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Polymers - All Countries

  •  Polymers
    •  Epoxyde resin
    •  Formaldehyde resin
    •  Lingnin compound
    •  Natural resin and terpene resin
    •  Olefin polymer, halogenated
    •  Olefin polymer, saturated
    •  Polyamide of aryl carboxylic acids
    •  Polyester of aliphatic tri- and higher functional carboxylic acids
    •  Polyester on the basis of aromatic carboxylic acids
    •  Polymer containing silicium in the main chain
    •  Polymer containing sulfur in the main chain
    •  Polymer of acetals, ketals
    •  Polymer of vinyl alcohol and vinyl ether
    •  Polymers of urethanes
    •  Polysaccharide
    •  Polyurea



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