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34-17-92-01 A and S by Category (discontinued)
27-11-06-15 A bulb, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
27-06-18-05 A-02YF(L)2Y, Telecomminucations cable
27-06-18-03 A-D0F(ZN)2Y, Fibre optic cable
27-20-03-03 A.C. measuring device, Measuring system (power supply)
24-21-01-09 A.I.T-cartridge, Magnetic tape (alternating data carrier)
24-21-01-14 A.I.T. cleaning cartridge, Drive cleaner
27-06-20-07 A03VV-F, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
27-06-20-06 A05RCND-F, Flexible cord, rubber-insulated
27-06-20-01 A05SJ-K, Single core cord
27-06-20-02 A07VVH6-F, Flat cable
19-06-92-04 AB module, Telephone system module
22-14-01-05 ABS pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Plastic pipe, fitting (building material)
22-29-35-02 ABS-Edge, Security edgings
27-05-04-01 AC (device), Portable battery
27-02-42-00 AC regulator
27-02-42-01 AC regulator
19-08-02-06 AC3 receiver, Hi-fi receiver
19-08-05-08 ADR receiver, Satellite receiver
19-03-03-09 AGP graphics board, Graphic card
19-03-02-08 AIT drive, Tape drive (PC)
22-17-01-02 ALK-varnish, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
27-14-40-90 AP assembly frame, Control/signaling switch (unclassified)
27-14-40-25 AP louvre switch, Shutter switch
24-29-20-19 APS cassette board, Photo pouch
19-03-01-19 AS 400, Multiplexer
19-03-01-18 AS400-repeater, Network repeater
27-18-02-02 ASP rack, Server enclosure, floor-standing (empty)
24-21-01-12 ATA PC card, Memory card for terminal
19-08-92-01 AV loudspeaker set, Speaker set
25-25-19-14 Ability to function well in teams (communic., soc. auth., trng., further trng.)
25-25-10-06 Above ground construction (training, further training)
21-01-13-03 Abrasive belt (discontinued)
21-01-13-18 Abrasive cloth, Sanding tool made of sanding compound on padding and polishing tool
21-04-21-02 Abrasive file, File (abrasive)
21-01-13-00 Abrasive material
21-01-13-90 Abrasive material, grinding tool (unclassified)
21-01-13-01 Abrasive pencil (discontinued)
21-01-91-09 Abrasive product (parts)
21-01-13-09 Abrasive roll (discontinued)
21-01-13-04 Abrasive sheet (discontinued)
25-05-06-42 Abrasive sludge (disposal)
21-01-13-05 Abrasive wheels (discontinued)
27-20-06-14 Absolute PT, Measuring system (absolute pressure)
27-27-05-01 Absolute shaft encoder
30-01-06-00 Absorbent
30-01-03-00 Absorbent, oil absorbent
25-05-06-60 Absorbing, bonding agent (disposal)
36-53-03-02 Absorption dryer (compressed air technology)
30-06-01-01 Absorption granulate
27-37-10-03 Ac contactor, Power contactor
25-01-06-02 Access control, Personal transportation (security agency)
19-03-01-12 Access point
19-04-02-02 Access protection, Groupware (server)
27-39-01-00 Access/time registration system
27-39-99-90 Access/time registration system (repair, unclassified)
27-39-98-90 Access/timekeeping system (maintenance/service, unclassified)
34-17-92-00 Accessories and Supplies (discontinued)
21-13-18-92 Accessories assortment, Sprue element accessories (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
27-24-22-14 Accessories for PC, SPS cable connection
24-30-08-02 Accessories for board system, Folding-, revolving board accessories
24-33-04-01 Accessories for folders (dust4 cover), Book-, booklet envelope
19-03-98-00 Accessories for hardware and peripheral devices (maintenance, service)
19-03-90-90 Accessories for hardware and peripheral devices (unclassified)
19-06-92-02 Accessories for mobile phones, Rechargeable battery for mobile telecommunication
27-37-10-13 Accessories for protection, Overvoltage limiter
19-06-01-02 Accessories for telephone system, System telephone
24-29-17-01 Accessory for quick binder (filing strip), Rapid file accessory
24-30-21-01 Accessory for time planning systems (calendar), Calendar for time planning systems, - ringbinder diaries
29-02-91-02 Accessory parts f. deep fryer (household appliance), Cooker, oven (parts, household appliance)
32-03-90-00 Accesssories (lab), Incidentals (other,lab)
25-15-02-04 Accident insurance from the EUST insurance, General accident insurance
40-02-91-00 Accident protection (parts)
24-27-01-03 Accident report, Salary, accounting form
24-26-23-05 Accompanying document envelope (office), Delivery note envelope (office)
24-27-01-01 Accompanying note, Notice, correspondence, information
22-28-01-02 Accordion door, Door (interior/exterior)
25-15-13-04 Account (financial service)
24-27-02-00 Account book
24-27-02-01 Account book
24-29-24-03 Account current record card, File card for special application
25-15-13-00 Account, exchange (financial service)
25-15-13-90 Account, exchange (financial service, unclassified)
25-26-06-00 Accounting (consultancy), Controlling, finances and accounting (consulting)
25-15-20-00 Accounting (external, financial services)
25-15-20-01 Accounting (external, financial services)
24-35-01-03 Accounting guide, Companion
24-27-01-07 Accounting-, cash report form
25-26-06-03 Accounts payable, Financial accounting, payments (consulting)
27-05-98-00 Accumulator (maintenance, service)
27-05-91-00 Accumulator (parts)
27-23-02-31 Accumulator (proc. comp.), Pow., curr. supp. (proc. comp.)
