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27-14-05-02 BICC cable, Heat cond. (mineral insul., el.)
19-07-04-10 BK amplifier (receiver technology)
19-07-04-01 BK antenna socket, Antenna connection outlet
21-17-03-09 BMD, Drilling measuring rod
27-06-18-05 BMK, Telecomminucations cable
27-26-07-00 BNC connect. (plug-in sock.), Connector
19-07-04-03 BNC terminal resistor, Load resistor (receiver technology)
25-26-03-01 BOM lists organization, Development and production (consulting)
27-05-04-01 Baby (IEC 286, portable batt.), Portable battery
24-34-04-01 Baby album, Photo-album
29-14-02-00 Baby care product
29-14-01-00 Baby care supplies, Child care supplies
29-14-92-00 Baby care supplies (accessories)
29-14-90-00 Baby care supplies (other)
29-02-03-01 Baby food warmer (household appliance, electrical)
29-14-01-10 Baby potty or toilet seat
40-01-21-06 Baby romper (re-usable)
29-14-02-05 Baby shampoo or shower gel
40-01-21-05 Baby shirt or jacket (re-usable)
29-14-02-07 Baby sun protection product
29-14-01-09 Baby toys
41-12-01-09 Back drop (conference artwork), Conference artwork
41-12-02-07 Back drop (event artwork), Event artwork
41-12-03-03 Back drop (fair artwork), Fair artwork
41-14-08-03 Back drop (press conference artwork), Press conference artwork
41-01-02-07 Back pack (promotional article)
36-42-01-02 Back pressure turbine
21-04-22-01 Back saw (handheld), Hand saw (with handle)
40-01-91-14 Back support belt
34-45-09-04 Back wall (cupboard, shelves, functional trolley)
24-31-08-90 Back wall of cabinet (office equipment), Cabinet, shelf (office equipment, accessories, unclassified)
24-26-12-09 Background cardboard, Drawing-, draft carton
41-04-01-06 Background wall (marketing)
24-33-01-03 Backpack for school, Satchel, school back-pack
24-26-17-08 Backprint film
24-31-12-01 Backrest upholstery for seating furniture, Chair equipment
21-01-01-03 Backspot facer (removable blades), Drill (removable blades)
19-04-02-01 Backup (server)
19-04-01-04 Backup (workstation)
19-03-02-01 Backup drive, Disk drive (PC)
19-03-02-08 Backup drive, Tape drive (PC)
25-26-12-05 Backup software, Data protection (consulting)
24-26-12-10 Backwall cardboard (mount), Passepartout carton
41-01-04-07 Badge (promotional article)
24-30-17-04 Badge reel for name badges, Name badge fastening
24-36-02-00 Bag
20-03-02-00 Bag (paper, packing material)
20-03-01-00 Bag (plastic, packing material)
20-03-01-90 Bag (plastic, packing material, unclassified)
24-36-02-90 Bag (unclassified)
19-10-02-07 Bag and case for photo camera and video camera
29-12-01-91 Bag attachment ring for waste-paper basket, Dispenser, waste bin (parts)
24-29-30-03 Bag banderol, Coin-, banknote counting supplies
36-20-19-15 Bag filter (for gases)
36-10-20-01 Bag filter (for liquids)
36-20-19-09 Bag filter (hose type) (for gases)
36-20-19-11 Bag filter (pocket type) (for gases)
24-36-02-09 Bag for clothes, beauty bag
24-25-26-04 Bag for drawing plate
21-16-05-92 Bag for field book frame, Surveying instrument (accessories)
21-16-01-92 Bag for measurement wheel, Measuring tool (surveying, accessories)
21-16-02-92 Bag for range pole, levelling bar, Ranging pole, grade stake (accessories)
24-36-02-07 Bag for travel luggage, Travelling bag, backpack
36-52-08-01 Bag form fill seal machine
29-02-90-12 Bag sealer (household appliance)
24-36-90-00 Bag, case (other)
28-04-04-14 Baggage car
36-15-01-00 Bagging machine, Filling, loading, unloading device (for bulk materials)
36-15-91-90 Bagging machine (parts), Filling, loading, unloading device (parts, unclassified)
24-34-02-03 Baked goods bag (wedding), Gift bag
17-01-01-00 Bakery machinery
17-01-01-90 Bakery machinery (unclassified)
29-06-02-08 Baking device (commercial kitchen equipment), Oven, oven-grill (commercial kitchen)
32-01-29-03 Balance (acc., lab)
32-01-29-00 Balance (laboratory)
22-28-01-01 Balance door system, Door system
24-27-02-03 Balance sheet, Column book, column sheets
25-26-01-03 Balanced Scorecard, Strategic business planning
36-64-03-00 Balancing machine a. vibration measuring system
36-64-03-90 Balancing machine a. vibration measuring system (unclassified)
22-33-01-01 Balcony floor tile, Prefabricated concrete cover, prefabricated concrete slab
22-35-01-01 Balcony glazing, Glass (building material)
19-07-92-02 Balcony stand, Antenna support fixture
35-01-04-01 Baling hoop (steel unalloyed), Steel band (steel, unalloyed)
41-01-10-03 Ball (promotional article)
21-04-15-01 Ball bearing puller, Take-off device
21-17-02-05 Ball gauge
36-60-06-32 Ball grinding a. lapping machine (machine tool)
32-01-11-02 Ball mil (lab)
36-18-02-02 Ball mill
23-06-10-05 Ball oiler, Oiler
24-24-08-01 Ball pen refill
24-22-10-06 Ball point pen with stamp plate, Stamp writer
36-63-90-32 Ball press (machine tool)
37-01-08-01 Ball reflux valve, Non return valve
23-30-08-01 Ball screw screw
32-01-03-07 Ball top attachment (parts,lab)
