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API Schmidt-Bretten GmbH & Co. KG, Bretten, 75015, Germany

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Sealed and gasketed plate heat exchangers


Oil cooler
The tasks of engine oils are to lubricate, to cool and to prohibit corrosion. If the oil runs at too high a temperature the properties deteriorate, the consequence is excessive wear, reduced life expectancy and in the worst case excessively high oil temperatures which can lead to engine failure. - The oil ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide air ways. - A Mocal oil cooler is supplied with the oil unions brazed to the cooler.
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Oil cooler

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Welcome to Think Automotive-the home of Mocal Oil coolers and components Think Automotive was founded in 1967 We produce the MOCAL oil cooling equipment which is available from the world's leading vehicle performance equipment resellers. Our success in marketing our own products has led to us being asked to distribute the Setrab and Laminova range of oil coolers, together with a large range of ancillary products.
A car oil cooler cools the engine oil and can get damaged or just suffer from old-age and start leaking oil. If your car is leaking oil you are running the risk of damaging the engine and needing an expensive repair job so don’t put off replacing your oil cooler, get a new one. Ar Aaron Radiator Co we stock many types of cooler, including many hard to find units like Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Suzuki bandit oil coolers.
HEL Brake Lines - Stainless Steel Performance Car Brake Line And Brake Hose Kits Manufactured to the highest possible industry standards : Oil Coolers. - UNIVERSAL OIL COOLER GRILLE-13 ROW Available for 13 row oil coolers, this highly polished stainless steel grille is designed to enhance the looks of your. - UNIVERSAL OIL COOLER GRILLE-19 ROW Available for 19 row oil coolers, this highly polished stainless steel grille is designed to enhance the looks of your.
Mocal and Setrab coolers from Merlin Motorsport. Fast next day delivery. Large Stocks. Buy Online, by Phone 01249782101 or at our Shop at Castle Combe Race Circuit. - As temperature rises, the oil gets thinner which reduces the lubricating properties. - All Mocal oil coolers are supplied by Think Automotive and are manufactured inEngland. - The Oil cooler must be mounted so that they are protected from excessive vibration, rubber bobbins are ideal, and all 4 brackets should be used.
Temp-A-Cure Performance Oil Coolers with AN and BSP adapters. Small, lightweight ideal for motorsport. - The basic design of the modular oil cooler dates back to the early 1930s when it was developed for use with the Rolls Royce Merlin engine that powered the Spitfires and Hurricanes that won the Battle of Britain. - TEMP-A-CURE Coolers are manufactured with removable, interchangeable fittings that feature a contoured port side with an O-ring seal for worry free performance. Available in AN and BSP sizes.
Far superior to tube type coolers. - More hose may be needed depending on the final location of the cooler. IMPORTANT: a bypass adaptor is included to replace the standard oil cooler on buggies, trikes and kits ONLY. - In the most arduous conditions nothing can beat it! 72-plate oil cooler fitted with a 12 Volt electric fan. Perfect for Type 2's. - Features 30 amp relay, manual override and colour coded wiring. Probe slips between cooler fins;adjusts between 150F-224F. - Complete SCAT mounting kit for doghouse coolers.

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