27-05-99-00 Accumulator (repair)
27-05-02-02 Accumulator (traction, start), Starter battery
27-30-03-06 Accumulator loading valve (standard, hydraulics)
27-05-90-00 Accumulator, battery (other)
34-05-04-09 Acemetacine (active substance)
31-21-01-01 Acetalpolymer
39-02-13-02 Acetic acid
31-41-04-00 Acetophenone-formaldehyde resin
39-02-39-17 Acetylsalicylic acid
30-19-64-10 Acid Red 2 (Indicator dye), Methyl Red (Indicator dye)
27-05-01-03 Acid bath (accum. , battery)
40-01-06-01 Acid proof overall
22-11-01-00 Acid protection work
22-11-01-01 Acid protection work
22-47-01-02 Acid-proof install. (clink. slab), Clinker slab
22-47-01-03 Acid-proof install. (scone brick), Scone brick
23-30-07-01 Acme screw drive
27-37-12-14 Acoustic alarm unit
24-31-16-01 Acoustic element (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-31-15-01 Acoustic partitioning wall, Wall unit, partition (space pattern)
27-23-02-10 Acoustic signal (PCS), Electr. PCS components (acc.)
36-64-04-02 Acoustic test system (motor vehicles, full-vehicle)
24-31-15-03 Acoustic wall system, Room-in-room system
24-31-03-01 Acoustical dividing wall for table, Organizational resource (table, office equipment)
25-14-01-12 Acoustics test (development), Functional test (research and development)
25-25-12-04 Acquisition (training, further training), Purchasing, stock management (training, further training)
22-35-01-02 Acrylic glass plate, Plastic panel (transparent, building material)
24-25-15-02 Acrylic paintbrush set, Brush set
38-17-01-00 Actinium compound
24-30-16-07 Action display, Table place holder
30-01-06-01 Activated carbon
33-05-04-00 Activated carbon filter plant (compl.), Gas cleaning, dedusting plant (complete)
19-08-92-02 Active loudspeaker, Speaker box
19-03-05-03 Active network adapter, Network adapter
27-14-23-16 Active power meter, Electronic electricity meter
19-07-04-10 Active return-path module, BK amplifier (receiver technology)
25-26-01-08 Activity analyses (office organization), Office organization (consulting)
41-14-05-05 Actor (advertising other services), Staff (advertisement, other services)
27-22-01-00 Actuating drive (electr., fitting)
27-22-01-01 Actuating drive (electr., part-turn, fitting)
27-22-03-00 Actuating drive (hydraulic, fitting)
27-14-31-23 Actuator, Bus system dimming actuator
27-14-31-25 Actuator, Bus system electronic actuator
27-37-12-10 Actuator, Front element for push-button actuators
27-22-03-01 Actuator (hydraulic, fitting)
27-22-91-03 Actuator (hydraulic, parts)
27-22-91-02 Actuator (pneumatic, parts)
27-37-10-12 Actuator coil, Reel for contactor
34-46-01-90 Acupuncture article (unclassified)
34-46-01-01 Acupuncture needle
39-03-27-00 Acyclic quaternary ammonium compound
27-14-11-33 Adapter, End and partition plate for terminal block
27-37-10-10 Adapter, Component for protective circuit
19-03-90-05 Adapter (PC accessory, other)
19-03-99-05 Adapter (PC accessory, repair)
32-01-03-10 Adapter (lab)
34-28-92-01 Adapter (rigid endoscope)
21-16-05-92 Adapter employment, Surveying instrument (accessories)
24-32-06-01 Adapter for calculator
24-29-28-91 Adapter for display panels, Microfiche storage, display panel (parts)
24-30-17-07 Adapter for literature rack, Literature display accessories
27-30-13-01 Adapter plate (hydraulics)
27-14-40-37 Adapter plug, Travel plug device
23-05-92-01 Adapter sleeve (rolling bearing accessories)
24-29-07-01 Add-in binder
24-29-07-02 Add-in folder
24-31-01-03 Add-on desk, Side table
24-31-07-01 Added cabinet, Wing door cabinet
24-31-07-02 Added cabinet (folding, swing doors), Folding door cabinet, swinging door cabinet
24-31-07-03 Added cabinet (sliding door), Sliding door cabinet
27-20-04-14 Adding counter, Counter (pulse)
24-26-04-02 Addition roll (calculator), Calculator roll
24-26-04-05 Addition roll (cash register), Cash roll
25-15-02-06 Additional accident insurance, Life insurance
25-15-02-05 Additional benefits in case of death, Health insurance
23-24-92-00 Additional part for windows and French window (accessories)
34-44-04-01 Additive for carbon dioxide bath
24-32-12-03 Address label (label printer), Thermal label for label printers
24-28-07-01 Address label, sender label
24-22-10-02 Address stamp self-colouring, Selfinking stamp
24-27-01-05 Address sticker, Dispatch-, delivery form
34-30-02-09 Adenoid curette
30-29-01-00 Adhesion promoter
30-29-01-01 Adhesion promoter
22-17-03-03 Adhesive, Tape, adhesive (building material)
23-15-20-02 Adhesive anchor
24-32-13-02 Adhesive binder (thermal binder), Thermal binder
24-32-13-03 Adhesive binding machine, Channel bind
20-17-02-02 Adhesive folding box (cardboard, without inner liner)
24-23-01-03 Adhesive for paper, Rubber stick
20-35-03-08 Adhesive label (multiple, paper)
20-35-03-04 Adhesive label (roll, paper, packing material)
24-28-06-03 Adhesive label for slides, Slide label
23-06-01-02 Adhesive lubricant, Lubricant (pasty)
23-33-01-00 Adhesive material (technical), Glue (technical)
24-26-01-03 Adhesive note paper, Removable self stic note
24-30-02-01 Adhesive paper for flipchart, Flipchart paper
24-23-09-02 Adhesive remover (office), Glue cleaner (office)
23-33-02-09 Adhesive sealing strip, Draught excluder
