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FJ-TEC Industriebedarf, Weimar / Lahn, 35096, Germany

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We offer you custom or amendments of standard products in Kunstsoffbereich according to your individual needs.


JMP Plast, Zalužice, 072 34, Slovak Republic

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Thermo plast and Thermosetts of all kinds. Machines with clamping force from 50 T up to 1200 T


Molded part (plastic, other, packing material)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Molded part (plastic, other, packing material) on the B2B-Portal www.bridge2b.net

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Molded Plastic Container. - Other Article of Plastic. - Not Article of Plastic for the Conveyance or Packing of Goods. - Among other things, Articles of plastic for the conveyance or packing of goods. - Of sheeting of plastics, Of textile materials. - State that the expression "similar containers" in the first part includes hat boxes. - The molded plastic container is made from molded plastic and cannot be considered for classification under the second portion of heading 4202,
Manufacturers and Dealers Of INJECTION MOULDINGS, Bucket Handles, Injection Molded Parts, Plastic Bobbins, Plastic Injection Moulding, Plastic Preforms From India. - AITEM OF PLASTIC BAGS AND ALL TYPE OF PACKING MATERIAL. - Engineering Plastics, Moulding Parts And Casted P. - Investment Casting Dies, Pressure Die Casting Dies, Injection Moulding Dies, Forging Dies & Other Pr. - Of Injection Mould Articles Like Plastic Parts for Drip Irrigation, Plastic Container for Packi. - Refer Our Other , nasikbusiness.
Shenzhen Xingyide Plastic Products Co. - Contact Us Shenzhen Xingyide Plastic Products Co. Ltd. - Country/Region: China. We are professional bakelite molded parts, bakelite injection molding, phenolic molding, thermoset molded parts Manufacturer. - Supply Bakelite Molded Parts. Post Date:2010-3-22. - Material: RoHS compliant Bakelite PF or other thermoset plastics. Packing: seaworthy packing. - We are are capable of manufacturing manifold thermoset plastic parts and accessories in accordance with customers requirement.
Discover a thorough listing of V Cup Packing Distributors and Manufacturers. See a quote. - Gaskets: Molded. - More than precision fabricated plastic parts. - Material packing and handling, Material handling services. - Manufactures candy & other confectionery products; Manufactures chocolate & cocoa products Chocolate and sugars and sweetening products. - Manufactures rubber seals, Rubber & plastic molded parts. - Commercial flexographic printing; Manufactures foamed plastic packaging & shipping materials Bottles,
Related Products PACKING: Red Sheet, Rubber RUBBER PRODUCTS: Oil & Gas Field Machinery, Mechanical TIPS: Rubber PACKINGS: Engine, High & Low Pressure, Steam, Hydraulic, Ammonia, etc. - Suppliers of open or closed cell foam, molded parts, bands and clamps, and a wide variety of fittings, couplings, and ends for all requirements. Fabricators of custom molded rubber parts and components. - Other services include: die-cutting, strip, circle cut and hand cut gaskets in most rubber, plastic, and non-asbestos materials.
Company Profile: Manufacturer of molded, extruded, die cut & dipped rubber & plastic parts in all elastomers. - Seal parts & replacement seals are also available. - Company Profile: Manufacturer & distributor of die molded packing materials including braided flexible graphite packing & plastic injection packing. Braided flexible graphite packing is available in styles to seal rotary & reciprocating pumps, valves, wellheads & other applications for OEM products & industrial plant.
Plastic Products - manufacturer , supplier - Shenzhen Yesheng Plastic Packing Co. - All Categories: Select Category Automotive Parts Bottles Car Speakers Packing Material & Containers of Plastic Plastic Products Water Pumps. - We also custom other blow mould. - Custom blow molded peoducts blow molded peoducts We are a manufacturer, custom manufacturer and exporter of blow molded products in China.

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