23-06-10-13 Ball type lubricating nipple, Lubricating arrangement (oil)
37-01-04-00 Ball valve
37-01-04-01 Ball valve
27-30-92-01 Ball valve (hydraulics)
37-01-10-05 Ball valve (w. actuator)
27-29-20-02 Ball valve and non-return valve (pneumatics)
24-25-10-01 Ball-tip nib, Drawing nip
22-13-01-00 Ballast, ash, salts (building materials)
22-13-01-90 Ballast, ash, salts (building materials, unclassified)
24-34-07-03 Balloon
24-24-05-01 Ballpoint pen
24-24-09-01 Ballpoint pen (multifunctional writing instrument), Multifunction pen
41-01-01-01 Ballpoint pen (promotional article), Writing materials (promotional article)
41-02-01-01 Ballpoint pen (promotional article)
24-24-06-01 Ballpoint pen gas refill, Refill lead
24-24-13-01 Ballpoint pen in writing set, Writing set
24-24-10-01 Ballpoint pen refill for multifunctional writing instrument, Multifunction pen lead
24-33-05-05 Banana paper, Tissue paper
23-17-06-02 Band
23-14-02-00 Band clamp, Pipe clamp
21-01-16-01 Band saw blade
36-60-06-42 Band saw blade grinding machine (machine tool)
23-17-06-00 Band, cable
22-31-01-00 Banister
22-31-01-01 Banister
22-31-01-91 Banister (parts)
22-31-90-00 Banister construction (building element, other)
22-31-90-90 Banister construction (building element, other, unclassified)
23-11-01-20 Banjo bolt
25-15-14-02 Bank bonds, Pension market (financial service)
24-29-01-02 Bank file, Double file folder
24-29-01-01 Bank file (double file), Lever arch file
24-27-01-08 Bank form, Transaction form
24-30-16-01 Bank information board, Letterboard
24-22-01-21 Bank moistener kit, Moistener (office)
24-38-02-02 Bank note system
24-29-29-01 Bank note teller, Coin counter tray, note compartement
19-04-01-30 Bank software, Industry software (workstation)
19-04-02-12 Bank software, Industry software (server)
24-22-14-06 Bank wax, Sealing wax
24-29-30-01 Banknote tester
41-11-01-02 Banner (outdoor advertising, marketing)
24-26-06-12 Banner paper for inkjet printers, Inkjet banner paper
35-03-03-00 Bar (plastic), Rod material (plastic)
25-20-02-01 Bar (service)
29-06-07-00 Bar (serving of drinks), Serving equipment
29-06-07-01 Bar (serving)
35-01-01-16 Bar (stainless steel), Rail (steel, alloyed)
25-20-02-02 Bar and entertainment restaurant (service)
29-06-07-91 Bar equipment (catering, parts)
19-08-92-04 Bar headphones, Headphones
23-19-01-09 Bar lock
21-04-06-01 Bar shearing mach., Scissors
35-01-03-00 Bar stock (alloyed special steel), Rod material (iron, steel)
35-01-17-00 Bar, slab, block (iron, steel)
27-11-06-01 Bar-shaped L-lamp, Fluorescent lamp
29-02-02-09 Barbecue (household appliance), Grill (household)
22-52-02-02 Barbed wire, Fence, fencing system
36-63-90-22 Barbed wire making machine (machine tool)
24-28-08-01 Barcode label (self-adhesive), Reference, text label
28-05-01-00 Barge, Water vehicle
38-11-05-04 Barium peroxide
24-33-09-02 Baroque pattern shears, Motive scissors (discontinued)
23-05-09-12 Barrel bearing
21-07-01-01 Barrel cart, Hand cart (workshop)
36-15-01-02 Barrel filling (for bulk materials)
36-15-03-02 Barrel filling (for liquids)
36-08-12-00 Barrel furnace
36-08-12-90 Barrel furnace (unclassified)
23-11-08-07 Barrel nut
24-31-01-08 Barrel-shaped table (meeting table, conference table), Meeting room table, conference table
41-11-02-03 Barricades (sport location advertising)
40-02-02-00 Barrier (Occupational safety)
22-52-01-01 Barrier (civil engineering)
40-02-02-02 Barrier (manual), Roadblocks, barriers
22-52-01-02 Barrier beam, Turnstile, rotating barrier, gate
40-02-02-01 Barrier post, Chain barrier post, barrier post
22-33-06-00 Barrier wall, retaining wall
22-52-01-00 Barrier, gate
22-52-01-90 Barrier, gate (unclassified)
22-52-90-00 Barrier, security device (construction, other)
22-52-90-90 Barrier, security device (construction, other, unclassified)
22-33-06-02 Barriers, Palisades, steles, thresholds
27-14-21-06 Base, Low-Voltage HRC fuse base
27-37-16-03 Base, Relay version
24-31-05-01 Base (base container), Container for under desk
24-31-16-02 Base (wall unit), Cabinet wall, shelf wall (office equipment, accessories)
19-07-04-11 Base cabinet, Head-end (receiver technology
24-31-16-01 Base cantilever (movable wall), Wall unit, partition (space pattern, accessories)
24-31-05-02 Base container (mobile container), Roller container
24-31-05-03 Base container (standing container), Stable container
22-10-80-01 Base courses (streets, road building), Road construction work
19-07-04-09 Base device, SAT amplifier (receiver technology)
24-29-12-05 Base for drawer box, Rubber foot for lettertray
27-18-92-39 Base frame (enclosure), Swing frame (switchgear cabinet)
21-02-91-07 Base jaw, Clamping element, quick change (parts)
22-49-01-01 Base profile, Plaster selvedge, plaster profile
22-16-01-02 Base slab, Natural stone
19-06-92-01 Base station, Recharger for hardware communication technology
27-18-20-02 Base/plinth complete (switchgear cabinet)
22-19-02-01 Basement light shaft