24-21-02-01 Adhesive sleeve for CD, CD storage, DVD storage
27-14-40-28 Adhesive socket protection, Child protection device insert
34-37-01-01 Adhesive stoma pouche or bag (colostomy)
34-37-02-01 Adhesive stoma pouche or bag (ileostomy)
34-20-01-02 Adhesive stretch tape
24-22-01-18 Adhesive strip dispenser, Page markers dispenser
24-23-08-01 Adhesive strip for rough surfaces (office), Removable adhesive flag
27-14-91-03 Adhesive tape (electr. inst., parts)
27-14-91-02 Adhesive tape (insul.), Insulating tape (electr. inst., parts)
24-23-03-01 Adhesive tape crystal clear, Transparent tape
24-23-02-04 Adhesive tape dispenser refill, Cartridge for glue scooter
34-18-03-05 Adhesive tape strip
25-14-11-02 Adhesive test under tension, Destructive examination (material and component)
24-26-18-02 Adhesive transparency (colour), Colour film
24-26-17-06 Adhesive transparency for copiers, Film self-adhesive
21-04-01-90 Adjustable end wrench, Wrench (unclassified)
24-22-04-03 Adjustable punch
21-04-03-01 Adjusting pliers, Pliers
20-31-01-10 Adjustment container (plastic, open at the top)
19-04-01-22 Administration program, System management software
19-04-02-07 Administration program, System management software (server)
25-10-09-02 Administrative law (service)
24-27-01-12 Admission ticket, Form for catering trade
22-17-02-01 Admixture for concrete/mortar, Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
41-01-06-06 Adress data bank (promotional article)
24-22-03-00 Adress-, telephon-, business card index
36-53-02-03 Adsorption dryer (air technique)
36-14-07-03 Adsorption heat pump
34-38-02-04 Adult's nappy (disposable)
22-10-85-01 Advance pipes (pipe advance), Pipe driving, tunneling
27-14-23-07 Advance-warning dimmer, Staircase lighting timer
27-41-01-08 Advanced Process Control (APC)]
25-25-16-02 Advanced course (languages, training, further training)
24-30-16-10 Advertisement display, Literature display, presentation stand
41-14-06-05 Advertisement in newspapers (coverage costs, marketing)
41-14-06-03 Advertisement in specialist journal (coverage costs, marketing)
41-14-06-04 Advertisement public magazine (coverage costs, marketing)
41-14-04-00 Advertising - creative services (advertising)
41-14-04-02 Advertising agency
41-04-03-06 Advertising booth (marketing)
41-14-06-02 Advertising broadcast, placement
41-11-01-00 Advertising facilities (outdoor, marketing)
41-14-05-00 Advertising other services
41-09-02-00 Advertising prints, brochures (marketing)
41-09-05-00 Advertising prints, brochures, leaflets (marketing)
41-09-04-00 Advertising prints, cards, boxes (marketing)
41-09-06-00 Advertising prints, labels, crowner (marketing)
41-09-08-00 Advertising prints, pads (marketing)
41-09-03-00 Advertising prints, poster, affice (marketing)
41-09-07-00 Advertising prints, stickers, foils
41-14-01-00 Advertising, media service
41-14-04-06 Advertising/marketing concept
33-05-02-00 Aeration instal. (wastewater compl.), Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
23-16-01-02 Aerial line fixture, -clamp, -connector <=1kV (LV)
28-04-90-02 Aerial tramway, Monorail
25-04-11-02 Aerification, Gardener service
20-04-02-04 Aerosol can (aluminum)
24-24-16-08 Aerospace marker, Marker for special purposes
22-10-81-01 After-treatment (concrete repair work), Concrete repair work
30-02-12-06 Aftertreatment, Washing additive
34-05-58-00 Agent for support of mineral metabolism (active substance)
34-05-51-01 Agents for dental medicine (active substance)
36-03-01-02 Agitated vessel (closed, without agitator/stirring device)
36-09-91-01 Agitated vessel (without agitator/stirring device, parts)
32-01-04-00 Agitator (lab)
36-09-05-90 Agitator (stirrer, other), Stirring system (unclassified)
27-37-12-38 Agreement switch
25-25-17-05 Agricultural engineering (training, further training)
25-15-02-12 Agricultural fire insurance, Fire insurance
17-08-92-00 Agricultural machine (accessories, fittings)
17-08-98-00 Agricultural machine (maintenance, service)
17-08-90-00 Agricultural machine (other)
17-08-90-90 Agricultural machine (other, unclassified)
17-08-91-00 Agricultural machine (parts)
17-08-91-90 Agricultural machine (parts, unclassified)
17-08-99-90 Agricultural machine (repair, unclassified)
33-09-01-00 Agricultural plant (complete)
33-09-97-90 Agricultural plant (complete, assembly, unclassified)
33-09-90-00 Agricultural plant (complete, other)
33-09-99-90 Agricultural plant (complete, repair, unclassified)
33-09-01-90 Agricultural plant (complete, unclassified)
25-25-17-01 Agriculture (training, further training)
25-15-02-11 Agriculture/traffic legal protection, Legal expenses insurance
26-04-10-00 Air
25-02-04-06 Air (traffic systems, planning), Traffic systems (planning)
27-29-33-00 Air bleed valve (pneumatics)
21-16-02-92 Air bubble (measurement), Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
21-16-01-92 Air bubble for laser distance measurement device, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
22-41-91-09 Air cleaner (ventilation system, parts)
22-41-05-00 Air conditioner
22-41-91-05 Air conditioner (parts)
25-02-10-04 Air conditioning (development), Electrical development, electronics
36-04-07-03 Air cooler
