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Zentek GmbH & Co. KG, Köln, 51149, Germany

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Waste paper
Europe's waste paper recyclers have been warned that they need to be very wary of coming under chemicals regulations, if waste paper becomes designated as a secondary raw material rather than waste. - Dr Christiane Markard, Federal Environment Agency director for environmental health and ecosystems, told delegates that Waste materials are not in REACH and in 2008 we could have a new definition of the waste regulations, so if waste paper as a substance is not considered waste we have to consider REACH.
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Waste paper (secondary raw materials)

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SECONDARY RAW MATERIALS (WASTE-PAPER, RAGS)- STORAGE, RECYCLE - Business directory of Uzbekistan allows Uzbek and foreign businessmen to be guided on commodity and service market, provides necessary information for well-considered decisions in selecting business partners not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. In other words, businessmen may use a varied and systematized set of materials that is necessary for developing concrete relations among enterprises and firms of different forms of property.
Secondary raw materials. - Recyfin International NV/SA exports waste plastic and waste paper of various grades. The grades are both post industrial and post consumer, but we will always only export materials that are allowed by both the country of origin and the country of destination. In most cases we send material from one source to only a limited number of overseas factories, in order to allow quality monitoring.
Wood, paper and carton - Secondary raw paper materials, paper waste - Business Directory RM. - AsiaLinePaper. Com established in 2007 We offer Largest selection of quality Paper such Bola Dunia, Double A, Mirage, Paper One, Sinar Dunia, Xerox and reviews for home, office and commercial use, Great prices Etc. - Ukrainian enterprise specializing in the spheres of utility waste. - Premium Paper & Board Industries Ltd. We are a 9001-2000 registered Indian company manufacturing & exporting Kraft Paper & Paper Products.
Of the savings available from the This makes it far more difficult to specify substitution of primary raw materials carbon benefits on an overall material This fact sheet discusses with secondary raw materials plus the basis than for other product sectors. - It will be disposal of waste paper products?
PRE Position Paper of Reuse, Recycling and Waste Management of Refractories 2002 EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF REFRACTORY PRODUCERS PRE Secretariat: Rue des Colonies 18-24, B-1000 Brussels Tel 32 2 511 30 12-Fax 32 2 511 51 74-E-mail: sec@cerameunie. - Recycling companies will increase in importance and develop from dealers in secondary raw materials to waste processing or treatment contractors.
Waste International has managed multi trade offices across the globe with an innovative and simple approach for maximization of recycling potential and creating value for the secondary raw materials. - We source and supply consistent quality and quantity to more than 180 different small and large paper mills, Metal smelters and Plastic reprocessors by offering them simple, efficient options, solutions and recommendations.

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