22-19-02-00 Basement light shaft, grate
34-37-04-02 Baseplate, wafer (ostomy care, pre-cut)
41-14-01-90 Basic concept, competition presentation (e-media, marketing)
41-14-04-05 Basic concept, competitive presentation (advertisement)
41-14-07-02 Basic concept/competitive presentation (PR, marketing)
27-24-22-07 Basic device for PC, SPS basic equipment
25-02-10-07 Basic engine (development), Component development
25-02-08-02 Basic planning (process control), Process control planning
21-10-04-01 Basic shelf, Shelf (workshop)
19-06-01-01 Basic telephone, Telephone
22-36-03-11 Basin mixer
29-12-01-02 Basket (cleaner), Waste bin
34-45-10-03 Basket (cupboard, shelves, functional trolley), Arrangement system container
34-41-08-00 Basket (sterilization)
34-41-08-92 Basket (sterilization, accessories)
41-01-07-03 Basket of gifts (promotional article)
19-08-01-04 Bass reflex loudspeaker, Car speakers
25-26-05-01 Batch size determination, Logistics planning and requirements planning (consulting)
40-03-01-03 Bath additive (cosmetic), Skin cleansing
30-02-15-01 Bath cleaning agent
22-41-09-05 Bath fan, Small space fan
23-21-02-92 Bath/toilet set (accessories)
23-21-02-00 Bath/toilet set and included individual parts
40-01-13-04 Bathing sandals, Sandals, lab shoes
19-08-04-01 Bathroom radio, Radio
29-02-14-14 Bathroom scales (electr., household)
22-36-03-14 Bathtub
24-33-11-07 Batik colour (handicrafts colour)
22-29-01-06 Batten (wood)
22-10-20-01 Battens, shuttering, roofing (roofing work), Roofing work
19-06-92-02 Battery, Rechargeable battery for mobile telecommunication
25-05-06-02 Battery (disposal), Industrial waste similar to municipal (disposal)
27-05-98-00 Battery (maint., serv.), Accumulator (maintenance, service)
27-05-91-00 Battery (parts), Accumulator (parts)
27-05-99-00 Battery (repair), Accumulator (repair)
27-05-01-00 Battery (station.), Station. batt., accum.
27-23-02-31 Battery backup card (proc. comp.), Pow., curr. supp. (proc. comp.)
27-05-92-01 Battery box
27-26-91-00 Battery case (electr. comp., parts), Electronic component (parts)
27-05-06-04 Battery charger, Portable battery charger
27-05-06-00 Battery charger
21-05-92-01 Battery charger (electrical tools)
27-05-91-11 Battery charger (parts)
27-05-06-90 Battery charger (unclassified)
27-05-91-04 Battery monitor
21-05-92-02 Battery pack (electrical tools)
27-20-03-08 Battery testing device, Voltage tester
22-33-05-04 Bay, Prefabricated balcony, balustrade
27-18-01-01 Bayed enclosure, Enclosure (empty)
27-18-92-04 Baying system (switchgear cabinet)
41-01-03-05 Beach goods (promotional article)
36-63-90-06 Beading machine (machine tool)
32-03-01-00 Beaker (lab)
20-02-02-00 Beaker (paper, packing material)
20-02-01-00 Beaker (plastic, packing material)
20-02-01-01 Beaker (plastic, packing material)
20-02-02-01 Beaker (wrapping paper, packing material)
32-03-01-13 Beaker, glas (lab)
32-03-01-01 Beaker, plastic (lab)
24-31-17-01 Beamer furniture, Projection furniture
23-05-01-00 Bearing (plain), Plain bearing
23-05-99-00 Bearing (repair)
21-13-04-03 Bearing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
35-01-06-01 Bearing bush (alloyed cast steel), Hollow cylind. (steel casting, unalloyed)
23-05-17-00 Bearing housing
23-07-91-21 Bearing ring (axial face seal, parts), Axial face seal (parts)
23-05-08-02 Bearing with spherical outside surface
22-17-01-02 Beaumontage, Paint, laquer, coating (building material)
29-13-02-04 Bed-sheet
29-13-02-00 Bedding
29-13-02-90 Beddings (other, unclassified)
34-45-90-01 Bedside screen, Visual cover (hospital furniture)
34-45-04-92 Bedside table (medicine), Hospital bed (accessories)
29-04-10-00 Beef, Meat
25-15-02-20 Beef cattle insurance, Animal insurance
29-04-04-00 Beer, Spirits, beer
24-27-01-12 Beer token, Form for catering trade
25-25-16-01 Beginner course (languages, training, further training)
36-08-05-90 Bell furnace (unclassified)
27-03-11-01 Bell transformer (<= 18VA)
27-06-20-01 Bell wire, Single core cord
36-41-05-02 Bellow-type dosing pump, Piston pump
37-01-02-01 Bellow-type shut-off valve, Shut-off valve
27-29-05-01 Bellows actuator (pneumatics)
24-30-03-13 Below surface metal board (planning), Presentation board
40-01-91-07 Belt
21-07-91-04 Belt (general), Stopping material (parts)
27-32-01-10 Belt checkweigher
36-16-03-02 Belt drier
24-21-06-01 Belt for cable fastener (office), Cable clip (office)
33-03-05-00 Belt inst., convey. belt (compl.), Conveyor belt, belt installation (complete)
23-11-01-13 Belt lock, Screw, not flatly surface-mounted, outer drive
27-14-41-07 Belt take-up reel
27-32-02-01 Belt weigher (conv.), Conveyor belt scale
27-32-02-02 Belt weighfeeder
23-17-02-00 Beltdrive
23-17-02-90 Beltdrive (unclassified)
24-31-11-04 Bench (reception), Reception chairs, waiting room chairs
36-63-01-03 Bench eccentric press (machine tool)
36-60-01-03 Bench lathe f. precision mechanics, short-bed lathe, watchmakers' lathe (mt.)