36-04-02-00 Air cooler (ventilation technology)
22-41-04-02 Air cooler (ventilation, climate control)
36-53-02-01 Air cooler with refrigerating unit (air technique)
27-03-13-01 Air core transf. (3-ph.), 3-phase air-core transformer
22-41-04-00 Air dehumidification equipment (climate control)
22-41-91-04 Air dehumidification equipment (climate control, parts)
22-41-04-01 Air dehumidifier (climate control)
37-09-92-00 Air duct (accessories, all materials)
37-09-92-01 Air duct (accessories, all materials)
37-18-01-00 Air duct (ventilation technology)
37-18-01-01 Air duct (ventilation technology)
37-18-01-91 Air duct (ventilation technology, divide)
37-01-19-01 Air escape valve, Venting valve
22-41-11-00 Air filter for ventilation system
22-41-11-90 Air filter for ventilation system (unclassified)
27-21-07-02 Air filter reducing stat., Controller (signal processing)
27-20-08-02 Air flow monitor
30-02-17-01 Air freshener
36-08-25-03 Air heater (ventilation technology)
22-41-12-01 Air heating for ventilation system, Water air heater for ventilation system
22-41-12-06 Air heating for ventilation system (electrical), Electric air heater for ventilation systems
22-41-03-00 Air humidification device (climate control)
22-41-91-03 Air humidification equipment (climate control, parts)
22-41-03-01 Air humidifier (air-conditioning), Evaporation humidifier (climate control)
36-22-01-03 Air jet vacuum pump, Fluid entrainment pump
22-41-06-00 Air line for ventilation system
24-28-07-03 Air mail label, Post note label
21-17-03-09 Air measurement needle, Drilling measuring rod
37-18-02-91 Air passage (air duct, divide)
37-18-02-00 Air passage (ventilation technology, air duct)
33-06-04-90 Air prewarmer (complete, unclassified)
36-07-04-01 Air sterilizer
27-29-38-06 Air suction filter (pneumatics)
22-41-01-03 Air supply device for ventilation system
25-07-20-00 Air transport
25-07-20-01 Air transport (collective consignment)
25-07-20-90 Air transport(unclassified)
25-12-08-00 Air travel (travel management)
25-12-08-01 Air travel (travel management)
22-41-98-01 Air treatment (maintenance, service)
22-41-99-01 Air treatment (repair)
22-41-90-00 Air treatment, ventilation system (other)
36-42-03-90 Air turbine, Flash turbine (unclassified)
27-03-12-05 Air-core transformer
22-33-04-03 Air-inflated structure, Foyer
27-29-35-01 Air-oil-actuator (pneumatics)
29-10-03-11 Air-tight bag, Film bag
22-11-06-01 Air/negative pressure behaviour, Refurbishment of building components containing harmful substances
25-02-04-12 Airborne noise protection (structural planning), Sound insulation, acoustics (building planning)
22-41-05-03 Airconditioner, Room climate control device
28-03-90-00 Aircraft (other)
28-03-91-00 Aircraft (parts)
24-26-23-01 Airmail envelope, Envelope
24-34-03-03 Airmail paper, Writing paper
28-03-01-00 Airplane
28-03-01-01 Airplane
24-30-16-01 Airport information board, Letterboard
24-29-22-01 Aktendulli, Filing strip fastener
38-03-04-10 Alabaster (chemikal), Calcium sulfate
19-08-04-03 Alarm clock, Clock radio
27-39-02-90 Alarm installation, Intrusion protection technology (unclassified)
22-10-52-07 Alarm system (electrical installation)
24-38-92-02 Alarm system (safety deposit box)
24-34-04-90 Album (unclassified)
24-34-04-01 Album for DDR ceremony giving 14 year olds adult status, Photo-album
24-22-02-01 Album for business cards, Business card file
29-04-03-00 Alcohol free drink, Drink, fruit juice
23-05-09-08 Aligning needle roller bearing
30-01-07-04 Alkali metal and alloy
22-23-01-01 All glass outer wall panelling, External glass facing
24-23-02-02 All purpose glue cartridge (office, handicrafts)
32-01-08-01 All-gas burner (lab)
24-26-17-04 All-in-one transparency, Multi purpose transparency film
19-02-02-08 All-in-one-device, Multi-functional printer
23-03-10-05 All-metal coupling (ductile)
23-18-01-00 All-metal damper, Vibration damper
27-20-04-05 All-metal flowmeter, Flowmeter (susp. sphere)
27-37-16-00 All-or-nothing relay
24-23-03-10 All-purpose adhesive tape (office), Cloth tape (office)
30-02-14-01 All-purpose cleaning agent
24-23-01-09 All-purpose glue (brush), Reaction glue
24-23-01-01 All-purpose glue (office)
29-03-03-01 All-purpose slicer (household, manual)
21-10-04-20 All-purpose st. tank, Storage tank (storage equip., workshop)
40-03-02-04 All-purpose wipe, cosmetic wipe
27-14-41-02 All-round gate drive, Garage door motor
27-14-34-01 All-rubber distributor, CEE plug socket combination
25-15-03-00 Allocation of funds (financial services)
25-26-03-03 Allocation of work, Progressing, production planning (consulting)
18-16-02-00 Alloy and additive system
35-01-05-11 Alloyed special sheet steel, Sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
35-02-02-01 Alminum wire, Wire (NF metal)
24-22-10-05 Alpahnumeric stamp
27-14-32-01 Alphanumeric display
34-05-76-01 Alterant agent (active substance)
34-39-04-02 Alternating pressure mattress (patient positioning)
34-46-04-00 Alternative medicine article (for special applications)
34-46-04-90 Alternative medicine article (for special applications, unclassified)
34-46-95-00 Alternative medicine article (introduction, training)
34-46-95-90 Alternative medicine article (introduction, training, unclassified)
