratories, Testing: Metallurgical. - Manufactures sheet metal forming machines Metal forming machinery and accessories, Metal bending machines, Metal rolling machines, Forging machines. - Plant Machinery Inc Houston. - Electric; Computers: Forklift; Cranes: Foundry. - Cutting die, Die casting die, Fine blanking die, Forge die,
Slabbing Mill transforms ingots into slabs by rolling them in its 1250 mm Universal Four-High Mill. - In addition to shop-based maintenance wings for running repairs and maintenance. - The Merchant Mill of Durgapur Steel Plant utilises billets for rolling TMT bars and other merchant rounds. - Machining of these forged rolled and heat-treated wheel blanks are carried out in the 15 CNC machines. - The Foundry produces Ingot moulds and bottom plates for the steel melting shop. - Metallurgical and other tests.

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