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Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH, Dörfles-Esbach, 96487, Germany

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Chiron-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Tuttlingen, 78532, Germany

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D'Cunha Industrie-Maschinenhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Celle, 29223, Germany

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Milling a. boring centre (machine tool)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Milling a. boring centre (machine tool) on the B2B-Portal

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CNC milling and boring machines. - For machining of larger components up to 90 and 85mm 125mm option available, the MNC 500 and MNC 1000 range of SingleTurn and MultiTurn turning centres are heavy duty machine tools with 12-fold turrets and driven tools delivers a true sense of complete machining. - The group includes Pegard Productics, Balliu, ABC Diesels-both based in Belgium-and KBB in Dresden, Germany. Pegard productics builds very large, precision horizontal boring and milling centres.
Milling, boring, routing machines-manual and CNC a sub category of Machine Tools: Cutting Add this sub-category to My Alerts. - Goratu miller machines large workpieces Goratu has developed the Lagun model GML movable mounting milling machine for the machining of large and irregular-shaped parts. - Duotech utilises XYZ bed mill and turning centre XYZ Machine Tools has supplied a CNC/manual 7 5hp, 5, 000rev/min SMX 5000 bed mill and a full CNC 20hp, 5, 000rev/min Compact Turn 52 turning centre to Duotech.
MTD deliver daily news about CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Machine Tools. - This section includes various types of CNC Machinery including CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, CNC Machining Centres, Turning Machines, EDM Machines, Boring Machines, Gear Cutting equipment and Fabrication Machinery. - Tooling suppliers promote their current special offers on tooling for CNC Lathes, Machining Centres, EDM Machines, Boring Machines, Turning Machines, Grinding Machines and various other Machine Tools.
Machine Tools Imported We are engaged in supplying Machine Tools Imported, which are procured from authentic vendors of the industry. - Our range of machine tools includes cnc vertical lathes, cnc heavy duty lathes, cnc horizontal boring & milling machines, cnc centre lathes, cnc cylindrical grinders, plate bending machines, double column milling machines, high speed milling machines, die spotting presses, radial drilling machines and section bending machines.
Import & export. England, UK. Budget Machinery deals in new & used metal cutting machine tools-Vertical borers. - Surface grinders, Special grinders, Lathes, Milling machines. - Milling machine specification. - Spindle centre to column max. - Dividing head with index plates, Overarm & support brackets, Spiral milling gearbox. - Clamping set, Selection of 40 taper back ends, Selection of 40 taper collets, Wolhaupter automatic boring & facing head with tool holders & tools. - Tool cabinet, Drip tray,
CnC Press Brakes. CnC Vertical Boring Mills. Gantry Type Mills. Horizontal Machining Centres. - Harp SMTCL Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines. Harp SMTCL TPX6111B Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine. - Harp SMTCL TPX6211 Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine. Harp SMTCL Horizontal Maching Center HMC40/50/63/80 Series. Harp SMTCL Horizontal Maching Center HMC100B/120B/140B. - Tel 27 11 918 5138 . Specifications subject to change without prior notice. 2009 Harp Machine Tools.
TPH MACHINE TOOLS - Private Sale, from IEM the A-Z for industrial buying and selling. - & Construction. Office & Commercial Equipment. Industrial Machinery Equipment & Supplies. Transportation & Farming. Storage, Handling & Distribution. Plant, Truck & Commercial Vehicles. - Tools, Products and Equipment. - Milling & Boring Stock No. - Huron Milling Machine Universal Motorised Overarm 5242 3650. - Cincinatti Arrow 750 Vertical Maching Centre 4783 12500. - Colchester Triumph 2000 Centre Lathe 7 5" Centre height x 50" BC 5190 3750.

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