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Lab-Pro GmbH, Wikon, 4806, Switzerland

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Dyeing machines, jet dyeing machines, Baumfärbeanlagen, chemical dosing systems, Jigger, laboratory equipment for the dyeing Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing... (unclassified)


Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing...
Environment Agency How to comply with your environmental permit The textile sector EPR6 05 8 2 Chapter title Section title 2 Operations 2 1 Washing 2 2 Wool scouring 2 3 Bleaching 2 4 Mercerising 2 5 Dyeing 2 6 Finishing Environment Agency How to comply with your environmental permit The textile sector EPR 6 05 9 2 Operations Washing 2 Operations In-process controls Refer to the BREF note reference 1 for sludges generated by the treatment of the detailed information on the unit processes.
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Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing... (unclassified)

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The area of the qualifier eCl@ss maintaining a kind of production Washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing... (unclassified) on the B2B-Portal www.bridge2b.net

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Care symbols give all the necessary information on washing, bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning and tumble drying. - Indeed, all the components of the said textile article shall be taken into account: other fibers, accessories, but also dyeing, finishing treatments and texture. - Washing This symbol means that textile articles can be cleaned in an aqueous bath. More generally, the washtub symbolizes the domestic washing treatment by hand or machine.
Dyeing Textiles: direct dyeing, reactive dyeing, pigment dyeing, Tie Dye. - Their areas of expertise include fabric dyeing, fiber dyeing, dyeing of components and findings, piece goods dyeing, narrow goods dyeing, garment dyeing and specialty garment washing. - Rockland was established as a fabric bleaching and finishing plant in Baltimore, Maryland during the early years of America's emergence as a textile manufacturer. - US Colors: committed to quality dyeing, fabric washing, and turn key finishing for the fashion industry.
World Markets for Textile Machinery, 2009/10: Dyeing and Finishing 2008 was a mixed year for the international textile dyeing and finishing machinery market. - Global deliveries of machinery for continuous bleaching, dyeing and washing rose from 117 units in 2007 to 239 units in 2008 Most of the 2008 total were for processing woven fabrics. - Of these, 23 units were bleaching machines, which are used to improve a fabrics whiteness, while the remaining 50 units were intended for washing.
Cleaning and including wool washing, bleaching, dyeing, production changes result in sludges from tanks printing, and finishing used in textile pro-and spent process chemicals, which may contain cessing.
Makes finishing for the fabrics from natural and synthetic fibres:washing, bleaching, dyeing, mechanical and chemical softening, special treatments. Makes industrial garment dyeing and . .
Limited Products Offered: Dealing into all types of textile machinery such washing, bleaching, drying and dyeing equipment. - Five Star Knitting Products Offered: Exporters of second hand textile machinery including dyeing, finishing, bleaching etc. - Texfab Engineers I Pvt Ltd Products Offered: Manufacturing textile processing machinery like fabric polymerizing machines, fabric dyeing machines, textile dyeing machines, textile bleaching machines, fabric bleaching machines and textile scouring machines.

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