Environmentally friendly treatment of well water without additional


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REDO Water Systems GmbH, Gross-Zimmern, 64846, Germany

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Environmentally friendly treatment of well water without additional chemicals.


Well water
A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers. - A hand-drawn water well in Chennai, India. - A more modern method called caissoning uses reinforced concrete or plain concrete pre-cast well rings that are lowered into the hole. - Hand dug wells have been successfully excavated to 60m. - Hand dug wells have low operational and maintenance costs.
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Well water

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By using a Well Water System you will also reduce surface water run off by between 50 60% on your house plot. The annual average rainfall on each UK house is 98, 000 litres. - 50% of the water used in a domestic dwelling could be substituted for rainwater. - During the summer garden irrigation and car washing can use 40% of the water used. - The patented filter system can be installed either above or below ground as with all Well Water components the filter carries a guarantee.
Water well ( wödr wel ) ( civil engineering ) A well sunk to extract water from a zone of. On this page. Library. Animal Life. Business & Finance. Cars & Vehicles. Entertainment & Arts. Food & Cooking. Health. History, Politics, Society. Home & Garden. Law & Legal Issues. Literature & Language. Miscellaneous. Religion & Spirituality. Science. Shopping. Sports. Technology. Travel & Places. Q & A. - Home > Library > Science > Sci-Tech Dictionary. Wöd·r wel civil engineering A well sunk to extract water from a zone of saturation.
Well water problems with diagnosis and cures. - Disease-causing bacteria, viruses or protozoa Because wells use groundwater, the water is generally safe for drinking as the overlying soil acts like filter, removing disease-causing micro-organisms. - It should be drilled to the correct depth with an adequate layer of protective soil. Check the well cap regularly to ensure that it is securely in place and watertight. Check pumps and pipes on a regular basis. - Direct surface drainage away from the well casing.
News: Rachel's dairy cuts water bill by 90%. - In fact, everything for water boreholes, water borehole, water well drilling and drilling water wells. - Proven equipment ensures reliable, trouble-free water supplies. - Cost estimate and hydrogeologist s feasibility analysis and prognosis. Advice on water abstraction licence where required. Borehole refurbishment, pump replacements, maintenance contracts. Private water supplies installed. Consumables, submersible and other water pumps on sale.
Different types of wells and how they are constructed. - Well Water-Background Information Many houses now use private wells as a source of drinking water. - The opening of the well should be covered by a concrete lid that is positioned about a foot off the ground. - This is still reasonably shallow and therefore a driven well has quite a high risk of contamination. - You can increase the yield of your well and maybe improve its quality by a process called hydrofracting.

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