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EO Elektronen-Optik-Service GmbH, Dortmund, 44319, Germany

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Optical spectrometer
A minimal expenditure on assembly and adjustment is achieved through a small quantity of individual parts. - 0006 An arrangement for measuring optical spectra is described in DE 198 36 595 In these spectrometers, the optical and electronic components are arranged one above the other in a sandwich-type construction and are permanently connected to one another, Owing to this manner of construction, these spectrometers are very compact and robust. - Pat.
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Optical spectrometer (PAT, parts)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Optical spectrometer (PAT, parts) on the B2B-Portal

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Find optical mass spectrometer related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of optical mass spectrometer information. - The optics include a UV enhanced 2048 pixel CCD detector with a special composite grating that has no moving parts to provide 0 75nm resolution with a 14um slit at a surprisingly low cost. - Conduct Research PAT Provides New Insights Into Drying This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits.
Pat. - Two photo electric detectors are employed to compare the optical energy of different parts of the spectrum generated by the flame. - We also claim a multiplexed network of Bragg sensors to allow parameter measurements in different parts of objects. - 2 in a schematic diagram depicts the optical and detection system of the multiplexing spectrometer. - The optical fibers 04 are fused into a vertical array at the input to the multiplexed spectrometer 07 optically coupled to the monochromator depicted in FIG.
Atomic Emission and Optical Emission Spectrometers-42 companies Atomic emission and optical emission spectrometers determine analyte concentration via a quantitative measurement of the optical emission from excited atoms. - Mass Finishing Equipment and Tumblers-108 companies Mass finishing equipment uses loose abrasives or tumbling media combined with cleaning or polishing compounds to bulk-finish parts. - Pfizer: Employing PAT for Bulk Drying Each dryer was equipped with eight sampling points?
Glass, or integrated by mechanical mounting parts and housing. - 0029The main object of the embodiments is to provide an optical technique that makes the propagation path, either in transparent media or in free space, of the optical beams emitting from a small input aperture/slit of a spectrometer, two-dimensional or substantially unilateralized, thereby enabling physical sizes of any optical elements needed thereafter to construct a spectrometer to be significantly reduced in one dimension.
These advantages include no optical path through air, no moving parts, light weight under 5 lbs, portable battery operated, rugged, and low cost. - It is ideal for such applications as process monitoring PAT, quality control, materials verification, environmental testing and biofuels analysis. - The InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer can be used like an FT-IR Spectrometer;however, much of the software programme has been geared towards repetitive process analysis applications.
One of the main optical engineering challenges is to maximize the signal using fast spectrometers and high optical throughput transmission. - 0 874 µm 200 µm squares Figure 3 Spot diagrams for the ARES VIS spectrometer working at F/1 0 The most important component in the light path governing optical throughput is the diffraction grating. - At the OEA works, manufacture of the scan head has been completed and work has begun on the manufacture of parts for the calibration system.

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