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Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, 75438, Germany

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Multifunctional, urological Workplaces
Worlds first installation of UROSKOP Omnia is a success: In April 2010, the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany put Siemens new multifunctional urology workstation into operation. - The right system at the right time With UROSKOP Omnia, Siemens Healthcare expands its high-end portfolio in the market of X-ray-based urology workplaces and thus, emphasizes its worldwide leading market position. - Unrestricted patient access from all four sides for any urological application.
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Multifunctional, urological Workplaces

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Multifunctional, urological Workplaces on the B2B-Portal

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Indd 4 02 02 2010 10:29:17 Uhr The Gold Standard Surgical Workplaces ALPHAMAXX 3 MEETING ALL REQUIREMENTS THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL OPERATING TABLE ALPHAMAXX MAQUET. - The C-arm can be used over the entire urogenital tract in urological procedures.
Today, UROSKOP® Access remains System highlights the only urological system on the market that offers free patient access. - As it covers virtually? Outstanding integration of endos-every urological application. - Ce place MultiModality Workplaces PC/Laptop HIS/RIS PACS PACS Reading Archive Workstation Bene. - Nearly every urological procedure has become safer and more comfortable for both patient and physician. - Storage area 14 for endoscopic units Comfortable hand-held control Multifunctional foot switch 15?
Direct digital radiography systems to convert x-rays into electrical signals and to create image; Multifunctional and custom patient monitoring instruments used for calculating electrocardiogram. - Needle and syringes, Vascular therapy, Urological care. - MAQUET has three specialty Divisions: Surgical Workplaces-Equipment for surgical workplaces Critical Care-Workstations for intensive care Cardiopulmonary-Workstations for open-heart surgery The MAQUET organization is to be found all over the world,
Indd 5 22 07 2009 13:55:35 Uhr 6 ALPHASTAR Surgical Workplaces EASY CLICK AND JOINT ADAPTER ACCESSORIES FOR UNLIMITED MODULARITY Multifunctional: The modular design of the table top is the permits additional positioning and surgical possibilities. - Indd 6 22 07 2009 13:55:37 Uhr Surgical Workplaces ALPHASTAR 7 Socket-mounted adaptation of supporting arms. - Anatomically correct patient positioning for gynaecological and urological procedures.
Development of multifunctional operating theatre and long-stay-patient ward for war veterans. - Traumatology 81 5 76 and Reconstructive Surgery Urological Department 28 28 Gynaecological Department 26 26 Ophthalmology Clinic 25 25 ENT Clinic 49 5 44 Neurology Department 46 6 40 Dermatology-Venerology 25 25 Department Rehabilitation and Nursing After-care 42 42 Department Psychiatric department 40 40 IN TOTAL 684 76 521 42 45 Survey of outpatient departments: Survey of workplaces of the complement:

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