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Dobro P & S, Sinntal, 36391, Germany

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Dobro supplier for absorbents, hygiene and disinfectant & odor destroyer of all kinds Highly effective products for the prof. Use bind all the leaks, leaking hazardous materials, environment-friendly can be Recycled harmless, landfill and be burned


Organic absorbent
Quick Code:146313. ORGANIC Clean Away Complete Spill Kit with Natural absorbent made from Coconut. Disposal of Hazardous Waste With EU regulations governing the disposal of all oil-based waste becoming more stringent, and insisting that. - Quick Code:146318. Organic Absorbent for Fast Clean-up Method. Disposal of Hazardous Waste With EU regulations governing the disposal of all oil-based waste becoming more stringent, and insisting that all such waste is treated as. More. Price exc. VAT:£31 45. No Reviews Yet.
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Organic absorbent

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Organic absorbent on the B2B-Portal

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Wood cellulose-cotton fibre, interlinked with Mirabilite (absorbent)

Wood flour (absorbent)

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CleanSorb is an organic absorbent made of activated Peat Moss which naturally encapsulates hydrocarbons that it absorbs. Ideal for oil spills and remediation. - CleanSorb is an activated sphagnum peat moss which is hydrophobic. The physical characteristics of this selective peat moss gives this organic absorbent optimal absorption capacity. Ideal for Oil Spills. CleanSorb Advantages Absorbs 8 to 13 times its own weight. Safely Encapsulates: Fuels, Oils, Solvents, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Herbicides, and much more.
MotorShack > Care and Cleaning > Isol8 Organic Absorbent. Isol8 Spill AbsorbentProduct Ref: ISOL8BAG. Isol8 Organic Spill Absorbent. Deals with liquid spills:• Lubrication Oil • Hydraulic Oil • Petrol.• Diesel • Grease • Anti-freeze.• Acids • Alkalines • All Paints.• Liquid Fats • Water • Body Fluids. More information on the Isol8 Website. Price:£9 95 Excluding VAT at 17 5%. - Quantity: MotorShack > Care and Cleaning > Isol8 Organic Absorbent. 2009 MotorShack Email Us Privacy Policy About Us. Your Shopping Cart.
They are highly functional, non-hazardous, disposable, biodegradable, nonflammable, and the absorbent is made from a natural renewable organic resource. - By Trade Environmental ProductsThe unique design of the Drain Warden uses a polypropylene fabric and organic absorbent sock to capture contaminates whilst still allowing water to flow through. The drain grate holds the Warden in place, effectively removing coarse sediments, oil, litter and debris from stormwater. Available with stainless mesh screens.
HeatersElectric BlanketsWater HeatersDIY Pest Control SuppliesFans Air CoolersJanitorial SuppliesWaste ManagementElectrical AccessoriesWorkplaceFirst AidStationeryHouseholdCleaningCateringHealth & SafetySecurityBranded productsGarden & OutdoorsHealth & BeautyLeisureToolsFeatured products Clearance Stock Testimonials Add to Favourites Email this page. Excellent delivery, next day-Sheila, Essex. Washroom Products > Organic Absorbents. Organic Absorbent x 5. Quick Code:146318. Price:£31 45. Exc. VAT.  In stock.
Absorbent Mats and Rolls from EcospillAbsorbent mats and rolls are an environmentally friendly and durable product which absorbs liquids keeping a floor dry and clean. - Spill Sponge Econo mineral organic absorbent available from Prenco Environmental Spill Control29 09 2010-the pollutants. Spill Sponge absorbents can also be used as an industrial filter particle. These mineral organic absorbents are available 10kg bag AMS/10, 5 litre jugs AMS-J, and 80 bag pallets.
Disposafe is a organic non-toxic absorbent powder for the removal of all oil based spillages, even in a wet environment. - Disposafe is part of our Absorbents range of products. Spillages in dry environments are inconvenient but usually containable using clay granules or similar. An oil spillage in a wet environment is more difficult to resolve. - Disposal can be by incineration or land-fill where the product assists with bio-degradation of hydrocarbons. Absorbs a wide range of organic chemicals on land or water.

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