36-60-02-01 Bench type drilling machine (machine tool)
41-04-04-05 Bench, wood (floor display, marketing)
25-26-01-02 Benchmarking, Company analysis
37-02-05-01 Bend (plain carbon steel), Elbow (steel)
36-63-13-00 Bending a. straightening machine (machine tool)
36-63-13-90 Bending a. straightening machine (machine tool, unclassified)
36-63-07-00 Bending a. straightening press (machine tool)
36-63-07-90 Bending a. straightening press (machine tool, unclassified)
25-14-11-02 Bending test, Destructive examination (material and component)
30-01-03-01 Bentonite (absorbent), Inorganic absorbent
22-26-01-04 Bentonite sheeting, Plastic sheet (roof waterproofing)
26-01-05-11 Bentonite, calcian
39-05-05-10 Benzoyl chloride
39-02-45-15 Benzyl benzoate
23-17-01-03 Bevel gear
23-32-01-03 Bevel gear units
23-17-01-04 Bevel wheel
34-40-92-02 Bib (with drip pan) (patient care)
28-07-98-00 Bicycle (maintenance, service)
28-07-01-00 Bicycle (motor)
28-07-01-01 Bicycle (motor)
28-07-90-00 Bicycle (other)
28-07-91-00 Bicycle (parts)
28-07-91-01 Bicycle (parts)
28-07-99-00 Bicycle (repair)
28-07-99-01 Bicycle (repair)
27-11-06-32 Bicycle headlamp, Vehicle lamp
25-15-02-25 Bicycle insurance, Insurance against material damage (unclassified)
22-54-05-02 Bicycle stand
22-54-05-90 Bicycle storage (unclassified)
25-15-02-28 Bicycle traffic insurance, Mixed insurance (unclassified)
28-08-90-00 Bicycle trailer, Trailer (other)
20-24-04-01 Big Bag, FIBC (plastic-textile)
33-03-34-01 Big-Bag emptying installation (complete)
28-07-02-00 Bike
28-07-02-01 Bike
34-29-02-08 Biliary endoprosthesis
24-35-01-01 Bilingual dictionary, Dictionary
37-01-07-08 Bimetal steam trap
27-20-02-03 Bimetal thermom., Thermometer (bimetal)
21-01-05-04 Bimetallic endless saw blade, Milling cutter (including shaft, non-removable blades)
25-26-05-04 Bin location management, Warehouse planning and organization
27-21-01-21 Binary isolating link, Isolating switch transf.
17-12-03-00 Binding and stapling (post press)
24-32-14-05 Binding back opener, Other binding system accessory
24-32-14-02 Binding cover
24-32-13-00 Binding system
24-32-13-90 Binding system (unclassified)
24-32-14-00 Binding system accessory
24-32-14-90 Binding system accessory (unclassified)
35-01-02-11 Binding wire (alloyed steel), Wire (steel, alloyed)
24-33-12-08 Binding wire (handicrafts essentials), Handicrafts wire
35-02-02-01 Binding wire (non-fer.metal), Wire (NF metal)
35-01-02-01 Binding wire (plain carbon steel), Wire products (steel, unalloyed)
24-34-08-01 Binokel (playing cards), Playing-card
26-02-11-00 Biogas, Fermentation gas
33-05-02-00 Biolog. wastewater purif.instal.(compl), Wastewater treatment plant (complete)
36-20-19-17 Biological filter (for gases)
34-41-06-01 Biological indicator (steam sterilization)
33-04-08-02 Biomass power plant (biogas)
27-28-02-00 Biometric identification
27-28-02-01 Biometric identification
34-29-91-02 Biopsy needle (biopsy or puncture system)
36-02-04-90 Bioreactor (unclassified)
32-01-12-00 Biotech. appl. (acc., lab)
32-01-12-01 Biotech. appl. (other, lab)
24-30-18-14 Birthday calendar, Celebration planner
24-34-01-06 Birthday candle, Candle for festive occasions
24-34-03-07 Birthday card, Greetings card, card of condolence (preprinted)
24-34-07-10 Birthday confetti, Confetti
21-04-04-02 Bit (hexagon socket), Screwdriver insert
22-13-01-08 Bitumen (road topping), Asphalt
22-17-01-01 Bitumen coating, Coating material
22-25-04-02 Bitumen corrugated sheeting, Corrugated board
22-10-25-01 Bitumen emulsion screed (screed work), Composition floor work
22-17-04-01 Bitumen screed, Wet cement
22-10-21-01 Bitumen seal (roof sealing work), Roof sealing work
22-25-04-01 Bitumen shingle, Shingle
22-26-01-01 Bitumen strip
30-19-28-17 Black Pearls, Pigment black 7
27-11-06-22 Black glass high pressure lamp, Mercury vapor lamp
24-26-17-01 Black-white copy transparency, Copy film
24-26-17-03 Black-white laser and copier transparency, Film for laser printers
19-08-05-01 Black/white TV, TV device
24-25-16-08 Blackboard chalk
