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Regart, Moskva, 109202, Russia

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Office film
If you are looking for a location or you need some advice about where to shoot in Lewisham simply call the Lewisham film office on 0845 833 1523 and speak to someone who has in-depth knowledge of the borough. Alternatively, browse the photo library at FilmFixer for a location that might suit your script. Click the logo below to see the locations. If you find something you like, call the Lewisham film office to check availability. - Southern exposure is looking for films to fund!
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Office film (unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Office film (unclassified) on the B2B-Portal

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The Eames Office is committed to communicating, preserving, and extending the legacy and work of Charles and Ray Eames. This website should be considered an ongoing resource for many images, products, and text unavailable elsewhere. - In addition, Eames Office productions since that time are also included in this database. - Volume 2 of the Eames Films contains three films that are absolutely key to any meaningful understanding of the Eames work: Tocatta for Toy Trains, Blacktop, and House: after 5 years of living.
Welcome to the official website of the Maryland Film Office. As an arm of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, our mission is to attract film and video production to film on-location in the state of Maryland. Our goal is to make the process of filming in Maryland as easy as possible. - Maryland has a deep crew base experienced in every guild and trade. Over 650 IATSE members, over 3000 SAG members, and film sensitive teamsters all make Maryland the place you're shooting for.
Brent Council - Film locations. - Brent Film Office Welcome to Brent-a diverse and dynamic London borough. We are the home of Wembley and the place to really experience multi-cultural London. - The architectural styles range from Victorian terrace to country cottages and thatched houses. We have award-winning parks, lush countryside, film-friendly housing estates, rivers and canals. - Ben Carter Lovely Locations". Brent Film Office is extremely accommodating, particularly with parking requests for large drama units.
Site of the London Borough of Newham Film Office, facilitating filmmaking and photography in the borough. - Film Extras Now Available! Newham Film Office is pleased to announce we can now assist productions in casting extras for shoots. - We're here to help you film properly and safely on roads, and there's plenty of information here on traffic holds, road closures etc. - A store of all past articles and features that have appeared here on the Newham Film Office website.
Get information on current UK cinema & box office listings. Read all the latest film and movie information from Time Out London. - Updates: Check out our new film home page and let us know what you think! Harmony Korine discusses his largely pornographic DVD collection: TO film desker Tom Huddleston is hosting a screening of THE SWEET SMELL OF."Tonight, we dine in Valhalla. - "I saw a Rohmer film once. It was kinda like watching paint dry." Hackman in. Search Which film would you like to see?
This list is constantly changing so contact us for an up to date picture. Film Liaison West London Film Office won't stop at helping you find your location, we can also arrange your parking, advise on traffic control measures, arrange wet downs and advise on Health & Safety. - This covers filming on local authority owned and managed sites including highway in all boroughs controlled by West London Film Office. All production units are required to sign a copy of the contract before filming can go ahead.

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