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Technolab GmbH, Berlin, 13507, Germany

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Microscopy, micro analytics
Electrochemical and Micro Engineering Centre for Research in Electrochemical Science and Technology The electrochemical and micro engineering group is housed in the CREST laboratory which has recently undergone a £750K refurbishment to our specification. - State of the art facility for electrochemical research. - Optical microscopy, Atomic force microscopy and electrochemical instrumentation for biochemical analysis. - Fuel cell development and biophotovoltaic device development. - Laser Analytics.
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Microscopy, micro analytics (research and development)

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The Laser Analytics Group at the University of Cambridge develops modern laser spectroscopic methods to visualise and quantify dynamic chemical processes in applications ranging from environmental and process sensing to biomedical applications. - Microscopy and Bioimaging From LAGWiki Redirected from Micro and Nanoscale Diagnostics. - A major effort is invested in the development of techniques for the study of protein-protein interactions. - The techniques are also used for research into molecular assembly,
Com A microscopy resource for educators and enthusiasts. - World-Wide Web Virtual Library:Microscopy all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy. - Search Analytics. - From the site: OME is developed as a joint project between research-active labs at the. - Com Describes software, hardware, training, and custom development. - Scanning Tunneling Microscopy gallery of metal surfaces, generated at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA. - Moree microscopy micro-CT.
Dan Cooper has provided leadership in the development of analytical testing and environmental consulting services since 1974 His experi­ence encompasses investigation. - He is especially adept in providing Legal Investigative and Research Services. - Legal investigative and research services and environmental management of hundreds projects. - And he is an integral part of the Micro-Analytics team. - Microscopy of Dust Spores and Pollen. - Home Services Meet Our Staff Notable Clients Contact Us 2008 Micro-Analytics Inc.
The research interests of the Laser Analytics Group lie in the development and application of fluorescence based imaging techniques for the study of chemistry in a wide range of systems. - Micro and Nanoscale Diagnostics. Using microscopic techniques such as Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer FRET and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy FLIM and dynamic imaging we can study chemistry and molecular transport directly within the living cell.
Development Responsibilities: Establish marketing and strategic plans Prospecting. - Media planning and buying, analytics, search engine marketing, and creativemore. - Media planning and buying, analytics, search engine marketing, and creative-more. - Background and deep technical expertise in SEM, TEM, Light Microscopy, and sample. Research equipment concentrated in this laboratory includes a Hitachi S5200 cryo-SEM/STEM. - In addition knowledge of micro-fabrication tools such as PVD, more.
Web analytics. - Media planning and buying, Analytics. - Light Microscopy, And sample. Research equipment concentrated in this laboratory includes a Hitachi S5200 cryo-SEM/STEM. - Photomask design skills using AutoCAD and GYM GL1 tool is required. In addition knowledge of micro-fabrication tools such as PVD. - And. A minimum of 5-7 years of previous online marketing experience and site development/manage. - Market research and formulating. - R&D-PhD Electron Microscopy Sci.

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