27-30-15-01 Bladder accumulator (hydraulics)
21-04-06-02 Blade knife, Knife
32-01-07-22 Blade stirrer
36-41-03-04 Blade type pump, Vane-cell pump
35-02-90-90 Blank, Semifinished product (NF metal, other, unclassified)
35-04-90-90 Blank, Semifinished products (other material) (other, unclassified)
20-37-05-02 Blank (cardboard/paperboard, other, packing material)
20-37-05-00 Blank (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
20-37-04-02 Blank (corrugated paperboard, other, packing material)
20-37-04-00 Blank (corrugated paperboard, packing material)
37-02-91-02 Blank (figure-eight)(alloyed steel), Spectacle-type blank (steel)
20-37-90-00 Blank (packing material, other)
20-37-03-00 Blank (paper, packing material)
20-37-02-00 Blank (plastic, packing material)
20-37-01-00 Blank (wood, packing material)
20-37-01-01 Blank (wood, packing material)
37-14-02-02 Blank flange (thermosetting plastic, GRP)
24-33-06-07 Blank school beginner's cone, Card board cone
24-29-03-01 Blank tapped index, File index
29-13-02-01 Blanket or bed-cover
17-11-16-01 Blankets (printing maschine)
36-62-03-90 Blanking press (machine tool, unclassified)
36-62-03-03 Blanking press for profiled materials (machine tool)
36-62-03-01 Blanking press for sheet metal (machine tool)
22-13-01-06 Blast furnace slag, Slag (building material)
25-09-01-03 Blasting
36-41-90-90 Blasting appl., Pump (other, unclassified)
22-39-04-10 Bleed valve (heating)
27-32-02-05 Blending system
37-04-08-09 Blind flange (enameled)
23-12-04-02 Blind rivet
21-05-90-14 Blind rivet device (rechargeable)
21-05-90-15 Blind rivet nut device (rechargeable)
21-04-03-01 Blind riveting pliers, Pliers
22-32-02-02 Blinds
24-21-05-01 Blinds screen filter, Screen filter
22-10-30-01 Blinds, Venetian blind doors (slatted roller blind work), Shutter work
22-32-02-91 Blinds, awning, roller shutter (parts)
20-17-02-09 Blister card (cardboard)
35-04-03-05 Block (ceramic, semifinished product)
34-22-07-92 Block anaesthesia supplies (accessories)
21-07-04-00 Block and pulley, traveller (workshop)
20-03-02-03 Block bottom bag (paper)
20-03-01-03 Block bottom bag (plastic)
20-03-01-18 Block bottom bag (plastic/aluminum composite)
21-17-01-09 Block gauge
24-22-06-02 Block stapler, Stapler
24-22-07-01 Block stapler staple, Staple for office stapler
33-04-02-06 Block thermal power plant (complete)
24-25-20-08 Block writing stencil, Font template
21-07-91-02 Block/pulley, traveller (parts)
34-22-05-92 Blood collecting (accessories)
24-22-01-02 Blotting paper, Desk mat
24-22-01-19 Blotting scooter
36-52-08-04 Blow mould fill seal machine
36-17-01-04 Blow through sluice, Rotary vane feeder
36-43-14-00 Blower
36-43-09-90 Blower (axial flow), Ventilator (unclassified)
36-43-14-90 Blower (unclassified)
36-13-91-03 Blowing machine (parts)
20-28-90-00 Blown film (packing material, other)
20-28-01-00 Blown film (plastic, packing material)
20-28-01-01 Blown film (plastic, packing material)
24-26-05-02 Blue carbon paper, Hand dublicate paper
27-26-06-00 Board, Circuit board (bare)
24-30-04-07 Board accessory kit, Magnetic board accessories
19-03-03-07 Board fan, Fan (PC)
22-17-04-02 Board finish plaster, Plaster, plaster system
24-29-20-19 Board for APS cassette, Photo pouch
24-33-06-01 Board for handicrafts
24-30-14-01 Board for presentation, Display board
24-30-14-02 Board for presentation, Presentation movable wall
24-34-08-05 Board game
24-24-18-01 Board marker ink, Marker ink
24-30-05-01 Board with printer, Copyboard
27-26-11-01 Board-to-wire terminal fixed, Not pluggable printed circuit board terminal
27-26-11-02 Board-to-wire terminal pluggable, Pluggable printed circuit board terminal
24-24-16-04 Boardmarker
28-05-05-00 Boat
28-05-05-01 Boat
25-12-10-01 Boat trip (travel management)
28-05-04-03 Boat, passenger, Passenger boat
28-05-04-00 Boat, river, River boat
40-02-04-02 Body Shower (Emergency shower)
21-04-09-01 Body and fender tools, Hammer
40-03-90-00 Body care (other)
40-03-90-90 Body care (other, unclassified)
29-02-14-00 Body care appliance (electr.)
