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Steffens-Engineering, Emmerich am Rhein, 46446, Germany

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Otto engine
This article is about the stationary engine. - The Otto engine was a large stationary single-cylinder internal combustion four-stroke engine designed by Nikolaus Otto. - This particular engine operates on natural gas;the large disk-shaped object below the engine is the gas pressure regulator.
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Otto engine (gas)

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About the search for fuel and about the atmospheric engine vs. - Illuminating gas is also known as "town gas". It was used for lighting and heating purposes. - During the next half century, many setbacks hindered a fast development of the engines. - The work is transferred to a flywheel. See sketch Otto's atmospheric engine. - But he could not use this important discovery in the industry. The compression stroke led later to the development of the four-stroke engine by Nikolaus Otto.
That is why the four-stroke principle today is commonly known as the Otto cycle and four-stroke engines using spark plugs often are called Otto engines. - This is a video montage of the Otto engines running at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion WMSTR, in Rollag, Minnesota. - Internal combustion engine power primarily originates from the expansion of gases in the power stroke.
B1214 Gas engine, Otto-Langen vertical free piston atmospheric, cast iron / steel / bronze, made by N A Otto & Co, Cologne, Germany, 1867-1868. - + B688 Engine, sectional, gas, horizontal. - Their development was spurred by the establishment of gasworks and pipelines to deliver coal gas throughout many cities. - The base pedestal incorporates a cooling water jacket at the lower end of the cylinder and the gas inlet valve. - During this time an explosive mix of air and gas is drawn into the cylinder through a slide valve.
Return to "History of Cars" One of the most important landmarks in engine design comes from Nicolaus Otto who in 1876 invented an effective gas motor engine. - Otto's first occupation was as a traveling salesman selling tea, coffee, and sugar. - Nicolaus Otto died at age 59, on January 26, 1891, in Cologne. - An engineer and experimenter, Nicolaus Otto invented the first practical alternative to the steam engine in 1876 the first four-stroke internal combustion engine. - Brief biography of Nicolaus Otto.
Otto overhead crank gas engine-stock code 3791. Sold Jun 2010. This came in with a large collection of internal combustion engines including the Fairbanks Morse and Red Wing I sold earlier in the year, along with several fine stationary steam engines. It's an Otto overhead crank engine-finely made, it looks to have been built to run, although is currently set up as a display piece with an electric motor mounted on the base board driving the engine by belt. Home Up.
Piston Rings For All Engines. Otto Gas Engine Works. See us for your piston ring needs large and small. We have piston rings available from 5/8" to over 86" in diameter. Please click on web site below or phone for more information.

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