35-02-07-01 Alu foil, Foil (NF metal)
24-33-07-01 Alu foil, metal foil (for handicrafts)
29-10-03-09 Alufoil (other consumable material, kitchen)
23-33-02-03 Aluminium adhesive tape
22-24-01-01 Aluminium band (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
32-03-15-02 Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
41-08-03-01 Aluminium case (marketing)
22-21-01-02 Aluminium ceiling board, Floor slab
24-33-06-03 Aluminium corrugated cardboard, Corrugated board for handicrafts
24-33-05-07 Aluminium crepe, Crepe
22-15-03-01 Aluminium gutter, Drainage channel
22-27-03-01 Aluminium guttering, Gutter
21-04-09-01 Aluminium hammer, Hammer
24-33-06-01 Aluminium handicraft cardboard, Board for handicrafts
30-25-01-03 Aluminium hydroxide (flame retardant), Hydroxide (flame retardant)
22-14-01-07 Aluminium lead pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
21-16-02-02 Aluminium levelling bar, Grade stake
27-37-12-07 Aluminium mounting plate, Installation plate for command devices
22-15-01-01 Aluminium outlet, Drain
22-24-01-02 Aluminium profile sheet (construction material), Fitted sheet metal (building material)
22-27-03-02 Aluminium rain downpipe, Rainwater pipe
22-27-92-01 Aluminium roof accessories, Roofing (accessories)
22-15-04-02 Aluminium shaft cover, Shaft cover
22-23-01-04 Aluminium sheet outer wall panelling, External metal facing
22-24-01-03 Aluminium sheet sandwich element, Sandwich element (metal)
22-25-04-01 Aluminium shingle, Shingle
26-01-03-05 Aluminium trisodium hexafluoride, Cryolite (extraction product )
22-48-02-02 Aluminium wallpaper, Metal wallpaper
38-12-03-01 Aluminum
38-12-06-17 Aluminum acetylacetonate
38-12-04-00 Aluminum compound with O (Al [H] O)
32-03-12-01 Aluminum foil (lab)
24-34-06-01 Aluminum frame, Picture frame
35-02-03-02 Aluminum round rod, Round material (NF metal)
25-05-06-18 Aluminum scrap (disposal)
30-02-17-00 Ambient fragrancing, odour remover
28-06-01-02 Ambulance
24-27-02-04 American journal, Journal, journalblock
34-16-01-00 Amino acid
38-06-01-02 Ammonia (gas, chemical)
26-04-12-10 Ammonia (industrial gas)
32-14-19-05 Ammonium iron(III) citrate, Iron compound (organic) (lab)
19-07-04-08 Amplifier, Terrestrial amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-09 Amplifier, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
19-08-01-02 Amplifier, Car power amplifier
19-08-02-08 Amplifier, Hi-fi amplifier
20-01-01-00 Ampoule (glass, packing material)
34-24-92-90 Anaesthesia or intensive care supplies (accessories, unclassified)
34-24-90-00 Anaesthesia or intensive care supplies (other)
34-38-05-04 Anal plug
34-30-22-01 Anal speculum or rectal spreader
34-01-01-01 Analgetic,antirheumatic
34-17-12-02 Analog X-ray
19-06-01-01 Analog basic telephone, Telephone
24-32-01-01 Analog copier, Desk copier, office copier
27-22-05-01 Analog feedback unit (actuator), Feedback unit
27-24-22-01 Analog input, SPS analog input/output module
27-21-01-20 Analog isolating link, Input/output isolating link
19-08-06-01 Analog storage medium
19-06-01-05 Analog telephone switchboard, Telephony system
27-14-23-17 Analog timer, Clock relay (electrical)
19-08-02-07 Analog tuner, Hi-fi tuner
27-14-31-09 Analogue actuator for bus system
25-14-01-00 Analysis, Research and development inspection activity
32-01-98-00 Analysis app. (lab.,maint.,serv.), Laboratory app. (maintenance, service)
32-01-99-00 Analysis app. (lab.,repair), Laboratory app. (repair)
27-24-25-01 Analysis function, SPS programming software
32-03-17-11 Analysis funnel (lab)
32-01-11-03 Analysis mill (lab)
25-26-01-02 Analysis of factors for success (company), Company analysis
25-26-02-01 Analysis of market potential (consultancy), Market study and market analysis (consulting)
32-03-17-08 Analysis sieve (lab)
27-15-96-00 Analysis technology, device (start-up)
19-04-01-01 Analysis tool (workstation)
32-01-29-01 Analytical balance (laboratory)
32-01-07-16 Anchor mixer (laboratory, parts)
36-52-12-04 Ancillary equipment for pallets
27-20-08-01 Anemometer
34-17-22-02 Anesthesia (discontinued)
24-33-12-05 Angel hair (handicrafts essentials), Feather-, hair for handicrafts
34-23-02-90 Angiographic supplies set (unclassified)
35-01-01-01 Angle beam (steel, unalloyed)
21-17-01-10 Angle caliper
21-04-16-01 Angle clamp, Screw clamp
21-05-20-04 Angle drill (rechargeable)
21-06-01-01 Angle grinder (compressed air), Grinder (comp. air)
21-17-03-04 Angle measurement disk, Protractor (measuring instrument, length)
21-02-06-01 Angle plate, Machine vice
27-26-07-00 Angle plug (plug-in sock.), Connector
21-17-04-03 Angle probe, Length pressure foot
22-49-01-01 Angle profile (building material), Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
21-06-12-01 Angle screwdriver (compressed air), Drill driver (pneumatic)
22-36-08-07 Angle, bend (screw fitting)(plastic), Cap (fitting, plastic, installation)
24-31-01-07 Angled board (linking element), Chaining element
27-14-34-06 Angled coupling, CEE coupling
27-14-34-09 Angled plug, CEE plug
22-36-06-01 Angled, curved fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
24-25-10-01 Angled-tip nib, Drawing nip
27-29-09-05 Angular air gripper