29-02-14-90 Body care appliance (electr., unclassified)
21-01-01-01 Body drill, Twist drill
40-03-01-02 Body lotion, Skin care preparation
36-08-04-00 Bogie hearth furnace
36-08-04-90 Bogie hearth furnace (unclassified)
29-02-90-03 Boiler, Install. water heater
22-10-40-01 Boiler (installation heat generating device), Heat generator installation
26-04-09-15 Boiler feed water
27-11-05-11 Boiler flange light, Inspection glass light (expl. proof)
35-01-05-11 Boiler plate (alloyed steel), Sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
35-01-05-01 Boiler plate (plain carbon steel), Sheet metal (steel, unalloyed)
22-39-03-06 Boiler system (building material)
22-39-04-01 Boiler system (building material, accessories)
22-39-03-07 Boiler with environmental energy (building material)
27-11-04-06 Bollard light, Stand light
23-10-01-01 Bolt, Peg
36-63-90-27 Bolt chamfering machine (machine tool)
23-03-11-02 Bolt coupling (elastic)
36-63-90-26 Bolt cropping machine (machine tool)
21-04-03-02 Bolt cutter, Cutter
36-63-90-29 Bolt press (machine tool)
37-20-01-00 Bolted joint (metal)
37-06-07-01 Bolted joint (straight) (Thermoplast)
32-03-04-90 Bomb tube, Lab Container (unclassified)
22-36-08-07 Bonded fitting (cap, synthetic material) (installation), Cap (fitting, plastic, installation)
22-17-02-01 Bonding agent, aggregate (building material)
34-30-15-03 Bone cutting forceps
41-01-09-05 Bonus service (promotional article)
17-12-04-00 Book binding and finishing machine (post press)
24-32-13-03 Book binding machine, Channel bind
17-12-04-07 Book casemaking (post press)
24-26-23-07 Book packaging (office), Mailing carton (office)
25-16-01-41 Book printing (art print)
24-33-04-01 Book-, booklet envelope
24-22-01-12 Bookend
24-27-01-07 Booking form, Accounting-, cash report form
25-25-12-03 Bookkeeping (training, further training), Financing, accounting (training, further training)
25-25-15-05 Bookkeeping (training, further training), Literature (training, further training)
24-33-04-03 Booklet box
24-33-03-01 Booklet for school
41-01-03-10 Books (promotional article)
19-08-04-02 Boom blaster, Radio recorder
27-29-36-01 Booster regulator (pneumatics)
41-12-03-05 Booth construction (fair)
40-01-13-00 Boots, Foot protection
40-01-13-03 Boots (rubber), Rubber boots
40-01-13-02 Boots (safety), Safety boots
37-07-02-04 Border (loose flange) (other metal), Collar, rim (other material, for flange with holes)
24-33-09-01 Border holes, Motive punch
25-09-07-02 Boring (subcontracting)
36-60-92-02 Boring spindle (machine tool)
36-60-92-06 Boring spindle unit (machine tool)
35-01-05-13 Boss (alloyed special steel), Perforated sheet metal (steel, alloyed)
35-01-05-03 Boss (plain carbon steel), Punched plate (steel, unalloyed)
20-07-03-01 Bottle (aluminum) up to 1000 ml
20-07-02-06 Bottle (coex) up to 1000 ml
20-07-01-00 Bottle (glass, packing material)
32-03-05-00 Bottle (lab)
20-07-03-00 Bottle (metal, packing material)
20-07-90-00 Bottle (packing material, other)
24-28-10-02 Bottle label
29-02-91-01 Bottle rack (refrigerating unit), Refrigerator, freezer (parts, household)
29-06-01-01 Bottle refrigerator (commercial kitchen), Refrigerator (commercial kitchen, catering)
32-03-05-25 Bottles - parts (laboratory)
37-01-04-18 Bottom ball valve
22-19-02-02 Bottom containment extension, Grate, base pan
37-01-02-60 Bottom globe valve
23-01-01-03 Bow-type handle
36-18-02-09 Bowl mill
19-08-92-02 Box, Speaker box
20-14-05-91 Box (corrugated paperboard, parts)
20-13-02-01 Box (plastic, packing material)
20-13-01-00 Box (wood, packing material)
20-13-01-01 Box (wood, packing material)
24-23-08-03 Box clip, removable, Clip removable
23-19-01-08 Box latch plate lock
24-34-03-06 Box of greeting cards, Congradulations card (neutral)
20-24-01-02 Box pallet (with coex tank), Tank (coex, box pallet)
20-24-01-01 Box pallet (with plastic tank), Tank (plastic, Box pallet)
20-26-01-09 Box pallet (wood)
27-14-11-04 Box terminal, Terminal (conn. box)
21-04-02-01 Box wrench, Double box wrench
21-04-02-06 Box wrench
21-04-02-07 Box wrench set (metal case)
21-04-02-05 Box wrench set (metal case, combi)
27-24-24-01 Box-PC, Industrial PC
27-11-04-04 Box-type lantern, Street lighting
25-15-02-27 Boycott and strike insurance, Financial damage insurance (unclassified)
34-19-92-02 Brace, suspender (compression hosiery)
24-34-13-02 Bracelet, Costume jewellery for children
34-40-92-04 Bracelet for adults (patient care)
29-14-01-05 Bracelet for babies
34-25-92-06 Brachytherapy needle, Cannula, needle or set (urology)
22-51-01-01 Bracket scaffolding, Scaffolding
27-06-20-07 Braided cable, Flexible cord, thermoplastic-insulated
23-04-90-00 Brake (other)
23-04-91-00 Brake (parts)
28-04-05-12 Brake car (railborne), Special car (railborne)
40-02-02-05 Brake cushion, Ramming protection guard, angles, posts
27-02-21-01 Brake motor, Low-voltage three-phase current asynchronous motor, squirrel-cage rotor (IEC)
28-01-91-00 Brake, transmission (auto, truck), Automobile (parts)
27-14-91-27 Branch box (electr. inst., parts)
27-40-01-01 Branch set, Junction box
25-26-06-02 Branch settlement, Operational accounting (consulting)
25-26-02-04 Branch systems (consultancy), Sales design (consulting)
37-03-05-19 Branch, nozzle (NF metal)
37-02-05-19 Branch, nozzle (steel)
24-24-22-01 Brand eraser, Eraser
24-24-22-02 Brand eraser (pen), Eraser pen
25-26-02-03 Brands policies, Strategic marketing (consulting)
35-02-07-01 Brass foil, Foil (NF metal)
22-15-03-01 Brass gutter, Drainage channel
22-14-01-07 Brass pipe and pipe fitting (construction material), Metal pipe, fitting (building material)
22-15-04-02 Brass shaft cover, Shaft cover
