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Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH, Bisingen, 72406, Germany

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With the ability of our field service you will receive support in installing and removing the spindle of your machine. This will save you much time and trouble. Of course, we take your spindle after mounting it into operation.


Motorized Spindles
What is a motorized spindle. - The motorized spindle unit is generally the preferred design option for high-speed, high-power systems and medium and high performance machine tools. - Motorized spindles are used in all types of machine tool applications, including grinding, drilling, milling, turning and boring. - A motorized spindle either has an internal motor installed into the system or an external motor outside the system to provide torque and power. - Different models of motorized spindles have different features.
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Motorized Spindles

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The SETCO 2700/2800 series motorized spindles are designed for surface grinding applications;such as planers, lathes, vertical boring mills, and vertical turret lathes. The 2700 series is a bracket mount design, while the 2800 series features a foot mounted design. Both models are ruggedly designed for lasting trouble-free performance. - The Closed-Loop CNC Motorized Smart spindles provide the ultimate in reliability and precision machining in today s machine tools.
Motorized Milling Spindles - Offers information on motorized milling spindles, motor-driven milling spindles along with features and buying tips of motorized milling spindles. - Integrated motor design eliminates the problems of gears and pulleys. The rotary motion in such spindles is accomplished by means of a torque motor as direct drive. High speed milling. High overall rigidity.
High Performance Spindles. - 6100 Series Motorized Spindle The 6100 Series is offered in seven sizes motor frame size, three designs for Boring, Milling and Grinding applications, and a large variety of horsepower and speed combinations. Models are available with non-ventilated, ventilated, and liquid cooled models for high-power and/or/severe operating conditions exist. The 6100 motorized spindle is a workhorse spindle and will deliver years of trouble-free performance. - Motorized Spindles MCS Series.
Motorized Spindles Driving an air bearing spindle without introducing error requires integrating a motor with the bearing. - Whether you perform memory-disk research, generate aspheric optics, or build liquid-mirror telescopes, Professional Instruments Company has a motorized air bearing spindle that will suffice. - The motorized ISO spindle design is capable of 60, 000 rpm with the high-accuracy/high-stiffness combination that is our specialty.
MiTi Developments Vol. 21 January 2005 HIGH-SPEED, OIL-FREE, MOTORIZED SPINDLE Oil-Free Motor Driven Compressor MiTi® can customize this motorized spindle design to accommodate needs and optimize performance for Immediate and enthusiastic industry acceptance of the individual applications. - The first motorized spindles, supported by compliant foil gas bending critical speed of 42, 000 rpm. Over a year of bearings. - Figure 3 MiTi® 32 kW Motorized Spindle Components ® Figure 4 Cross section and end views of MiTi®?
, ltd is one of the leading chinese companies who have specialized in the design and manufacture of Motorized Spindle Systems. - Anyang general international co. Ltd is one of the leading chinese companies who have specialized in the design and manufacture of Motorized Spindle Systems. - Liquid Motive And Strangnant Oil Film Spindle. Strop Spindles For Woodworking Carver And Miller. - High Speed Spindle Motors For Machine Centre. Electric Spindles For Woodworking. Feed Milling Machinery Cold Feed Extruder.

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