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PCE Deutschland GmbH - Messtechnik, Meschede, 59872, Germany

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This is a very powerful technique for investigating and understanding circuit behaviour and for correcting circuit faults. Navigation What does an oscilloscope do. - From DOCTRONICS:Everything you need to know! What does an oscilloscope do. - Your oscilloscope may look different but will have similar controls. Faced with an instrument like this, students typically respond either by twiddling every knob and pressing every button in sight, or by adopting a glazed expression. Neither approach is specially helpful.
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In this way, the operator can examine a particular pulse in a long train of pulses. X-Y mode Most modern oscilloscopes have several inputs for voltages, and thus can be used to plot one varying voltage versus another. This is especially useful for graphing I-V curves current versus voltage characteristics for components such as diodes, as well as Lissajous patterns. Lissajous figures are an example of how an oscilloscope can be used to track phase differences between multiple input signals.
This arrangement is called an electron gun. The tube also contains electrodes to deflect the electron beam up/down and left/right. The electrons are called cathode rays because they are emitted by the cathode and this gives the oscilloscope its full name of cathode ray oscilloscope or CRO. - Adjust Y SHIFT up/down and X SHIFT left/right to give a trace across the middle of the screen, like the picture. Adjust INTENSITY brightness and FOCUS to give a bright, sharp trace. The oscilloscope is now ready to use!
Browse through our wide selection of digital oscilloscopes. - Oscilloscope Tektronix: The World's Standard in Oscilloscopes 8 out of 10 engineers around the world trust Tektronix to help them speed debug and test of tomorrow's designs. With the broadest portfolio of digital oscilloscopes available, the richest set of product features, the most extensive analysis capability and our award-winning service and support, Tektronix has the right oscilloscope to meet your need.
The metal loop to the lower right of the screen provided a calibration signal for voltage and current probes. An oscilloscope sometimes abbreviated CRO, for cathode-ray oscilloscope, or commonly just scope or O-scope is a piece of electronic test equipment that allows signal voltages to be viewed. Usually it shows a two-dimensional graph of one or more electrical potential differences vertical axis. These are plotted as a function of time or of some other voltage horizontal axis.
PC Based Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and Data Loggers from Pico Technology. - A PC based oscilloscope replaces bulky and expensive test equipment, saving money and workbench space. - By integrating several instruments into one small unit, a pc based oscilloscope is lighter and more portable. When used with a notebook computer, field engineers can carry a complete electronics lab in their PC. The PC has made computing affordable: now Pico Technology has made test equipment affordable too.
Visualising electrical signals on a screen is made possible by an oscilloscope. It's a machine which draws a graph of signals on a screen. - Even to see if a power connector has AC or DC on it isn't obvious by just looking at the power connectors, but an oscilloscope shows entirely different things on the screen. Plus, different electrical signals show different waveforms as graphs. - More about the electromagnetic frequency spectrum can be seen -has the largest selection of new and refurbished Oscilloscopes.

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