23-05-08-03 Angular contact ball bearing
23-05-10-02 Angular contact thrust ball bearing
21-01-05-03 Angular milling cutter (w. shank, removable blades), Milling cutter (including shaft, removable blades)
22-21-01-01 Anhydrite board, Plasterboard material
22-17-04-01 Anhydrite screed, Wet cement
22-10-25-01 Anhydrite/calcium sulphate screed (screed work), Composition floor work
24-34-01-07 Animal candle, Special candle
26-02-01-01 Animal hide, leather (f. industrial use)
22-22-01-02 Animal insulating material, Insulating material
25-15-02-20 Animal insurance
19-04-01-07 Animation design, Graphics software (workstation)
41-12-01-11 Animator (conference staff), Conference staff
41-12-02-13 Animator (event staff), Event staff
41-12-03-11 Animator (fair staff), Fair staff
30-01-02-03 Anionic exchanger
34-44-90-06 Ankle or wrist weight
25-09-06-00 Annealing work (subcontracting)
25-09-06-90 Annealing work (subcontracting, unclassified)
24-34-01-06 Anniversary candle, Candle for festive occasions
24-34-03-07 Anniversary card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
19-06-01-04 Answering machine
19-07-01-01 Antenna, Indoor antenna
19-07-01-02 Antenna, Terrestrial antenna
19-07-01-04 Antenna, Satellite antenna
19-07-01-00 Antenna
19-07-90-01 Antenna (other)
19-07-99-01 Antenna (repair)
19-07-90-03 Antenna accessories (other)
19-07-92-03 Antenna assembly materials
19-07-92-01 Antenna condition pipe, Radio mast
19-07-04-01 Antenna connection outlet
19-07-04-14 Antenna measuring device (receiver technology)
19-07-92-02 Antenna support fixture
19-07-02-00 Antenna system
19-07-02-01 Antenna system
19-07-98-02 Antenna system (maintenance, inspection)
19-07-90-02 Antenna system (other)
24-23-07-05 Anti scretch felts
24-23-07-06 Anti slip pads (office), Protection buffers (office)
27-11-06-01 Anti-bacterial lamp, Fluorescent lamp
24-21-07-01 Anti-heft device set for notebook, -PC
24-31-14-02 Anti-static mat (office equipment)
19-04-01-25 Anti-virus software, Virus protection (workstation)
19-04-02-09 Anti-virus software, Virus protection (server)
34-01-02-01 Antiallergic
23-06-06-00 Antifreeze
23-05-92-00 Antifriction bearing, sliding bearing, universal joint bearing (accessories)
23-05-91-00 Antifriction bearing, sliding bearing, universal joint bearing (parts)
23-05-91-90 Antifriction bearing, sliding bearing, universal joint bearing (parts, uncl.)
24-21-05-01 Antiglare filter, Screen filter
34-01-12-01 Antiphlogistic
24-22-12-01 Antique letter scale (office), Mechanic scale
29-11-01-07 Antistatic cloth, Cloth (cleansing)
34-01-13-01 Antitussive, expectorant
34-32-03-02 Aortic stent
27-11-03-00 Aperture light, Interior light
34-31-03-00 Apparatus (surgical equipment)
25-13-08-01 Apparatus engineering (dismounting), Disassembly equipment, machine, system
36-01-90-90 Apparatus f. thermal, phyiscal-chemical material-separation (other, uncl.)
36-01-99-00 Apparatus f. thermal, phyiscal-chemical material-separation (repair)
25-02-01-01 Apparatus planning, Machine and apparatus planning
27-26-91-00 Appl. foot (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
37-01-10-00 Appliance (incl. drive)
27-06-03-04 Appliance cord
27-14-05-06 Appliance heating (electrical)
25-25-19-04 Applicant selection (guidance, training, further training)
20-41-90-90 Application aid (package insert, other, unclassified)
20-41-03-90 Application aid (package insert, plastic, unclassified)
24-29-16-04 Application binder, Job application file
25-26-12-03 Application consultation, Software consulting
19-04-01-21 Application control per language, Voice recognition software
25-25-03-01 Application information technology (training, further training)
25-24-04-01 Application provision (IT)
27-32-92-06 Application software
27-02-27-00 Application specific motor
27-02-27-90 Application specific motor (unclassified)
27-29-16-01 Application specific valve (pneumatics)
25-24-05-00 Application support (IT)
25-14-08-04 Appraisal (laboratory, analysis)
40-01-02-02 Apron
40-01-09-00 Apron (weld. protect.), Welding protection clothing
24-25-20-08 Arabic character stencil, Font template
32-03-20-02 Araeometer (lab)
30-17-03-01 Aramid fiber (filler), Fiber filler
36-60-92-29 Arbor, Lathe tip, arbor, chuck (machine tool)
22-33-08-01 Arbor
22-33-08-00 Arbor, winter garden
33-01-01-00 Arc process inst. (compl.), Chemical plant (complete)
22-36-06-04 Arc-T (fitting with thread, malleable iron) (installation), Curved t-joint fitting (fitting, steel, installation)
24-33-09-02 Arch pattern shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
24-25-20-04 Architect's garden plan stencil, Template for survey, house automation
25-25-15-01 Architecture (training, further training)
25-02-04-00 Architecture and building planning
25-02-04-90 Architecture and building planning (unclassified)
27-14-34-02 Architecture socket, CEE/protected architectural set (ip44)
24-29-09-03 Archiv drawer
24-29-09-04 Archiv magazin file
24-29-10-03 Archive bar, Storage rod
24-29-09-02 Archive box, Storage box, storage magazine file
24-26-12-10 Archive cardboard (mount), Passepartout carton
24-29-10-02 Archive refiler, Transfer mechanism
24-31-09-02 Archive wagon (office equipment), Cart with filing attachments (office equipment)