22-24-01-01 Brass sheet and profiled metal sheet (construction material), Smooth sheet metal (building material)
29-10-03-08 Bread and butter paper, Greaseproof paper
29-02-07-02 Bread slicer (household appliance), Food slicer (household appliance, electrical)
29-03-03-01 Bread slicer (manual)(household), All-purpose slicer (household, manual)
29-04-28-00 Bread, roll, breadcrumbs
29-04-28-01 Bread, roll, breadcrumbs
29-02-02-11 Bread-baking machine (household appliance)
22-29-01-02 Breadboard
29-03-90-01 Breadknife (household), Knife (household)
25-26-06-01 Break-Even analysis, Controlling (consulting)
27-39-02-90 Break-in reporting technology, Intrusion protection technology (unclassified)
27-14-35-00 Breaker switch component
27-06-18-03 Breakout cable, Fibre optic cable
34-40-01-01 Breast pump (medicine, manual)
34-24-07-02 Breathing mask
34-24-07-00 Breathing or oxygen mask
34-24-07-92 Breathing or oxygen mask (accessories)
34-24-07-90 Breathing or oxygen mask (unclassified)
40-01-01-02 Breeches, Pants
26-02-02-04 Brewer¦s yeast
22-47-01-07 Brick plate
22-10-24-01 Brick tile (tile work), Tile and slab work
22-10-12-00 Bricklaying work
22-10-12-01 Bricklaying work
22-33-04-01 Bridge
36-12-01-01 Bridge crane
24-36-02-03 Briefcase, Attache case
41-01-01-08 Briefcase (promotional article)
27-14-40-11 Bright / dark switch, Twilight switch
33-14-14-90 Bright steel a. wire production plant (complete, unclassified)
27-06-04-00 Bright yellow cable, Ready-made power line
26-01-03-01 Brine (exploration product), Rock salt (extraction product )
36-13-20-03 Briquetting equipment
33-14-01-09 Briquetting plant (complete)
24-25-15-07 Bristle brush
21-01-13-13 Broaching tool, Grinding disk (other) (discontinued)
21-01-21-03 Broaching tool, Pin-shaped broaching tool
21-01-21-00 Broaching tool
21-01-91-13 Broaching tool (parts)
21-01-21-90 Broaching tool (unclassified)
36-60-06-40 Broaching tool sharpening machine (machine tool)
41-09-05-00 Brochure, Advertising prints, brochures, leaflets (marketing)
24-31-07-07 Brochure cabinet, Showcase
24-30-16-10 Brochure display, Literature display, presentation stand
24-29-22-03 Brochure hanger, Filling bar for flyer
24-29-20-01 Brochure pouch, Perforated plastic pocket
24-29-16-03 Brochure pouch quick binder, Quotation-, presentation folder
24-29-20-04 Brochure pouch with closing flap, Document pocket
30-25-02-02 Brominated organic flame retardant
34-01-16-01 Broncholytic, antiasthmatic
34-28-01-01 Bronchoscope (flexible)
29-11-02-01 Broom
29-11-02-00 Broom and brush
29-11-91-01 Broomstick (parts)
26-01-01-07 Brown coal (crude)
26-04-03-02 Brown coal coke
29-11-02-02 Brush
21-04-11-05 Brush (technical)
24-25-18-03 Brush cleaner
24-25-05-03 Brush for calligraphy, Calligraphy brush
24-25-11-04 Brush ink (Indian ink), China indian ink
24-25-18-01 Brush mat
24-25-15-02 Brush set
29-11-02-04 Brushing set, Hand brush with dustpan
21-04-11-00 Brushing tool, cleaning tool
29-02-14-16 Bubble bath
20-27-01-02 Bubble film (plastic, packing material)
19-02-02-02 Bubble jet printer, Ink-jet printer
24-26-23-09 Bubble wrap (office packaging), Wrapping foil (office)
24-26-23-04 Bubble-wrap mailer, Padded envelope
24-26-23-03 Bubble-wrap mailer for diskettes, Data carrier envelope
36-10-20-20 Buchner funnel (for liquids)
20-05-01-00 Bucket (metal, packing material)
20-05-02-00 Bucket (plastic, packing material)
20-05-02-01 Bucket (plastic, packing material)
20-05-01-01 Bucket (tinplate, packing material)
36-12-04-05 Bucket conveyor
28-02-01-00 Bucket wheel loader, Excavator, loader
32-03-17-16 Buechner funnel (laboratory)
34-05-31-04 Bufexamac (active substance)
23-18-01-00 Buffer (vibration damper), Vibration damper
24-32-18-05 Buffer for cutting machine, Cutting machine (accessory, other)
28-04-04-11 Buffet car, Restaurant car
22-11-06-00 Building component refurbishment
22-12-01-00 Building construction (skill category)
22-12-01-90 Building construction (skill category, unclassified)
25-25-10-02 Building construction, civil engineering (training, further training)
25-05-06-27 Building debris, road breakup (disposal)
25-06-02-01 Building decommissioning, Real estate, building closure
24-27-02-11 Building diary
22-11-06-02 Building drainage
22-10-51-01 Building entrance cable system (building work), Cable system construction work
22-11-09-90 Building ground investigation (other, unclassified)
25-25-10-00 Building industry (training, further training)
21-16-05-01 Building level
21-16-02-01 Building line staff, Ranging pole
25-02-04-02 Building management (structural planning), Property planning (building planning)
25-25-04-08 Building management, building engineering (training, further training)
25-26-03-05 Building planning (factory and system planning), Factory and plant planning (consulting)
25-26-01-09 Building planning (office planning), Office planning (consulting)
25-25-10-01 Building planning (training, further training), General building industry (training, further training)
27-23-81-01 Building process control technique
30-27-01-00 Building protective agent
30-27-01-01 Building protective agent
25-05-09-03 Building refurbishment (waste and cycle economy)
25-27-02-07 Building site container (rent), Containers, shops, tents rental
22-16-01-01 Building stone
22-18-02-02 Building stone, brick
22-16-01-00 Building stone, natural stone
25-02-04-10 Building surveying, Surveying technology (building planning)
21-16-05-03 Building theodolite
25-25-15-01 Building type (training, further training), Architecture (training, further training)
41-12-02-02 Buildings, tents (event)
27-11-03-14 Built-in ceil. lamp (int.)
