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  •  Office products, facilities and technics, papeterie
    •  Paper, foil, packing materials (office)
      •  Office film  (1 Company), Hamburg, 22081, Germany

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Office film
It was filmed at Mosfilm and released in 1977 The film's plot is based on the stageplay "Co-workers" Russian translit. - Office Romance was the leader of Soviet film distribution in 1978 and still enjoys wide popularity in the former Soviet republics. - 12 Ryazanov worried that Friendlich would not be able to come to Moscow for shooting of the film because of stage performances and rehearsals she was busy with in her native Leningrad.
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Office film

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Office Space originated from writer/director Mike Judge's first animated short of the same name, created in 1991 The short was about Milton reproduced in the film by Stephen Root, a damaged office drone whose complaints and threats about his sufferings go unheeded. - This mild sense of humor, along with Judge's keen awareness of how the daily grind of office work can drive people a little crazy, makes Office Space an accessible, entertaining satire.

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