25-26-03-01 Archiving (technology consultancy), Development and production (consulting)
30-30-01-00 Area disinfectant
30-30-01-02 Area disinfectant solution (ready-for-use)
30-02-16-01 Argent cleaning agent, Precious metal care agent
21-08-07-01 Argon welding mach., Welding machine
24-31-11-00 Armchair, Chairs (office equipment)
24-31-11-02 Armchair (for visitors), Visitor chair, conference chair
24-31-11-04 Armchair (reception), Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
22-49-02-02 Armoring
24-31-12-01 Armrest for seating furniture, Chair equipment
29-04-35-00 Aroma, confection. raw mat., essence, Conditor raw mat., aroma, essence (Food, luxury foods)
39-03-29-00 Aromatic quaternary ammonium compound
34-45-10-03 Arrangement system container
41-14-09-05 Arranger (music-composition/arrangement ), Musik-compostion/arrangement (marketing)
24-28-08-01 Arrow label, Reference, text label
25-25-15-02 Art (training, further training)
24-30-18-13 Art calendar
25-16-01-14 Art design (classical modernism)
25-16-01-04 Art design (contemporary)
24-35-01-05 Art guide, Guide book
19-09-02-04 Art paper
25-16-01-43 Art print (unclassified)
24-34-03-06 Art print card, Congradulations card (neutral)
25-16-01-00 Art, culture, monuments
25-16-01-90 Art, culture, monuments(unclassified)
28-01-02-00 Articulated road train, Motor truck
27-38-01-01 Articulated robot
28-08-02-00 Articulated trailer (truck >7.5t), Trailer (truck,>7.5t)
30-14-04-00 Artificial and natural fiber (sealant)
27-14-26-03 Artificial extension line
24-25-03-01 Artificial resin coloured pencil, Coloured pencil
22-46-03-01 Artificial turf, Plastic flooring
24-25-03-04 Artist coloured pencil (pastel), Pastel pencil
24-25-03-05 Artist graphite pencil, Graphit pencil
24-25-03-03 Artist pencil (watercolour), Watercolour pencil
24-25-15-07 Artist's brush (bristle), Bristle brush
24-25-15-06 Artist's brush (retouching), Gloss over brush
24-25-15-03 Artist's brush (watercolours), Watercolour brush
24-25-17-01 Artist's chalk holder, Chalk holder
24-26-11-01 Artist's drawing block, Drawing block
24-26-11-02 Artist's drawing paper, Drawing paper
24-25-14-07 Artist's oil paint, Oil colour, Oil colour box
24-26-12-90 Artists paper (unclassified)
25-05-06-30 Asbestos (disposal)
22-13-01-02 Ash (building material)
41-03-01-04 Ashtrays (conference, marketing)
40-01-16-03 Asorbent cotton (ear protect.), Ear protection plug
22-13-01-08 Asphalt
22-10-80-01 Asphalt base courses (street, road building), Road construction work
22-17-03-02 Asphalt mastix, Joint sealant (building material)
32-03-05-23 Aspirator bottle (lab)
25-13-04-02 Assembly (M, C)
25-13-04-03 Assembly (electro technology, low-voltage)
25-13-07-01 Assembly (electro technology, middle, high voltage)
25-13-03-01 Assembly (long-distance line)
25-13-02-01 Assembly (piping), Pipeline assembly
25-13-04-04 Assembly (telecommunications technology, information technology)
35-01-04-03 Assembly bar (alloyed steel), Hoop steel (steel, alloyed)
35-01-04-01 Assembly bar (plain carbon steel), Steel band (steel, unalloyed)
25-13-01-00 Assembly equipment, machine, system
25-13-01-01 Assembly equipment, machine, system
23-25-03-11 Assembly fitting
22-21-01-00 Assembly fixture, floor slab
22-10-86-01 Assembly for construction site (construction site equipment), Construction site equipment
25-13-97-01 Assembly of technical building equipment
29-02-91-09 Assembly parts (cooker hood), Kitchen appliance (other, electrical, parts, household
25-02-01-06 Assembly planning
33-08-01-00 Assembly plant (complete)
33-08-01-90 Assembly plant (complete, unclassified)
33-08-02-00 Assembly station (complete)
33-08-02-90 Assembly station (complete, unclassified)
27-18-09-00 Assembly support, Sub-rack
22-21-02-00 Assembly system (construction system component)
22-21-02-91 Assembly system (construction system component, parts)
21-13-21-10 Assembly tools (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
22-33-01-01 Assembly units (pre-stressed concrete), Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
25-13-90-00 Assembly, disassembly (other)
25-13-90-90 Assembly, disassembly (other, unclassified)
36-65-92-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (accessories, additional equipment)
36-65-97-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (assembly)
36-65-97-90 Assembly- a. handling technology (assembly, unclassified)
36-65-98-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (maintenance, service)
36-65-98-90 Assembly- a. handling technology (maintenance, service, unclassified)
36-65-90-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (other)
36-65-90-90 Assembly- a. handling technology (other, unclassified)
36-65-91-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (parts)
36-65-99-00 Assembly- a. handling technology (repair)
25-15-14-00 Asset management (financial service)
25-15-14-90 Asset management (financial service, unclassified)
25-24-05-03 Assistance (application support, IT)
25-26-02-06 Assistance in negotiations, External trade consultation
25-16-17-00 Association activity (service)
25-16-17-01 Association activity (service)
25-15-06-01 Association contribution, Contribution (financial services)