27-14-19-01 Built-in device, Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
27-14-23-06 Built-in device, Latching relay
27-14-23-07 Built-in device, Staircase lighting timer
27-37-13-02 Built-in device, Auxiliary switch block
27-37-10-03 Built-in distributor device, Power contactor
32-03-16-16 Built-in filter (lab)
27-11-04-05 Built-in light (ext.)
24-31-08-04 Built-in wardrobe, Clothes hanging equipment for cabinet (office equipment)
27-11-03-03 Built-on lamp (int.)
27-11-06-15 Bulb, Standard-shaped incandescent lamp
35-04-01-07 Bulb (semif. goods, glass), Hollow piece (glass, semifinished product)
32-01-03-24 Bulb condensor (lab)
34-29-03-04 Bulb reservoir (drainage system)
33-03-19-90 Bulk goods storage area (complete, unclassified)
33-03-07-00 Bulk material conveyor (complete)
33-03-07-90 Bulk material conveyor (complete, unclassified)
27-20-04-10 Bulk meter, Meter (water)
37-01-01-01 Bulk pusher, Gate valve
24-22-09-04 Bulldog clip (letter clip), Letter clip (office)
19-07-01-03 Bumper antenna, Car antenna
25-15-02-24 Bundled insurance against material damage
32-01-08-02 Bunsen burner (lab)
32-03-44-90 Burette (accessories, laboratory, unclassified)
32-03-44-01 Burette adaptor (laboratory)
32-03-44-12 Burette replacement piston (laboratory)
32-03-42-00 Burette, manual (laboratory)
32-03-42-02 Burette, manual, digital (laboratory)
32-03-43-90 Burettes, electrical (laboratory, unclassified)
27-14-40-08 Burglar alarm, Movement alarm unit sensor
25-15-02-13 Burglary-theft with small BU, Theft and robbery insurance
22-36-01-04 Buried mixer tap (shower), Fitting (shower)
22-36-01-06 Buried stop valve (sanitation), Stop valve (sanitary)
21-01-09-01 Burin, Lathe chisel, tool
23-07-01-02 Burr plate (flat pck., square, unprof.), Seal (top view square)
23-07-01-03 Burr sheet (flat gasket, oval), Seal (top view oval)
23-07-01-01 Burr sheet (flat gasket, round, unprofil.), Seal (top view circular)
37-01-09-04 Bursting disc safety device (safety fitting)
28-01-04-00 Bus
28-01-91-25 Bus (parts)
41-14-06-10 Bus (traffic advertising), Traffic advertising (coverage costs)
27-14-11-39 Bus bar, Neutral busbar
27-37-03-01 Bus bar adapter system (LV circuitry)
27-06-03-07 Bus cable
19-06-01-02 Bus home telephone, System telephone
27-23-02-06 Bus power upply comp. (PCS)
27-14-31-09 Bus system, Analogue actuator for bus system
27-14-31-00 Bus system
27-14-31-41 Bus system access control device
27-14-31-02 Bus system data interface
27-14-31-23 Bus system dimming actuator
27-14-31-25 Bus system electronic actuator
27-14-31-26 Bus system energy management
28-01-04-90 Bus, unclassified
22-54-03-01 Bush, Plant
23-17-04-10 Bush chain
21-13-04-13 Bushing (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
23-11-08-06 Bushing nut, Nut (special type)
24-26-10-03 Business card , marbled for inkjet printers, Fold-, letter-, business-card marbled
24-22-02-03 Business card dispenser
24-22-02-01 Business card file
24-26-10-01 Business card for copiers, single colour, Fold-, letter-, business-card solid colors
24-26-09-01 Business card for inkjet printers, plain, Fold card for printers and copiers, plain
24-22-02-05 Business card holder, Rotary file
24-26-09-05 Business card magnetic
24-22-02-02 Business card pocket (unpunched)
24-26-10-04 Business card textured for copiers, Fold-, letter-, business-card textured
24-26-09-06 Business card with protective laminate
19-06-01-03 Business fax machine, Fax
24-36-02-02 Business folder, Conference portfolio
25-10-08-02 Business law (service)
25-26-01-01 Business plans, Management consultant
41-09-11-00 Business print, cards (marketing)
41-09-09-00 Business print, endless form (marketing)
41-09-12-00 Business print, envelopes (marketing)
41-09-10-00 Business print, single form (marketing)
19-06-01-07 Business radio, Radio unit
19-06-01-08 Business radio, Radio system
24-31-07-11 Business safe, Safety cabinet (office equipment)
19-04-02-11 Business software (server)
19-04-01-29 Business software (workstation)
25-15-02-04 Business trip accident insurance, General accident insurance
29-08-10-01 Butcher's knife, Cutting tool (commercial kitchen)
18-08-10-01 Butt welding machine
21-08-02-01 Butt-welding mach., Welding machine (plastic)
29-04-16-00 Butter, Milk, dairy prod., cheese, butter
37-01-03-00 Butterfly valve
37-18-03-04 Butterfly valve (ventilation technology, air duct)
37-09-02-01 Butterlfy valve (air duct, all materials)
41-02-01-05 Button (promotional article)
27-24-23-05 Button control panel (display and control component)
23-12-04-01 Button-head rivet, Full rivet
32-14-15-04 Butyl zimate, Zinc compound (lab)
30-25-03-01 Butylphenyldiphenyl phosphate (flame retardant), Organic phosphate (flame retardant)
36-01-03-05 By-pass evaporator
27-30-18-05 Bypass filter (hydraulics)
34-29-01-01 Bülau drainage system, High vacuum drainage system (medicine)

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