Search for products and companies

The following search options are available:

  1. Searching for product/services or a company by entering a word

  2.    -   Select a country
       -   Select either “Product/Service” or “Company Name”
       -   Enter the search string or the Company Name and click on “Go!”

    You may use the option “Advanced Search” for a more precise search.

  3. 2. Searching for products/services with the aid of the eCl@ss product classification system.

  4.    -   Select a country
       -   Click on one of the subject groups listed in the index

    A hierarchical structure of this product category index will be displayed. Click on “+” to open a group or on “-” to close it. You can click on the entries which have been highlighted in blue in order to display a list of the companies classified under each subject.

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