24-35-04-01 Atlas
21-04-02-23 Attachable ratch. (torque wrench)
24-36-02-03 Attache case
19-04-01-30 Auction software, Industry software (workstation)
19-04-02-13 Auction software, Purchasing software (server)
19-03-05-05 Audio adapter
24-28-02-11 Audio label
19-08-05-07 Audio mixer, Video editing device
19-06-92-05 Audio recorder, Telecommunication enhancement component
19-08-02-01 Audio system, Complete hi-fi system
19-08-02-11 Audio/mixer/control panel
19-08-06-00 Audio/video storage medium
19-08-90-06 Audio/video storage medium (other)
41-12-01-06 Audiovisual media / computers (conference-technics), Conference-technics
24-31-11-03 Auditorium chair, General-purpose chair
28-10-01-00 Auto (container), Tank (vehicle)
28-01-98-00 Auto (maint., serv.), Vehicle (maintenance, service)
28-01-99-00 Auto (repair), Vehicle (repair)
19-03-05-10 Auto switch, Two-way switch (PC-supplies)
32-01-19-00 Autoclave (acc., lab)
32-01-19-01 Autoclave (acc., lab)
34-41-01-03 Autoclave (medicine)
36-02-01-03 Autoclave (reactor)
36-07-01-01 Autoclave (sterilizer)
32-03-18-06 Autom. tilter (lab)
29-06-02-09 Automat. grill oven (commercial kitchen equipment), Grill (commercial kitchen equipment)
29-06-01-00 Automat. refrigerator (commercial kitchen, catering), Refrigerator, freezer (commercial kitchen, catering)
21-06-08-05 Automatic air brush (comp. air)
19-07-01-03 Automatic antenna, Car antenna
27-14-19-06 Automatic cut-out (parts)
36-60-06-15 Automatic face grinder f. circular workpieces (machine tool)
29-07-01-02 Automatic food slicer (commercial kitchen appliance), Cutting mach. (commercial kitchen appliance)
27-13-07-02 Automatic load control
17-13-01-00 Automatic machine for cable processing
17-13-92-01 Automatic machine for cable processing (accessories)
17-13-92-90 Automatic machines for electric trade (accessories, unclassified)
24-22-10-04 Automatic numberer
24-24-03-01 Automatic pencil, Retractable-, propelling pencil
36-60-07-16 Automatic polishing machine (machine tool)
27-14-40-48 Automatic switch, Timer
27-14-40-08 Automatic switch attachment, Movement alarm unit sensor
27-37-17-01 Automatic timing relay, Standard timed relay
32-03-50-90 Automatic titrator (accessories, laboratory, unclassified)
27-24-95-01 Automation (introduction, training)
33-19-01-00 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete)
33-19-97-00 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, complete, assembly)
33-19-98-90 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, maint., serv., uncl.)
33-19-98-00 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, maintenance, service)
33-19-90-00 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, other)
33-19-90-90 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, other, unclassified)
33-19-99-00 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, repair)
33-19-01-90 Automation f. chemical process technology (complete, unclassified)
33-19-05-00 Automation for foundry practice (complete)
33-19-05-90 Automation for foundry practice (complete, unclassified)
33-19-04-90 Automation for rolling mill (complete, unclassified)
27-24-25-89 Automation software, other, Software (control, other)
25-02-13-00 Automation technology (planning)
25-02-13-90 Automation technology (planning, unclassified)
28-01-90-00 Automobile (other)
28-01-90-90 Automobile (other, unclassified)
28-01-91-00 Automobile (parts)
28-01-91-90 Automobile (parts, unclassified)
25-25-04-11 Automobile technology (training, further training)
28-08-01-00 Automobile trailer, Trailer (auto)
27-05-06-04 Automotive charger, Portable battery charger
19-08-01-04 Automotive loudspeaker, Car speakers
19-08-01-03 Automotive monitor, Car video
25-25-18-11 Automotive trade (training, further training)
28-11-01-00 Automotive vehicle (farming)
28-11-01-01 Automotive vehicle (farming)
34-22-10-02 Autoreinfusion collection bag or container
27-14-35-02 Auxiliary contact, Help contact / signal contact
19-07-04-02 Auxiliary device distributor, Divider and distributer (receiver technology)
27-37-13-02 Auxiliary switch block
28-04-05-00 Auxiliary vehicle (railborne), Working-, secondary-, special- and staff wagon
27-14-05-00 Auxylary heating (electr.)
25-15-02-03 Aviation comprehensive insurance, Transport insurance
25-15-02-10 Aviation insurance
25-15-02-01 Aviation liability insurance, General liability insurance
25-11-03-03 Awards
21-04-08-02 Awl
22-32-02-03 Awning
27-14-92-00 Awning control, Electronic installation system, device (accessories)
27-14-41-04 Awning drive, Tube motor
21-04-19-00 Ax, cleaving tools
21-04-91-13 Axe handle, Shovel handle
23-07-09-21 Axial face seal (complete)
23-07-91-21 Axial face seal (parts)
23-07-09-00 Axial face seal, distribution system
36-43-09-90 Axial fan, Ventilator (unclassified)
36-43-03-01 Axial flow turbo compr., Turbocompressor (axial flow)
27-30-11-01 Axial piston motor (hydraulics)
36-41-05-01 Axial piston pump
36-41-91-90 Axial piston pump (parts), Pump (parts, unclassified)
23-05-12-04 Axial/radial roller bearing
25-02-10-07 Axle (development), Component development
30-21-02-01 Azodicarbonamide (blowing agent)

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